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Events: 100m, 100H
100mH - 12.33 AR (2000); 100m - 10.82 (92, 93)
November 19, 1966, in Seattle
Current Residence:
Duluth, Ga.
High School:
Sweetwater HS (Calif.) '84
UCLA '88
Coach: self
Agent: self
Club: unattached

Career Highlights: 2-time Olympic 100m champion (92, 96); 3-time World 100H champion (93, 95, 99); 1993 World 100m champion; 3-time World Indoor 60m champion (93, 97, 04); 2003 World Indoor 60H champion; 10-time U.S. 100mH champ (91, 92, 95, 96, 99, 00, 2001-04); 1996 Olympic 4x100m relay gold medalist

The 40-year-old Devers won the women's 60-meter hurdles at the 100th Millrose Games in a strong start-to-finish effort in 7.86 seconds - the fastest time in the world to that point in the year and nearly a full second better than the listed world record for masters over-40 athletes (8.71). It was also her fourth Millrose victory in the hurdles…Devers took 2005 off from competition, and after finishing fourth in the women's 60m hurdles at the 2006 Milllrose Games in 8.13 seconds, the world found out why. At her post-race press conference Devers introduced her daughter, Karsen Anise, who was born June 20, 2005, weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz.: [On the baby's birth]: "She didn't want to come out and I had to have an emergency C-section. I heard everybody said I retired, but I didn't retire. My husband [Mike Phillips] and I decided that after the [Olympic] Games we were going to start our family and we did. I had a great pregnancy and I said OK I'm going to come back. Because of the C-section I waited 6 months before I started training. Devers made her 5th Olympic Team with a win in the 100m hurdles at the 2004 Olympic Trials, but a calf injury suffered in training ended her Olympic hopes…she had a successful 2004 indoor season, as she became the first American athlete in history to win both the 60m and 60m hurdles at a USA Indoor Track & Field Championships…she continued her gold medal streak in the World Indoors 60m clocking in 7.08 seconds, her fastest time of the year and the second-fastest time in the world in 2004. She won a silver medal in the 60m hurdles (7.78)…had a tremendous season in 2003 winning both the USA and World indoor 60m hurdles titles, and breaking her own American record in the semifinals at USA Indoors (7.74 seconds), after she had set the record earlier that season at the Millrose Games (7.78)…after years of being coached by Bobby Kersee, Devers in 2002 began coaching herself. “It’s just me, a seven-pound Pomeranian and God on the track” when she is working out. practices start against her Pomeranian, Kaleb…she is still looking for a perfect race in which she does not hit a hurdle…unlike some hurdlers, Devers is affected by hitting the barriers – “even during my American record, I hit a hurdle. I’d like to see what happens when I have a clean race”…Devers was the favorite for a long-awaited gold in the 100mH at Sydney after a stunning 12.33 AR win at the Olympic Trials. However, bad Olympic fortunes in the hurdles crushed her hopes of a medal when she pulled up in the semifinal after the fourth hurdle, aggravating a previously injured hamstring…following her Olympic disappointment, Devers traveled to Doha, Qatar, for the 2000 IAAF Grand Prix final where she won the hurdles in 12.85 to clinch a share of the 2000 Golden League jackpot…started out as an 800m runner in high school…the daughter of a Baptist minister, she single-handedly took 4th-place in the team standings at the California state meet when she won the 100, 100mH, and took 2nd in the LJ…during her collegiate career, Devers won nine Pac-10 titles in two years of competition…Devers suffered from Graves Disease from 1988 to 1991…she says she was days away from having her feet amputated, but now a careful diet and thyroid medication has brought the disease under control…shocked many at the 1992 Olympics by winning the 100, but fell over the final hurdle in 100mH while leading and finished 5th…at the 1993 Worlds, she won the 100 and 100mH, the same combination that Dutch legend Fanny Blankers-Koen won at the 1948 Olympics…the greatest combination sprinter/hurdler in history…an ‘I Love Lucy’ addict…a sociology major at UCLA…official website is’s 1999 Visa Humanitarian Athlete of the Year, Devers’ foundation, The Gail Devers Foundation, raises money for charities throughout the country.


2007: 1st at 100th Millrose Games (7.86).
2006: 4th in 60m hurdles at Millrose Games (8.13).
2005: Did not compete…gave birth to daughter Karsen Anise on June 20.
2004: 3rd at Olympic Trials 100m (11.11)Olympic Trials 100m hurdles champion (12.547)7th in 100m semifinals (11.22), DNF 1st round of hurdles at Olympic GamesWorld Indoor 60m champion (7.08i)World Indoor 60mH runner-up (7.78)USA Indoor 60m champion (7.12i)USA Indoor 60mH champion (7.81i)1st at Kingston (12.50)2nd in 100m at Nike Prefontaine Classic (11.05)2nd at Home Depot Invite (12.52w)1st at Bergen (12.56)1st at adidas Boston Indoor Games (7.85i), Millrose Games (7.76i), and Tyson Foods Invitational (7.87i)also won 60m at Tyson (7.10i) ranked #10 in world (#4 U.S.) in 100mH and (#3 U.S.) in the 100m by T&FNbests of 11.05 and 12.50.
2003: 1st at USA Outdoors 100mH (12.61)3rd in semifinal at World Outdoors 100mH (12.87)1st at World Athletics Final in 100mH (12.45-tied world leader) World Indoors 60mH champion (7.81) USA Indoors 60mH champion (7.85)broke own AR in semis of USA Indoors (7.74)won 60mH at Verizon Millrose Games with a new American record (7.78) 3rd in 100m at USA Outdoors (11.16)8th in the 100m at World Outdoors (11.01) won Tyson Foods Invitational (7.85)bests of 11.11 & 12.45ranked #9 in world (#4 U.S.) in 100 and #1 in world at 100 hurdles.
USA Outdoor 100mH champ (12.51)won Nike Prefontaine Classic (12.29w) and Oracle U.S. Open (12.81) won at USA vs. Great Britain (12.79)won World Cup (12.65)on European circuit, won at Oslo GL (12.53), Paris GL (12:56), Rome GL (12:51) and Monaco GL (12:42), Lausanne (12:40) and Stockholm (12:42)2nd in Berlin (12.65)3rd in 4x100m relay at World Cup (42.05)battling the flu, finished 3rd at U.S. Indoors 60m (7.29)ranked #1 in the world (#1 U.S.)best of 12.40WL.
2001: USA Outdoor 100mH champ (12.91)silver medalist at World Outdoors (12.54)gold medalist at Goodwill Games (12.61)1st at Zurich (12.53)ranked #1 in the world (#1 U.S.) by T&FNbest of 12.53.
2000: Lowered her American Record in 100 hurdles at Olympic Trials, winning in 12.33...pulled up in Olympic semifinal due to left hamstring injury...placed 5th in 100 (11.15) at Olympic Trials...won part of Golden League jackpot with wins at Rome (12.47), Oslo (12.56), Zurich (12.39), Monaco (12.54), Brussels (12.53) and GP Final (12.85)...also won Prefontaine Classic (12.64)...ranked #1 in world (#1 U.S.) in the 100 hurdles and #5 in U.S. in 100 by T&FN... bests of 10.99 and 12.33.
1999: Gold in 100mH (12.37AR) and anchor on 4th-place 4x100 relay (42.30) at World Champs...2nd in 100m (10.97w); won 100mH (12.54w) at USA Outdoors...won 60 at USA Indoors... Silver at World Indoors... 5th in 100m (10.95)...ranked #5 in world (#3 U.S.) in 100 and #1 in world at 100 hurdles by T&FN...bests of 10.94 and 12.37.
1998: Did not compete.
1997: Won World Indoor 60 (7.06) and USA Indoor 60 (7.00)...did not compete in 100 final at USA Outdoors (11.15 for 1st in semi 2; Marion Jones 10.92 in semi 1)...anchor on winning 4x100 at World Champs (41.47 AR)...ranked #3 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100 by T& of 10.88.
1996: Won gold in 100 (10.94) at Olympic Games; 4th in 100mH (12.66); second leg on gold medal-winning 4x100 (41.95)...won 100mH (12.62), 2nd in 100 (10.91) at Olympic Trials... 2nd in 100 (10.83) at GP Final...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) in 100 by T&FN; #6 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN...bests of 10.83 and 12.62.
1995: Won gold in 100mH (12.68) at World Champs...won 100mH (12.77) at USA Outdoors...ranked #1 in world at 100mH; #10 U.S. in 100 by T&FN...bests of 11.04 and 12.61.
Won 100 (11.12) at USA Outdoors... hamstring troubles kept her from hurdling...ranked #10 in world (#5 U.S.) in 100 by T&FN... best of 11.12.
1993: Gold in 100 (10.82 PR) and 100mH (12.46 AR) at World Champs; anchor on silver medal 4x100 (41.49 AR)... won World Indoor 60 (6.95 AR) and USA Indoor 60 (6.99AR)...won 100 (10.82w), 2nd in 100mH (12.73) at USA Outdoors... ranked #1 in world in 100 and 100mH by T&FN...bests of 10.82 and 12.46.
1992: Gold in 100 (10.82 PR) at Olympic Games; 5th in 100mH (12.75, fell) ...won 100mH (12.55), 2nd in 100 (11.02) at Olympic Trials... won 100mH at GP Final...ranked #1 in world in 100mH, #3 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100 by T&FN... bests of 10.82 and 12.55.
1991: Won 100mH (12.83) at USA Outdoors...silver at World Champs (12.63)...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) in 100mH and #9 U.S. in 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.29 and 12.48.
1989-90: Did not compete; Graves disease.
1988: 2nd in 100mH, did not compete in 100 at Olympic Trials...8th in 100mH semi at Olympic Games...won 100 (10.86w), 3rd in 100mH at NCAA Outdoors; anchored 2nd-place 4x100; second leg on winning 4x400m (3:29.82)... won 100 and 100mH at Pac-10...PR 22-2.5 in LJ...ranked #6 U.S. in 100, #2 U.S. in 100mH and #7 U.S. at LJ by T&FN ...bests of 10.97 and 12.61.
1987: 2nd in 100 at NCAA Outdoors; anchored 4th-place 4x100...4th in 100 at USA in 100 (11.14) at Pan Am Games; anchor on gold medal 4x100...Won 100 and 100mH at Pac-10 Champs...PRs 22.71 in 200, 52.66 in 400...ranked #7 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100, #9 U.S. at 200 and #7 U.S. at LJ by T&FN...bests of 10.98 and 13.28.
1986: 5th in 100 at USA Outdoors...4th in 55m heats at NCAA Indoors... 4th in 100mH at NCAAs...PR 42-6.75 in triple jump...ranked #7 U.S. in 100, 100mH and LJ by T&FN...bests of 11.12 and 13.08.
1985: 6th in 100 and 100mH at NCAA Outdoorsanchored 4th place 4x100PR 59.26 in 400mHbests of 11.19 and 13.16.
1984: 2nd in 100 at USA Juniors; 6thin 100mH semibronze in 100 at Pan Am Juniors; third leg on gold medal 4x100bests of 11.51 and 14.32.
1983: Bests of 11.69 and 14.15w (low hurdles).


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