Pat Manson


Event: Pole Vault

Height: 5-10

Weight: 165

PR: Pole Vault 19-2.25 (1994 & 1997)

Born: November 29, 1967, in West Point, NY

Current Residence: Boulder, Co

High School: Central HS (Aurora, Co) '86

College: Kansas '91

Coach: Rick Attig

Agent: Flynn Sports Management

Club: U.S. West

Started vaulting as a high school freshmanhad gone out for track as a sprinter/long jumper, seen the vault, and asked his coach if he could try it: "secretly he had wanted me to be a vaulter."dad was a running back at Pitt; mother is a marathoner runner, and has even run the difficult Pikes Peak Marathonmarried to distance runner Amy Legacki in March 1997she still races, and also does motivational speaking for children, visiting many youth track clinicsManson earned his degree in mechanical engineering, and works for U.S. West as a technology forecaster"It's a terrific job""I'm spending more time in the weight room. I ranked No. 1 in the U.S. in 96 and 97, and I'd like to get that back. With everyone else jumping so well, it's going to be a challenge."says the low point in his career was the 1996 Olympic Trials, where his poles were run over by a truck and he had to vault on borrowed polescleared the same height as 3rd-placer Scott Huffman, but ended up 6th on misses"I love this sport. I feel very blessed to have the career that I have had, and there's still more to come."

1999:  Tied for second at USA Outdoors (18-6.5)... tied for 13th in qualifying at World Champs (18-2.5) of 18-8.25.

1998:  3rd at USA Indoor (18-2.5)2nd in USA Outdoors (18-10.25)3rd at Goodwill Games (18-8.25)5th at Zurich's Weltklasse (19-0.25)ranked #8 in world (#2 U.S.) by T& of 19-0.75.

1997:  Tied for 3rd at USA Indoor (18-10.25)3rd at USA Outdoors (19-0.25)6th at World Champs (18-8.25)4th in GP Final (19-2.25 =PR)ranked #6 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 19-2.25.

1996:  Won USA Indoor (18-8.25)6th in Olympic Trials (18-8.25)5th in GP Final (18-8.25)ranked #10 in world (#1 U.S.) by T& of 19-0.25.

1995: 13th in USA Indoor (18-0.5)won Pan-Am Games gold (18-10.25 MR)6th in USA Outdoors (18-6.5)ranked #10 in world (#3 U.S.) by T& of 19-0.25.

1994:  4th in USA Indoor (18-4.5)6th in USA Outdoors (18-4.5)ranked #10 in world (#4 U.S.) by T& of 19-2.25.

1993:  5th in USA Indoor (18-1)4th in USA Outdoors (18-4.5)ranked #3 in U.S. by T& of 18-10.25.

1992:  Tied for 6th in USA Indoor (17-8.5)8th in Olympic Trials (18-4.5)ranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 18-8.75.

1991:  2nd in NCAA Indoor (18-0.5)3rd in NCAA (18-8.25)tied for 6th at USA Outdoors (18-0.5)won gold at Pan-Am Games (18-0.5)ranked #7 in U.S. by T& of 18-8.25.

1990:  2nd in NCAA Indoor (18-0.5)no-height in qualifying at USA of 18-4.5.

1989:  2nd at NCAA Indoor (18-2)2nd at NCAAsno-height at USA of 18-8.

1988:  5th at NCAA Indoor (17-9.75)no-height in NCAA qualifyingtied for 2nd at USA Outdoorstied for 17th in Olympic Trials of 18-6.5.

1987:  3rd at of 18-0.5.

1986:  Won Colorado HS state meet2nd in USA Juniorssilver at Pan-Am Juniorsno height at World of 18-0.

1985:  No-heighted at Colorado HS state meetwon USA of 16-8.75.

1984: Best of 15-2.