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Event: High Jump
Height: 5-10
Weight: 125
PR: 1.93m/6-4 (2000)
Born: December 20, 1969, in Austin, Texas
Current Residence: Kansas City, Mo.
High School: Redlands (Calif.) '88
College: Colorado '92
Coach: Cliff Rovelto
Agent: John Nubani
Club: unattached

Career Highlights: 2000 Olympic Trials Champion; 2nd at 2001 U.S. Indoors; 3rd at 1999 USA Outdoors.

Damon started jumping in Germany, where her father was stationed in the Air a school track meet, she tried the high jump, winning over her European competition at 5-1 or 5-2: 'It was a big fluke. The other girls all had their marks, and I didn't know what I was doing.'...Earned her degree in kinesiology and masters degree in education/exercise physiology...married her coach, Cliff Rovelto, head coach at Kansas State University, on June 15, 2002was unable to compete in 2002 due to a hamstring injury in her left (plant) leg.

2002: Unable to compete due to injury.
Runner up at U.S. Indoors (1.92m/6-3.5)6th at USA Outdoors (1.79m/5-10.50)3rd at Millrose Games (1.89m/6-2.25)3rd at Peregrine Systems U.S. Open (1.90m/6-2.75)ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FNbest of 1.92m/6-3.5i.
2000: Won Olympic Trials with PR 1.93m/6-4...did not make Olympic finals, 11th in qualifying round 1.89m/6-2.25; best U.S. performance...placed 4th at USA Indoors 1.90m/6-2.75... ranked #1 in U.S. by T&FN... best of 1.93m/6-4.
1999: 3rd at USA Outdoors (6-4)...15th in qualifying at World Outdoors (6-2.25)...ranked #4 in U.S. by T&FN.. best of 6-4.
1998: 4th in USA Outdoor (6-2.75)...6th in Goodwill Games (6-2.25)... 5th in USA Indoors (6-0.75)...ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 6-2.75.
1997: 2nd at USA Indoors (6-2.25)...4th in USA Outdoors (6-2.25)...5th at World University Games (6-3.25)... best of 6-3.25.
1996: 4th in Olympic Trials (6-3.5 PR)... 4th at USA Indoors (6-2.25)...ranked #4 in U.S. by T& of 6-3.5.
1995: Tied for 5th at USA Indoors (6-0.25)...4th at Pan-Am Games (6-2)...9th in USA Outdoors (6-0)... ranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 6-3.5.
1994: 3rd at USA Outdoor (6-1.25)...8th at World Cup (5-10.75)...ranked #7 in U.S. by T&FN... best of 6-1.25.
1993: Tied for 4th at USA Indoors (6-0.75)...tied for 6th at USA Outdoors (6-1.25)...ranked #8 in U.S. by T& of 6-2.75.
1992: 2nd at Big 8 Indoor (6-0.75)...tied for 11th at NCAA Indoor (5-11.25)...3rd in Big 8 (6-0.75)...4th at NCAA (5-11.5)...tied for 7th at Olympic Trials (6-1.25) of 6-2.25.
1991: 3rd at NCAA Indoors (6-2 PR)...3rd at NCAA Outdoors (6-0.75) ...won Big 8 (5-11.5)... 2nd in Big 8 Indoors (6-0)... no height at USA Outdoors...ranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 6-3.
1990: 5th at NCAA Indoors (5-11.5)...won Big 8...9th at NCAA height at USA Outdoor of 6-0.
1989: Jumped with a stress fracture during her frosh season at of 5-9.
1988: Best of 5-10.
1987: Best of 5-10.