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High Jump
Height: 5-11
Weight: 130
PR: 1.96m/6-5i (1995)
Born: April 29, 1972 in Flint, Mich.
Current Residence: Manhattan, Kan.
High School: Grand Blanc (Mich.) HS '90
College: Kansas State '95
Coach: Cliff Rovelto
Agent: John Nubani
Club: Nike

Career Highlights: Two-time USA Indoor champion ('95 & '05); 2002 USA Outdoors runner-up; two-time Big Eight outdoor champ; 1995 NCAA runner-up

Wentland made a strong comeback during the 2005 indoor season winning her second U.S. title. She took the 2004 season off due to the birth of her baby daughter, Paris, in May. As early as ninth grade, Wentland had the ability to jump and touch the rim on a basketball goal. Lacking in hoops skills, but possessing the ability to jump high, Wentland’s prep basketball coach suggested she give the high jump a try. She experienced success early in her track career, and has stayed with it ever since. “I had a high school coach, but he didn’t know too much about the high jump,” she said. “My Dad helped me quite a bit, but I’d say I was pretty much self-taught. We got a lot of books and I went to a lot of different camps over the summertime.” Wentland has competed in track and field for many years, and she attributes her longevity to patience and recognizing that not every year can be a great year and staying healthy is the most important thing, along with being in tune with the messages her body sends her. Early in 2003 she sprained her ankle, but healed quickly thanks to one of her main high jump competitors, two-time Olympian Amy Acuff. “She’s been treating me with acupuncture and I’m feeling much better,” said Wentland. “I’m a big proponent of alternative health methods, and I just think that what she’s doing will cause people to take it more seriously and use it as a healing technique, along with other methods.” Wentland’s hobbies include reading books, riding her mountain bike, and when in California, she likes to go surfing…married to photographer Rod Mikinski… in 2002, she was part of the Team USA coaching staff for the World Junior Championships.

2007: 5th at USA Outdoors (1.83m/6-0)
6th at USA Outdoors (1.83m/6-0)...3rd at USA Indoors (1.86m/6-1.25)...2nd at Road to Eugene ’08 (1.89m/6-2.25)...ranked #5 in the U.S. by T& of 1.89m/6-6.25.
6th at USA Outdoor Championships (1.80m/5-10.75)...3rd at adidas Track Classic (1.84m/6-00.50)...USA Indoor champion (1.88m/6-2)...1st at Lincoln (1.88m/6-2).
2004: did not compete due to child birth.
2003: 4th at USA Indoors (1.88m/6-0)...4th at Nike Prefontaine Classic Outdoors (1.89m/6-2.25)...3rd at Oracle U.S. Open (1.95m/6-4.75)...1st at Mt. SAC (1.90m/6-2.75)...1st Drake Relays (1.88m/6-2)...3rd at Mexico City (1.90m/6-2.75)...ranked #3 in U.S. by T& of 1.95m/6-4.75.
2nd at USA Outdoors (1.93m/6-4)...2nd at Mt. SAC (1.90m/6-2.75)...4th at Modesto (1.83m/6-0)...ranked #3 in the U.S. by T& of 1.93m/6-4.
2001: 7th at USA Outdoors (1.79m/5-10.50)...ranked #7 in the U.S. by T& of 1.90m/6-2.75.
2000: Tied for 7th at U.S. Olympic Trials (1.80m/5-10.75)...ranked #6 in the U.S. by T& of 1.93m/6-4i.
1999: 5th at USA Outdoors...ranked #3 in U.S. by T& of 1.93m/6-4.
1998: Ranked #6 in U.S. by T& of 1.92m/6-3.5i
1997: 5th at USA Outdoors...ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 1.89m/6-2.25.
1996: 7th at U.S. Olympic Trials...ranked #7 in U.S. by T& of 1.89m/6-2.25.
1995: 4th at USA Outdoors4th at Big Eight Outdoors...tied for 2nd at NCAA Outdoors...ranked #3 in the U.S. by T& of 1.96m/6-5i.
1994: 7th at USA Outdoors...ranked #4 in U.S. by T& of 1.93m/6-4i
1993: Big Eight Outdoor champ2nd at NCAA Outdoors9th at USA Outdoors...ranked #10 in the U.S. by T& of 1.92m/6-3.50
1992: No-height at NCAA Outdoors and U.S. Olympic of 1.87m/6-1.50
1991: Best of 1.83m/6-0.
1990: 5th at U.S. Junior of 1.83m/6-0.


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