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Event: 400mH
Height: 5-7
Weight: 130
PRs: 100mH - 13.06 (1991), 200 - 23.52 (1997), 400 - 50.61 (1998), 400mH - 52.61 WR (1995)
Born: March 29, 1969, in McRae, Ga.
Current Residence: Tallahassee, Fla.
High School: East HS (NY) '87
College: Florida State '91
Coach: Terry Long
Agent: James Long
Club: Reebok

Career Highlights: 1995 World champion; 1996 Olympic silver medalist; 1997 World bronze medalist; 6-time U.S. Outdoor champion ('91, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98); 1995 Pan Am champion; 1998 World Cup bronze medalist; World 400mH record holder; 2-time Olympian ('96, '00).

The world record holder in the 400 hurdles, Batten was better known as a jumper than a hurdler in high school where she had marks of 19-8 (5.99), 40-6 (12.34), and 60.94 when she came to Florida State. She made a stunning emergence as a world-class talent in 1991, upsetting Sandra Farmer-Patrick to win the USA title in 54.18. Perhaps her greatest race came in 1995, when she and Tonja Buford-Bailey both dipped under the world record in the World Championship final, with Batten winning on the 1996 she ran a 49.5 400m relay leg in a men's relay race. Batten had a foot injury, which hindered her training in both 1999 & 2000.  Doctors had a difficult time determining what the problem was, with diagnosis ranging from bursitis, to calcification of the joint in the big toe, etc. By late '99 it was determined that her problem was inflamation in a major nerve running from the big toe back through the middle of the foot. Every stride produced the feeling similar to hitting your 'funny bone' in the elbow.  The only solution was time away from running to let the nerve settle down. The lack of training caused Batten to struggle at the 2000 Olympic Trials and later at the Olympics in Sydney.

2002: Did not compete
7th at Athens (56.59)1st in Turin (55.80)did not compete at USA Outdoorsranked #5 in U.S. by T&FNbest of 55.80.
2000: 2nd at Olympic Trials (54.70)... 6th in Olympic semifinal (55.73)...ranked #2 in U.S. at 400H by T&FN... best of 54.70.
1999: DNF USA Outdoors (final)...season hampered by a bone chip in a toe joint... best of 53.99
1998: Won USA Outdoors (53.61)...3rd in Goodwill Games (54.62)...won Monaco GP (52.74)...won Zurich GP (52.84)...3rd at World Cup (53.17)... won 400m at Georgia Tech/Reebok (50.61 PR)... ranked #1 in world (#4 U.S.) in 400H by T&FN... best of 52.74.
1997: Won USA Outdoors (52.97)...bronze in World Champs (53.52)...won GP Final (53.45)...23.52 PR at 200...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) in 400H by T&FN... best of 52.97.
1996: In March, ran 49.5 relay leg...injured her ankle at a photo shoot...won silver at Olympic Games (53.07) and was Olympic Trials champion (53.81)...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) in 400H by T& of 53.08.
1995: Broke WR in winning gold at World Champs (52.61)... won Pan Am Games (54.74)...emergency appendectomy three weeks before USA Outdoors...won USA Outdoors (54.74)... won GP Final (53.49)... ranked #1 in world in 400H by T& of 52.61WR.
1994: Won USA Outdoors (54.51)...ranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) in 400H by T& of 53.72.
1993: 2nd in USA Outdoors (54.57)... 4th in World Champs (53.84 PR)...6th in 400 at World Indoors (52.70) ...3rd in 400H at GP Final (53.86)... 3rd in 400 flat at USA Indoors (53.95)... ranked #3 in world (#2 U.S.) in 400H by T& of 53.84.
1992: 4th in Olympic Trials (54.89)... 4th in 400 at USA Indoors (56.20)...ranked #8 in world (#4 U.S.) in 400H by T& of 54.35.
1991: 5th in World Champs in 400H (53.98 PR)... 4th in TJ at USA Indoors (42-6); 12th in LJ (19-4.75), 3rd in 60H heat (8.38)...7th in TJ at NCAA Indoors (41-7.75); did not finish 55H final (7.75 semi) 4x400 team finished 4th in heat (3:43.16)...3rd in NCAA 400H (56.28), 4th in 100H (13.06); led-off 6th-place 4x100 (44.44)...won USA Outdoors (54.18 PR)... 3rd in 400H at GP Final (54.20)...13.14 PR at 100H, 20-4.5 PR at LJ, 42-6 PR at TJ... ranked #4 in world (#3 U.S.) in 400H by T&FN ... best of 53.98.
1990: 7th in 400H in USA Outdoors; 7th in 100H semi... 5th in TJ at NCAA Indoor; did not finish 55H heat...won MCAC 100H, 400H and TJ...2nd in 400H (55.45 PR, after 56.49 PR in semi) ... 8th in 100H in NCAA; tied for 15th in TJ qualifying; anchored 6th-place 4x100...ranked #7 U.S. in 400H by T&FN... best of 55.45.
1989: 2nd in 55H heat at NCAA Indoors; 5th in TJno mark in TJ qualifying at NCAA Outdoor best of 58.60.
1988: 6th in 400H heats at Olympic Trials 13th in TJ at NCAA Indoors7th in 400H heats at NCAA Outdoor; 14th in TJ; 7th in TJbest of 58.31.
1987: Best of 60.94.
1986: Best of 61.1.


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