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Event:  Pole Vault
: 6-3
: 190
: 6.03m/19-9.25 (2000)
Born: Sept. 25, 1967, in St. Louis, Mo.
Residence: Jonesboro, Ark.
School: Howell HS, St. Charles, Mo. ‘85
: Florissant Valley CC ‘87, Arkansas State ‘90
: Earl Bell
:  Peter Stubbs
: Nike

Career Highlights: 2008 Olympic Trials runner-up; Indoor American record holder; 1999 World Indoor silver medalist; 1998 Goodwill Games champion; Four-time USA Outdoor champ (‘98, ’99, ’02, ‘03); 2-time USA Indoor champ (’99, ’07); Masters (40+) world record holder

Despite no-height performances at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Trials, Hartwig entered the 2008 Olympic Trials hoping to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Team for the first time since 1996, when he finished tied for 11th at the Atlanta Games. At the age of 40, the remarkable Hartwig finished as the runner-up in Eugene with a clearance of 5.70m/18-8.25 and punched his ticket for the games in Beijing. He continued to be among the top U.S. vaulters last year in winning the 2007 AT&T USA Indoor title, the USATF Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nevada, and finishing second at the USA Outdoor Championships. His winning clearance of 5.85m/19-2.25 in Jonesboro, Ark., on May 19, 2007, was his highest clearance since soaring over a crossbar set at 5.86m/19-2.75 on July 4, 2004 in Jonesboro. In 2006, he won the Millrose Games over two Olympic gold medalists and one silver medalist. Hartwig had a career year in 2002, setting three American records in the final weeks of the indoor season, finishing at 6.02m/19 feet 9 inches…Only world record holder Sergey Bubka of Ukraine and Radion Gataullin have vaulted higher indoors…though poor weather kept him from more records outdoors, Hartwig won the 2002 IAAF Grand Prix final and achieved his first #1 world ranking. A high schooler who never cleared 15 feet, Hartwig matured into one of the world’s premiere vaulters. He never cleared 18 feet in college, while at Florissant Valley, where he was coached by Norris Stevenson. Since graduation he has worked with Earl Bell, a former world record holder (18-7.25 in 1976), at Bell’s pole vault center in Jonesboro, Ark. Hartwig and wife Karol raise boa constrictors and pythons for sale to pet stores. At times the Hartwigs have more than 100 snakes on the premises…they don’t own any poisonous snakes. The couple also own six dogs…Hartwig likes to find time to visit zoos when he travels around the world to different meets, and he gives snake presentations to schools around Jonesboro…Coach Bell has referred to him as a ‘modern-day Tarzan’…Hartwig didn’t start lifting weights until college…He takes no more than 10 jumps a week and trains like a sprinter to get faster, stronger and avoid injury…the prospect of being the first American over 20 feet is interesting, but not a big motivator for Hartwig. He says, ‘It’s a mark along the way to the world record. It’s been done before. I put more emphasis on the world record itself.’ After failing to clear a height in qualifying at the 2000 Olympic Trials due to blurred vision from contact lenses drying up on him, Hartwig had laser eye surgery in September 2000 to correct his vision…poles went missing for an extended period on his return flight from the 2000 Grand Prix Final in Doha, Qatar.

2008: 2nd at Olympic Trials (5.70m/18-08.25)…10th in qualifying at Olympic Games (5.55m/18-2.50)…4th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (5.60m/18-4.50)…ranked #3 in U.S. by T& of 5.70m/18-08.25.
USA Outdoor runner-up (5.70m/18-8.25)… 15th in qualifying at World Outdoors (5.55m/18-2.5)...USA Indoor champ (5.80m/19-0.25)…1st at Pole Vault Summit (5.70m/18-8.25)…3rd at Reebok Grand Prix (5.60m/18-4.5)…3rd at Prefontaine Classic (5.45m/17-10.5)…3rd at Thessaloniki (5.55m/18-2.5)…ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FN…best of 5.85m/19-2.25.
3rd at USA Outdoors (5.60m/18-4.5)…USA Indoor runner-up (5.70m/18-8.25)…1st at St. Charles (5.72m/18-9)...9th at Rome (5.52m/18-1.25)…ranked #4 in U.S…best of 5.72m/18-9.

Did not compete at USA Outdoor Champs…5th at Modesto (5.65m/18-6.5)…ranked #6 in U.S. by T&FN…best of 5.65m/18-6.5.
USA Indoors runner-up (5.75m/18-10.25)…no-height at Olympic Trials qualifying…1st at Jonesboro on 2/22 (5.88m/19-3.5)…1st at Jonesboro on 2/18 (5.80m/19-0.25)...1st at Nike Prefontaine Classic (5.80m/19-.25)…Tied for 2nd at Verizon Millrose Games (5.60m/18-4.5)…2nd at Drake Relays (5.61m/18-4.75)…2nd at Payton Jordan US Open (5.80m/19-0.25)…1st at Jonesboro (5.86m/19-2.75)…2nd at Modesto Relays (5.75m/18-10.25)…ranked #10 in world (#4 U.S.) by T&FN…best of 5.86m/19-2.75.

: USA Outdoor champ (5.70m/18-8.5)…9th in qualifying group at World Outdoors, where he was injured (5.50m/18-0.5)… 2nd indoors at Lieven (5.73m/18-9.5)…1st at Oracle U.S. Open Outdoors (5.70m/18-8.5)…1st at Jonesboro (5.80m/19-0.25)… 2nd at Zurich (5.70m/18-8.25)…2nd at Malmo (5.70m/18-8.25)…best of 5.80m/19-0.25…ranked #9 in the world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN.
: Set American indoor record of 6.00m/19-8.25 on Feb. 25 in Donetsk, Ukraine…on Mar. 9, he set the record again in Bad Oinhausen, Germany by clearing 6.01m/19-8.75…on Mar. 10, he upped the record to 6.02m/19-9 in Sindelfingen, Germany…broke his own meet record at Verizon Millrose Games (5.87m/19-3)…USA Outdoor champion (5.84m/19-2)…cleared 5.90m/19-4.25 in winning at Athens and at Jonesboro, Arkansas…2nd at World Cup (5.70m/18-8.5)…1st at Grand Prix Final (5.75m/18-10.25)…1st in Lausanne (5.85m/19-2.25)…1st in Monaco (5.80m/19-0.25)…1st in Thessaloniki (5.80m/19-0.25)…ranked #1 in the world by T&FN…best of 6.02m/19-3 indoors & 5.90m/19-4.25AL Outdoors.
: Tied for 6th at USA Indoors (5.55m/18-2.5)…no-height at US)…1st at Tyson Invitational (5.80m/19-0.25)…ranked #2 in world & #1 in U.S. by T&FN…best of 5.90m/19-4.25 at Modesto Relays, Dessau, Lausanne and Brussels, equaling the top mark by an American in 2001.
: 3rd at USA Indoors (5.71m/18-8.75)…won adidas D.C. Invitational...won Millrose Games (5.70m/18-8.25)...3rd at U.S. Indoors (5.71m/18-8.75) at 2000 Olympic Trials... had six of the top seven marks in the U.S. in 2000...ranked #3 in world (2nd U.S.) by T& of 6.03m/19-9.25AR in Jonesboro on 6/14.
: Second at World Indoors (19-6.25) ...won USA Indoors and Outdoors (19-9 AR)... did not advance from prelims at World Outdoor Champs (18-2.5)... 2nd in GP Final (19-0.25)...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 19-9 AR.
: Won USA Outdoors (19-2.25)... won Prefontaine (19-5)... the first American ever over 6 meters (19-8.25), a mark he cleared in St-Denis, France in June...improved that American record with his 19-8.5 to win the Goodwill Games...won seven Grand Prix meets...placed 7th in GP Final... topped 19 feet in 22 out of 31 meets...ranked #2 in world by T&FN (#1 U.S.) of 19-8.5AR.
: 4th in the USA Outdoors... first season ‘in memory’ that he didn’t have any injuries early-on...ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 19-2.25.
: Best of 19-0.25...started season with 18-4.5 at Reno Pole Vault Summit...the next day he broke a pole in practice, shattering his hand bones...spent seven weeks in a cast...2nd in the Olympic Trials...tied for 11th in the Olympic final...ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FN.
: 7th in the USA Outdoors...tied for 9th at the USA Indoors... had arthroscopic knee surgery over the winter...ranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 18-9.25.
: Won Olympic at the USA Indoor and finals of the USA Outdoors... best of 18-5.5.
1993: No-heighted in the qualifying round at the USA of 17-6.5.
: Placed 13th in the Olympic of 18-4.5.
: Best of 17-6.5.
: No-heighted in his second NCAA Indoor appearance…best of 17-8.5.
: No-heighted in his first NCAA Indoor…made it to his only NCAA Outdoor meet, but no-heighted in the qualifying round…best of 17-6.25.


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