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Clubs - USATF New York

Y - youth athletes welcome
O - open athletes welcome
M - masters athletes welcome

The following are USATF-registered member organizations and competitive clubs in the New York Association.

Current Member Clubs

Club nameClub no.LocationPhoneE-mailAges
288 Track Club (Coney Island)06-1312Brooklyn, NYY
Achilles International06-0058New York, NY(212) 354-0300 ext. 305e-mailYO
AECI Tigers Track Club06-1314Bronx, NYY
Alley Pond Striders06-1118Bellerose, NY(516) 437-8715e-mailOM
Alliance for Lupus Research06-1320New York, NYY
Alpha Elite Track Club06-1250Briarwood, NY(718) 640-6198e-mailYOM
ATLAS TRACK CLUB06-1301BROOKLYN, NY(347) 489-4962e-mailYOM
Broadway Ultra Society06-0742Long Island City, NY(917) 620-3431e-mailOM
Bronx Tigers TC06-1026Bronx, NY(646) 597-0477e-mailYOM
Brooklyn Lightning Track & Field Club06-1295Brooklyn, NY(347) 470-9891e-mailY
Brooklyn Prospect T&F06-1318Brooklyn, NY(845) 489-3051e-mailYO
Catholic Youth Organization of NY Track Club06-1331New York, NY(646) 794-2050e-mailY
Central Park Track Club (CPTC) New Balance06-0262New York, NY(212) 769-3090e-mailOM
Chelsea Greyhounds06-0028New York, NY(212) 967-5439e-mailY
Chelsea Piers Sprint Club06-1252New York, NY(646) 215-1927e-mailOM
Club4406-1267Brooklyn, NYY
Cool Runners Club06-1213Bedford, NYO
Dashing Divas06-1293Brooklyn, NY(917) 324-9815e-mailY
Dashing Whippets Running Team06-1219New York, NY(646) 807-8356e-mailOM
East New York Impalas06-0906Brooklyn, NY(917) 731-0825e-mailY
Eclipse Track & Field, Inc.06-1181Bronx, NY(212) 810-6185e-mailYO
Envy Track Club06-1196Bronx, NY(646) 851-5468e-mailY
eXCelsior Running Club06-1311Westtown, NY(845) 649-4537e-mailY
Falcon flight club06-1237Staten Island, NY(718) 809-4915e-mailYO
FastTwitchGrandma Sprint Club06-1286New York, NY(917) 561-0367e-mailM
Five Points Runners06-1223New York, NY(917) 747-7490e-mailY
Front Runners New York06-1266New York, NYOM
Fuse Academy Track Club06-1309New York City, NY(917) 659-3549e-mailYOM
Generation Youth of America (GYUSA)06-1238BROOKLYN, NYYO
Gotham City Runners06-1239New York, NY(917) 478-7792e-mailOM
GRANT YOU WINGS TRACK CLUB06-1264Springfield Gardens, NY(917) 627-2624e-mailYOM
Grip Track and Field06-1326Staten Island, NY(718) 419-8522e-mailYOM
Hall's Express Youth Track ll06-0925Mount Vernon, NY(914) 304-7966e-mailYOM
Harlem Children's Zone Track Club06-1191New York, NY(917) 674-1992e-mailYOM
Harlem Striders06-0198New York, NY(212) 926-3668e-mailY
Harlem Village Academy High School06-1328New York, NYY
Homegrown Athletic Club06-1299Maybrook, NY(845) 313-5296e-mailYOM
Hudson Valley Flying Circus06-1129Warwick, NY(845) 294-6085e-mailYOM
Island Express Track Club06-0102Staten Island, NY(718) 809-4915e-mailY
Jeuness Track Club06-0740Brooklyn, NY(917) 968-4799e-mailY
KR206-1330brooklyn, NY(917) 991-5631e-mailYO
Latin Runners Club06-1321Sunnyside, NY(347) 430-2291e-mailO
Maxzone06-1197Yonkers, NY(914) 279-9865e-mailYOM
Medgar Evers Cougars Track Club06-1206Brooklyn, NYYO
Metro Eagles Track & Field Club06-0808Laurelton, NY(718) 764-7791e-mailYOM
Metro Throwing Alliance06-1303White Plains, NYYOM
Metropolis Track Club06-1108Bronx, NY(718) 617-2722e-mailYOM
MHC Track Club06-1221Bronx, NY(347) 346-1495e-mailYOM
MSIT Track Club06-1325Staten Island, NY(917) 402-4371e-mailY
New Horizon T.C.06-0905Bronx, NY(646) 401-2094e-mailYOM
New Jersey New York Track Club06-0104Rye, NY(703) 626-1371e-mailO
New York Athletic Club (NYAC)06-1182New York, NY(917) 721-2824e-mailO
New York Novas T.C.06-0866Jamaica, NY(917) 771-8773e-mailY
New York Starz Track Club06-1039Cornwall, NY(914) 473-3480e-mailY
New York Walkers Club06-1170New York, NY(718) 588-0441e-mailOM
North Brooklyn Runners06-1279Brooklyn, NYOM
Notre Dame Track Club06-1032Yonkers, NY(914) 237-4525e-mailYOM
NYC Junior Sprinters06-1302New York, NY(956) 285-3387e-mailYO
NYInstaRunners06-1287New York, NY(917) 621-7140e-mailO
NYPD FALCONS06-1256BROOKLYN, NY(347) 392-1209e-mailYO
NYPD Running Club06-1172New York, NY(212) 978-3732e-mailYOM
Ocean Breeze Wave Runners06-1282Staten Island, NY(718) 351-7923e-mailYOM
Orange Runners Club06-1110Middletown, NY(914) 443-3854e-mailO
Panthers Track Club - CS2106-1332Brooklyn, NY(347) 248-4548e-mailY
Park Racewalkers, USA06-0780New York City, NY(212) 628-1317e-mailOM
Pegasus906-1285Brooklyn, NY(518) 253-9894e-mailY
Poughkeepsie City Striders06-1274Poughkeepsie, NY(845) 464-5995e-mailY
Prospect Park Track Club06-0341Brooklyn, NY(718) 595-2049e-mailOM
Prospect Park Youth Running Club06-1153Brooklyn, NY(917) 363-6671e-mailY
Prototype Track Club06-1277Brooklyn, NY(718) 916-7711e-mailY
Quiet Storm06-1136Jamaica, NY(718) 739-5506e-mailYOM
Ramapo PAL06-1263Sloatsburg, NY(845) 323-2849e-mailYOM
Richmond Rockets06-0904Staten Island, NY(917) 476-1467e-mailOM
Rock City Striders06-0105Nyack, NY(914) 500-7310e-mailY
Ruff Kutz06-1000Queens, NY(347) 865-0487e-mailYOM
S.I.H.S.T.&F.A.06-1316Staten Island, NY(917) 476-1467e-mailO
Shore Road Striders Running Club06-0051Brooklyn, NY(347) 400-8872e-mailOM
Speed Club06-1317New York, NY(646) 456-6374e-mailO
Spring Creek Community School06-1268Brookyln, NY(347) 531-8526e-mailY
Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team06-1229Jamaica, NY(917) 916-5259e-mailO
Staten Island AC06-1271Staten Island, NY(646) 363-1407e-mailOM
Staten Island Project06-1333Staten Island, NY(646) 662-5186e-mailYO
Sunday Runday Track Club06-1322New York, NY(716) 435-3862e-mailO
SuperMe Track Club06-1259New York, NY(917) 501-2778e-mailYO
Tailwind Track Club06-1278White Plains, NY(914) 672-8574e-mailY
Team Dynasty06-1296Bronx, NYYOM
Team Go Fast Get Fit06-1315Newburgh, NY(845) 742-0504e-mailY
The Camp06-1033Staten Island, NY(718) 727-7595e-mailYOM
The Executives T.C.06-1104New York, NY(917) 613-1376e-mailO
The Reservoir Dogs06-1329New York, NYO
Thrower Nation NY06-1323Chappaqua, NY(973) 534-0788e-mailYOM
Trimara Sports06-1236Brooklyn, NY(917) 751-4416e-mailO
TSC Track Club of New York06-1324Douglaston, NY(516) 313-5287e-mailY
VELOCITY TRACK CLUB NEW YORK06-1233BRONX, NY(914) 441-6196e-mailY
VO2Max Track Club06-1308Bronx, NY(646) 331-9498e-mailYOM
V-Tesse Track Club06-1241Queens, NY(917) 674-6718e-mailYO
Warriors TC06-1327Brooklyn, NY(646) 299-8185e-mailYOM
Westchester Striders Track & Field Club06-1024Peekskill, NY(914) 954-5941e-mailY
Westchester Track Club06-0056Irvington, NY(845) 687-6256e-mailYOM
Westside Warriors06-1313New York, NY(646) 346-4453e-mailY
White Plains Future Stars06-1226Tarrytown, NY(914) 310-8741e-mailYOM
You Cannot Fail06-1307Brooklyn, NY(718) 314-3392e-mailOM
Zodiacs Track & Field Organization Inc.06-0317Bronx, NY(718) 679-2060e-mailYO

Non-Renewed/Non-Approved Clubs

Club nameClub no.LocationPhoneE-mailAges
ALL CITY TRACK CLUB NYC06-1304JAMAICA, NY(917) 209-2348e-mailYO
Atoms Track Club06-1047Brooklyn, NY(212) 427-2309e-mailYOM
BIS-NY06-1186New York, NY(212) 481-2700e-mailY
Cambria Heights Academy06-1300Hollis, NY(718) 776-2815e-mailY
Dutchess County Hawks06-1294Hopewell Junction, NY(845) 392-4718e-mailYOM
ENYMSE Track Club06-1260Brooklyn, NY(718) 791-8556e-mailY
Fidelis Track Club06-1246S.I.N.Y., NY(646) 662-5186e-mailYOM
Gotham Spark Athletic Club06-1187Bronx, NY(718) 300-2340e-mailYOM
Harrison Track & Field Club06-1273Harrison, NY(914) 522-6167e-mailYO
High Performance TCNY06-1242Rye, NYYOM
Hudson Harriers06-1247Waccabuc, NY(914) 374-0239e-mailO
Kenyan Runners Inc.06-1305Brooklyn, NY(718) 573-3098e-mailOM
King of the Mountain06-1288Brooklyn, NY(877) 700-8616 ext. 1e-mailO
Kisco Run LLC06-1280Mt. Kisco, NYO
Leatherman Harriers06-0727Bedford, NYYOM
M-City Speed06-1297Middletown, NY(845) 820-9414e-mailYO
Musketeers Track Club06-1117Brooklyn, NY(347) 756-8850e-mailYOM
New York Hammer Throw Squad06-1218Middletown, NY(917) 716-7259e-mailYOM
New York NovaStarz06-1283Jamaica, NY(917) 771-8773e-mailYOM
New York Road Runners Inc.06-1210New York, NY(212) 423-2262e-mailYOM
Newburgh Elite TC06-0064Newburgh, NY(845) 728-4330e-mailYOM
NYC Flames06-1205Brooklyn, NY(347) 885-1017e-mailYO
Orange Crush Track Club06-1310New York, NY(917) 744-9237e-mailYO
PANTHER NATION06-1289Bronx, NY(718) 309-8062e-mailYOM
Pathways Trailblazers06-1291St. Albans, NYY
QuickSilver Striders06-1216Jamaica, NY(562) 824-3914e-mailYOM
Renegade Runners06-1163Jamaica, NY(646) 662-6308e-mailOM
Riverbank Track Team06-1270New York City, NY(212) 694-3634e-mailY
Rockaway Running Series06-1203Rockaway Beach, NY(917) 287-7280e-mailYOM
Rockland Road Runners06-0107New City, NY(845) 634-5513e-mailOM
Run4Fun06-1251Brooklyn, NY(917) 627-2811e-mailY
Runners United NYC06-1298New York, NY(646) 620-5663e-mailO
Runstreet06-1292Brooklyn, NY(347) 785-3256e-mailO
Staten Island Gators06-1306Staten Island, NYYO
Team All-American06-1220New York, NY(212) 203-5789 ext. 1e-mailO
The Generals Track Club06-1193Brooklyn, NY(646) 239-5464e-mailYO
Urban Athletics NYC06-1269New York, NY(212) 828-1906e-mailOM
West Side Runners Club06-0151New York, NY(212) 787-4775e-mailOM
Wilson Memorial Track Club06-1200Central Valley, NYYO
York Striders06-1275New York, NY(212) 362-0400e-mailY
Yorkville Youth Track Club06-1284New York, NY(212) 360-0022e-mailY
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