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High Jump
Height: 6-0.5
Weight: 170
PR: 2.4m/7-10.5 (1991)
Born: December 19, 1967, in Bay City, Texas
Current Residence: San Marcos, Texas
High School: Van Vleck, Texas '86
Southwest Texas State '90
Coach: Self
Cubie Seegobin
Club: Unattached

Career Highlights: 1996 Olympic champion; Three-time Olympian; 1991 World champion; 1997 World Indoor champion; 1998 World Cup champion; 6-time U.S. Outdoor champion (95-2000), American record holder; 3-time USA Indoor champion (96, 97, 03)

The elder statesman of the American high jump corps, the 36-year old Austin proved he is still a force by winning the 2003 U.S. indoor title. Barely recruited out of high school, the future Olympic champion never qualified for the Texas High School Championships. Austins prep coach called Rock Light of Southwest Texas to ask him to take a look. Light liked what he saw and Austin enrolled at Southwest Texas State. Austin faced a difficult time when tendonitis that had been building up since 1990 crashed his 1993 season. By then, his knee was shredded. Austin had surgery in July 1993 after being told he would never jump again otherwise. He bounced back to win the Olympic gold in 1996 after a daring pass and two misses at 7-9.25...he had to clear an Olympic Record 7-10 with his one remaining leap... sons Camron (born 1990) and Alex (born 1993)...shares custody of them with his ex-wife; says, When Im not training, Im spending as much time with them as I can...ranked #1 in U.S. 4 times in his beginning work on his MBA...consults with coach Sue Humphrey...friends and family call him Snake.

2004: Tied for 4th at Verizon Millrose Games (2.14m/7-0.25)4th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (2.20m/7-2.5).
USA Indoor champion (2.30m/7-6.50)tied for 7th at USA Outdoors (2.22m/7-3.25)10th at World Indoors (2.20m/7-2.50)2nd at Verizon Millrose Games (2.27m/7-5.25)1st at Austin (2.27m/7-5.25)1st at adidas Oregon Track Classic Outdoors (2.24m/7-4.25)best of 2.27m/7-6.5(i)ranked #3 in U.S. by T&FN.
2002: 7th at USA Outdoors (2.19m/7-2.25)1st at Austin (2.27m/7-5.25)2nd at Modesto (2.27m/7-5.25)8th at Prefontaine (2.25m/7-4.5)ranked #6 in the U.S. by T&FNbest of 2.27m/7-5.25.
2001: 2nd at USA Outdoors (2.30/7-6.50)tied for 10th at World Outdoors (2.20/7-2.50)8th at USA Indoors (2.18/7-1.75)11th at World Indoors (2.20/7-2.50)Millrose Games champ (2.27/7-5.25) ranked #2 in U.S. by T&FNbest of 2.30/7-6.50.
2000: Won Olympic Trials (7-7.25)...2nd at USA Indoors (7-5.25)...did not make Olympic final (7-2.50)...ranked #2 of 7-7.25.
1999: Won USA Outdoors (7-5.75)... tied for 3rd at USA Indoors... placed 3rd at World Indoors...tied for 8th at World Outdoor Champs (7-6)...ranked #5 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 7-7.25.
1998: Won USA Outdoors (7-6.5), World Cup (7-7)...2nd at Goodwill Games (7-7.75)...won Edwardsville GP (7-5.75)...3rd at GP Final (7-5.75)...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 7-7.75.
1997: Won World Indoors (7-8.5), USA Indoors (7-7), USA Outdoors (7-7)...tied for 13th in qualifying at World Champs (7-5 the highest non-qualifying mark ever)...ranked #4 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 7-8.5.
1996: Won gold at Olympic Games (7-10 Olympic Record)... won USA Indoors (7-9.25)...won Olympic Trials (7-6.5)... 4th in GP Final (7-6.5)...ranked #1 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 7-10.
1995: Won USA Outdoors (7-6.5)... 4th USA Indoor (7-2.5)...tied for 13th in qualifying at World Champs (7-5.25)...ranked #2 in U.S. by T& of 7-8.
1994: 9th at USA Outdoors (7-3.25)...ranked #6 in U.S. by T& of 7-7.25.
1993: 2nd at USA Indoors (7-7)...tied for 9th at World Indoors (7-4.25) at USA Outdoors; injured with tendonitis of the knee...ranked #3 in U.S. by T& of 7-8.5.
1992: 3rd at Olympic Trials (7-7.25)...tied for 8th at Olympic Games (7-5.75)...3rd in GP Final (7-4.5)...ranked #8 in world (#2 U.S.) by T& of 7-7.75.
1991: Won World Champs (7-9.75)...ranked #3 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN ... tied for 2nd at USA Outdoors (7-6)...3rd in USA Indoors (7-6.5)...tied for 6th in World Indoors (7-7)... tied for 10th at World University Games (7-2.5)...Set American record with season best of 7-10.5 at Zurich.
1990: Won NCAA Outdoor (7-7.75) ... 5th at USA Outdoors...ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FN... 3rd in NCAA Indoors (7-6.5) of 7-8.5.
1989: 2nd in NCAA Outdoor...tied for 5th at USA Outdoors...4th in NCAA Indoors (7-3)...ranked #8 in U.S. by T& of 7-5.25.
1988: Best of 7-2.
Best of 7-1.
1986: Best of 6-11.


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