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Event: 100mH

Height: 5-8

Weight: 145

PRs: 60mH - 7.85i (2001), 100mH - 12.42 (2001)

Born: February 24, 1974, in Pineville, La.

Current Residence: Fresno, Texas

High Schools: Taft HS (Texas) 90; Holmes HS (Texas) 92

College: Texas A&M 97

Coach: Tony Ross

Agent: Kimberly Holland

Club: Nike


Career Highlights: 2001 World Indoor and Outdoor gold medalist; 2001 U.S. Indoor champ; 1997 USA Outdoor runner-up.


Kirkland returned to top form in 2005, running her fastest time since 2001 with a 12.57 at the Golden Gala in Rome... she placed fifth at the USA Outdoors in 2005 in 12.91... an athlete who historically turned in fast times on the European circuit, Kirkland won gold at the 2001 World Indoor Championships and then relocated from Los Angeles to Houston. She proceeded to win gold at the 2001 World Outdoor Championships a self-described Army brat, Kirkland started running in seventh grade, while her family was in Germany. An 800m runner at first, she stopped running that race after nearly hyperventilating and choking on a piece of gum she was chewing as she ranplayed basketball in addition to running track, in high school, winning all-city honorsearned her degree in agricultural education at Texas A&M.

2006:  4th at adidas Classic (12.74)7th at Athens Super Grand Prix (13.50)

2005: 5th at USA Outdoors (12.91)... 3rd at Reebok (12.58)2nd at Lausanne (12.65)1st at Rome (12.57)1st at Zagreb GP (12.67)2nd at London (12.62)ranked #7 in the world (#3 U.S.) by T&FNbest of 12.57.
3rd at USA Indoors 60mH (7.99)5th in 100mH at Nike Prefontaine Classic (12.90)7th in 60mH at adidas Boston Indoor Games (8.29)4th in 60mH at Verizon Millrose Games (8.13) 5th in 60mH at Tyson Foods Invitational (8.21).
Gave birth to daughter Jadin on May 4.
2002: 3rd at USATF Outdoors (12.85)1st at Zagreb (12.82)1st at Rieti (12.85)2nd at Brussels (12.62)2nd in Paris 12.63)3rd in Athens (12.82)3rd at Grand Prix Final (12.62)ranked #4 in the world, #2 U.S. by T&FNbest of 12.62.
2001: Won gold at World Indoors in PR time of 7.85 won gold at World Outdoors (12.42 PR) won 60mH at U.S. Indoors (7.97) 3rd at USA Outdoors (13.14) bronze medalist at Goodwill Games (12.92) ranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN best of 12.42.
2000: DNF in qualifying 100mH at U.S. Olympic Trials (injured hamstring)... 3rd at Air Force Millrose Games (7.97) and adidas DC Invitational at 60mH (8.19) Golden League competition, finished 2nd at Rome (12.66) and 5th at Brussels (12.85), Monaco (12.88) and Berlin (12.97)... ranked #8 in world (#4 in U.S.) 100 hurdles by T&FN... Bests of 7.88 (indoors) and 12.63.
1999:  7th in semis at USA Outdoors (14.50w)...ranked #7 in U.S. by T& of 12.91.
1998: 8th in 60mH at USA Indoor (8.20)...7th in USA Outdoors (13.13)...7th in Zurich GP (12.89)...ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 12.83.
1997: 2nd in 100mH at USA Outdoors (12.74 PR)...2nd in100mH (12.92) at NCAA; second leg on 4x100 (45.13, 5th in heat)... 6th in 60mH semi at USA Indoor (8.33)...won 100mH (12.70w) and 400mH (57.75 PR) at Big 12...7th in 100mH semi at World Champs (13.04)... ranked #3 U.S. by T&FN...bests of 12.74 and 57.75.
1996: Won 55mH (7.68) at SWC...8th in 55mH (7.72) at NCAA Indoor; ran on 6th-place 4x400 (3:37.61)...6th in 100mH quarterfinal at Olympic Trials (13.32w) of 13.24.
1995: 2nd in 100mH at NCAA (13.09)... 3rd in 55mH (7.64 PR) at NCAA Indoor...won 55mH (7.75 MR) at SWC Indoor; ran leg on winning distance medley... won 100mH at SWC (13.11w); 2nd in 400mH (61.07)... 7th in semi of 100mH at USA Outdoors...ranked #9 in U.S. by T&FN...bests of 13.09 and 61.07.
1994: 3rd in 100mH at NCAA (13.41)...7th in 100mH at USA Outdoors ...won 55mH (7.75 MR) at SWC Indoor...won 100mH at SWC (13.44) ...ranked #7 in U.S. by T& of 13.22.
1993: 2nd in SWC 100mH (13.48); 4th in 400mH (60.81)...6th in 100mH semi (13.63) at NCAA...bests of 13.49 and 58.98.
1992: Won HS state title at 100mH, 2nd in 300mH...bests of 13.99 and 42.25 (300mH).
1991: 2nd in 300mH at Texas HS state of 63.27 (400mH).
1990: Best of 43.8 (300mH).