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Event: 400m
Height: 6-0
Weight: 160
PRs: 200m 20.38 (1994), 400m 44.21 (1999)
Born: November 3, 1967, in Macon, Ga.
Current Residence: Raleigh, N.C.
High School: Southwest HS, Macon, Ga. '87
Colleges: Miami-Dade South JC '90; St. Augustine's '92
Coach: Trevor Graham
Agent: Mark Wetmore
Club: adidas

Career Highlights: Gold medalist, 2000 Olympic 4x400 relay (2nd leg); 3-time World 4x400 champion ('97, '99, '01); 1991 World 400 champion; 1994 World Cup champion; 5-time U.S. Outdoor champion over span of 12 years ('89, '91, '94, '97, '01); member of world recordholding 4x400m relay; 2000 Visa Humanitarian Athlete of the Year.

Competing in his fourth Olympic Trials, Pettigrew made his first Olympic Team in 2000 when he placed third in the 400...has the second-fastest relay leg in history, a 43.1 to help the U.S. to gold at the 1997 World Championships. His split in that race was second only to Michael Johnson's 42.94. Pettigrew's speed is matched by his voluntarism; he is a volunteer assistant coach for St. Augustine's and he also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House: 'I'm enjoying that a lot ... My thing is to help spread track & field to our youth. There's a lot of money in our sport now and we need to show the young people how to deal with it. We don't want our future athletes to disappear right after college. We need to tell them about agents, and contracts, and how to survive in the sport.' ...Pettigrew has managed not only to survive but thrive...ironically, Pettigrew's 7th-place time at the 1997 Worlds was 44.57, the same time that won him gold in 1991...Pettigrew was presented with the Visa U.S.A. Humanitarian Athlete of the Year Award at USATF's 2000 Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. Pettigrew received the award for his many contributions to his local community of Raleigh, N.C...he is a partner in DMH Enterprises, a sports marketing firm in Raleigh. had planned to retire after 2000 but sponsorship contracts and other factors have kept him in the sportwon his first U.S. 400m title just two years after winning the Georgia state high school crownmarried to Cassandra.

2002: 3rd at USA Outdoors (45.17)1st at Osaka (44.72)4th at Stockholm (45.12)3rd at Pretoria (45.14)6th at Rome (45.32)best of 44.72.
2001: USA Outdoor 400m champ (45.08)4th at World Outdoors (44.99)ran 2nd leg on U.S. gold medal winning 4x400m relay team at World Outdoor Championships (2:57.54) 7th at Goodwilll Games (46.12)2nd at adidas Oregon Track Classic (45.05) ranked #4 in world & #1 in U.S. by T&FNbest of 44.99.
2000: 7th in 400m final (45.42) in Sydney, and won gold medal in 4x400m relay (2nd leg)...3rd at Olympic Trials (44.66)...won Pontiac Grand Prix Invitational (44.65)...ranked #6 in World (#3 U.S) by T& of 44.57.
1999: 2nd at USA Outdoor (44.59)... 5th in 400 and ran second leg on gold medal winning 4x400 relay (2:56.47) at World Champs...ranked #4 in world (#3 U.S) by T&FN... bests of 20.67 and 44.21
1998: Ran second leg on WR 4x400 (43.2 for 2:54.20) at Goodwill Games, also finished 3rd in 400 (44.78)... 3rd in USA Outdoor (44.40)...5th in GP Final (45.48)... won Osaka GP (44.49)...second leg on winning 4x400 at World Cup (44.4 for 2:59.28)...ranked #6 in world (#4 U.S.) by T&FN... best of 44.40.
1997: Won USA Outdoor (44.65)...7th in World Champs (44.57); ran second leg on gold medal 4 x 400 (43.1 for 2:56.47)...ranked #5 in world (#3 U.S.) by T&FN... best of 44.23, also 20.59.
1996: 5th in semis of Olympic Trials (45.19)... best of 45.19.
1995: 2nd in USA Indoor 200 (20.80)...7th in USA Outdoors (45.74)... bests of 45.74, also 20.80.
1994: Won USA Outdoor (44.43) and World Cup (45.26)...2nd in GP Final (44.26)...anchored South's winning 4x400 at Olympic Festival (45.2) for 3:02.51...ranked #3 in world (#3 U.S.) by T&FN... bests of 44.43 and 20.38.
1993: 5th in USA Outdoor (44.45)...ranked #9 in world (#6 U.S.) by T&FN... best of 44.45.
1992: Won NCAA D-II Indoor (47.02); anchored winning 4x400 (3:18.13)...won NCAA D-II (45.22); anchored winning 4x400 (3:06.79) and 4x100 (39.64)...5th in semis of Olympic Trials (45.16)...ranked #7 in U.S. by T&FN... best of 44.71.
1991: Won gold at World Champs (44.57) and USA Outdoors (44.36)...won NCAA D-II Indoor (47.43); anchored winning 4 x 400 (3:15.67)...won NCAA D-II (44.7); anchored winning 4 x 400 (3:04.89); second leg on winning 4 x 100 (39.31)...ranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN... bests of 44.36 and 20.88.
1990: 5th in USA Outdoors...ranked #9 in U.S. by T&FN... best of 45.26 and also 20.70w.
1989: Won USA Outdoors (44.27) and Olympic Festival...5th in World Cup...ranked #8 in world (#5 U.S.) by T&FN... bests of 44.27 and 20.70.
1988: 6th in USA Outdoor...6th in quarterfinals of Olympic of 45.36.
1987: Won Georgia state HS titles at 200 and 400... best of 46.31.
1986: Won Georgia state HS title in of 47.19.