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Events: Middle/Long Distance
Height: 6-0
Weight: 146
PRs: 5000m 12:58.21 AR (1996); 3000m 7:30.84 AR (1998); 10,000m 27:38.37 (1999)
Born: August 18, 1970, in Bloomington, Ind.
Current Residence: Indianapolis
High School: North HS, Westerville, Ohio 88
College: Indiana 92
Coach: Marcus OSullivan
Agent: Tom Ratcliffe
Club: Nike

Career Highlights: 2-time Olympian; 4-time U.S. Outdoor 5,000 champion (95, 96, 97,01); 4-time NCAA champion; 2-time U.S. XC champion (1992, 2004)

Kennedy bounced back with a strong 2003 season and solid 2004 after facing a series of setbacks shortly after winning his fourth U.S. 5,000m title in 2001. After feeling sluggish for some time he was diagnosed as being anemic and having an underactive thyroid, a condition that kept him from competing at the 2001 World Outdoor Championships. Along with taking the rest of 2001 off, Kennedy is now under the proper medication that has him back. Kennedy was forced to drop out of the 2004 Olympic Trials 10,000m with a sore Achilles. Kennedy withdrew from 2004 marathon debut at New York with about 8 miles remaining. After the 2000 Olympic Trials, Kennedy took seven weeks off from training, followed by six weeks of easy running. He had suffered a bruised vertebrae on May 8, 2000 following an automobile accident where his car was hit from behind by an automobile traveling about 50 m.p.h. The incident hampered Kennedys training leading up to the Olympic Trials in July, costing him seven weeks of training. The break enabled him to fully recover. In November of 2000, Kennedy and former top road racer Ashley Johnson opened a running store in Indianapolis, Bob Kennedys Running Company. Kennedy has dominated American mens middle-distance running since he entered elite competition in 1990. He is the American record holder at 3,000 meters (7:30.84, Monaco 98) and 5,000 meters (12:58.21, Zurich 96). His father once held the New Jersey HS state record for the two mile and ran on the Indiana harrier squad that captured the 1967 Big 10 title. In 1992, Kennedy became the first runner since Al Lawrence 32 years earlier to win the NCAA and USA cross country crowns in the same year...won 20 Big 10 titles for Indiana. Kennedy became a father of twins January 11, 2005 when his wife, Melina, gave birth to son, Marcus, and daughter, Sophia.

2005: Did not compete.
U.S. 12 km XC champion (35:03)DNF Olympic Trials 10,000mDNF New York City Marathon5th at Stanford (27:37.45PR)6th in 5000m at Nike Prefontaine Classic (13:31.17)ranked #5 U.S. at 5,000m & 10,000m by T&FNbests of 13:27.61 & 27:37.45.
2003: 6th at USA Outdoors (13:43.15)1st at USA Mens 10 km road Championship (28:35)8th at Heusden (13:21.85)8th in 10,000m at Stanford on 5/2 (28:01.95)1st at Brussels 10,000m (27:51.06)ranked #5 at 5000m, #5 at 10,000m in U.S. by T&FNbests of 13:21.85 & 27:51.06.
2002: Did not compete due to underactive thyroid and iron deficiency conditions. Also experienced a variety of nagging injuries, including an inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament in his foot.
1st at USA Outdoors 5 km (13:28.72)12th at IAAF World XC Championships 12 km (40:43)5th in 12 km at U.S XC Champs (35:38)13:17.51 5 km in Oslo was fastest time by an American in 2001did not compete at World Outdoors due to underactive thyroid3rd at Millrose Games 3 km (7:54.34) in his first race in a year and a halfranked #1 at 5 km, #3 at 3K kmin U.S. by T&FNbest of 13:17.51.
2000: 6th in 5,000 at U.S. Olympic Trials (13:42.15) after a spring car accident hampered training...ranked 7th in U.S. by T& of 13:42.15.
1999: 2nd in 5,000 at USA Outdoors (13:26.85)... 9th at World Champs (13:23.52)...ranked #1 in U.S. in 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 by T&FN... bests of 7:32.55, 13:05.54 and 27:38.37.
1998: 4th in the 5000 (13:27.51) at Goodwill Games...8th in 3000 at Monaco, with American record 7:30.84...7th in 3000 (7:52.89) at the GP Final...4th at Prefontaine Classic (13:21.38)...10th in 1500 in USA Outdoors (3:40.86)...ranked #1 in U.S. at 3000m and 5000m by T&FN...bests of 13:03.57 and 7:30.84.
1997: Won USA Outdoors (13:30.86)...6th in World Champs (13:19.45)...ranked #1 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN... bests of 13:06.62 and 7:31.77 (3k), 3:56.59 (mile).
1996: 6th in Olympic Games 5k (13:12.35)... won 5000 at Olympic Trials (13:46.17)... ran American record 12:58.75 for 2nd at Stockholm, then bettered it with 12:58.21 for 5th at Zurich ...broke AR for 3000 with a 7:33.96 for 8th in Monaco, broke that record while taking 3rd in 3000 (7:31.69) at Brussels...5th in GP Final 5000 (13:04.04)... 2nd (top American finisher) in USA Indoor 3000 (7:47.41)...ranked #6 in world (#1 U.S.) at 5000 by T&FN...bests of 12:58.21 and 7:31.69 (3k).
Won USA Outdoors 5k (13:19.99)... 7th in 5000 in World Champs (13:32.10)...won USA Indoor 3000 (7:48.39)...14th in World XC Champs...ranked #1 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN...bests of 13:03.37 and 7:36.15 (3).
1994: Won USA XC Trials, but a stress fracture in his shin kept him out of the World XC Champs...4th in 1500 at USA Outdoors (3:38.74)...ran 7:35.33 for an American record at 3000m...7th in GP Final 5000 (13:16.93)...ranked #4 in world (#1 U.S.) at 5000 by T&FN; #4 U.S. at 1500...bests of 13:02.93 and 7:35.33 (3K), 3:56.21 (mile).
1993: 2nd in USA Indoor 3000 (7:49.39)...4th in World Indoor 3000 (7:51.27)...2nd in USA Champs (13:25.51)...5th in heats at World Champs (13:42.17)...ranked #1 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN; #8 U.S. at 1500...bests of 13:14.91 and 7:38.45 (3k), 3:56.71 (mile).
1992: 2nd in 5000 at Olympic Trials (13:41.22)...12th in 5000 at Olympic Games (13:39.72)...won NCAA XC and USA Champs XC...2nd in NCAA Indoor 3000 (7:59.24)...2nd in 1500 at NCAA (3:39.10)... ranked #2 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN; #9 U.S. at 1500...bests of 13:28.18 and 7:53.02 (3k), 4:02.22 (mile).
1991: Won NCAA Indoor mile (3:58.11)...3rd in 5000 at USA Outdoors (13:58.01)...12th in 5000 at World Champs (13:54.47)...5th in 1500 heats in 1500 at NCAA Outdoors (3:48.87)...ranked #1 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN...bests of 13:22.17 and 7:48.02 (3k).
1990: Won NCAA 1500 (3:40.42)...2nd in 5000 at USA Outdoors...3rd in NCAA XC...3rd NCAA Indoor 3000... ranked #4 in U.S. at 5000 by T&FN; #5 in U.S. at 1500...bests of 13:42.80 and 7:58.92 (3k), 4:00.99 (mile).
1989: Won 1500 at USA Juniors...won 1500 and was 6th in 800 at Pan-Am Juniors...5th in NCAA XC...8th in NCAA Indoor 3000...bests of 14:21.40, and 3:43.16 (1500), 4:03.63 (mile).
1988: Won NCAA XC as freshman...5th in 1500 at USA Juniors...bests of 3:47.69 (1500), 4:05.17 (1600) and 8:38.0 (3k).
1987: Won Kinney (now FootLocker) national HS XC...5th in 1500 at USA Juniors...bests of 3:53.29 (1500), 4:10.48 (1600) and 8:27.3 (3k).
1986: 3rd in Kinney (FootLocker) national HS XC.


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