Butch Reynolds


Event: 400m

Height: 6-4

Weight: 180

PR: 400m 43.29 (1988)

Born: June 8, 1964, in Akron, Oh

Current Residence:

High School: Hoban HS (Akron, Oh) '83

College: Butler County JC '84; Ohio State '87


Agent: Brad Hunt


A 48.1 sprinter in high school, Reynolds exploded to world prominence in 1987, when he stunned the world with a low-altitude world record of 44.10 in the 400m at the Jesse Owens Classic: "It felt too easy"the next year, he shattered the world record with his 43.29 in Zurichhowever, the individual gold medal has so far evaded him, as has another trip to world record territoryin the fall of 1990, the IAAF announced that Reynolds had tested positive for the steroid nandrolone after an August track meetReynolds fought the two-year ban, and eventually the issue ended up in the courtsA court injunction got him into the 1992 Olympic Trials, where he finished 5th, earning a possible spot on the Olympic relaythe IAAF refused to allow Reynolds into the Olympics and extended his ban several months for bringing the sport into disreputeReynolds sued, and that December won a $27.4 million judgement against the IAAF; in May 1994, a court of appeals threw the judgement out, and the Supreme Court refused to hear the casehe has since accused drug testers of unfairly singling him out and harassing himReynolds continues to race, with considerable success, though he lost the 1998 season to injurieshe has said, "The 400 meters is the hardest race on the track. You've got to get through."

1999: best of 45.13... did not compete at USA Outdoors.

1998: injured; did not compete.

1997: best of 44.086th in USA Outdoors (44.98)ranked #8 in world (#5 U.S.) by T&FN.

1996: best of 43.912nd in Olympic Trials (43.91)did not finish semi at Olympic Games (injured).

1995: best of 44.222nd in USA Outdoors (44.42)silver in World Champs (44.22): third leg on winning 4x400m (2:57.32)ranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN.

1994: best of 45.18.

1993: best of 44.12won USA Indoor 400m Trialsgold in World Indoor (45.26 MR)2nd in USA Outdoors (44.12)silver in World Champs (44.13); third leg on winning 4x400m (2:54.29 WR)2nd in GP Final (44.96)ranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN.

1992: best of 44.145th in Olympic Trials (44.65)ranked #10 in world (#6 U.S.) by T&FN.

1991: best of 47.407th in heat at USA Outdoors (47.40).

1990: best of 44.22, plus 20.60did not finish 200m heat at USA Outdoorsranked #2 in world (#2 U.S.) by T&FN.

1989: best of 44.30, plus 20.462nd in GP Finalranked #1 in world by T&FN.

1988: best of 43.29won Olympic Trialswon Zurich GP in World Record 43.29silver in Olympic Games; anchor on winning 4x400mranked #1 in world by T&FN.

1987: best of 44.10, plus 20.46 (200m)6th in USA Indoor 400m Trials3rd in 500m at NCAA Indoorwon NCAA; anchor on 9th-place 4x400mwon USA Outdoorsbronze at World Champs; anchor on winning 4x 400mranked #2 in world (#1 U.S.) by T&FN.

1986: best of 45.36did not compete in final of NCAA Indoor 500m; ran on 4x400m (did not finish).

1985: injured; did not compete.

1984: best of 45.47won JUCO8th in semi at Olympic Trials.

1983: best of 48.1