Carlette Guidry


Event: 4x100m Relay

Height: 5-7

Weight: 145

PRs: 100m: 10.94 (1991); 200m: 22.14 (1996)

Born: September 4, 1968, in Houston, Texas

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

High School: Sterling (Houston, Texas) '86; Milby (Houston, Texas) '87

College: Texas '91

Coach: Bev Kearney

Agent: Charles Wells

Club: adidas

Career Highlights: 2-time Olympic 4x100m gold medalist ('92, '96); 5th in 200m at 1992 Olympics; 4th in 100m at 1995 World Champs; 1995 World Champs gold medalist (4x100m); 1991 U.S. 100m champion; 1994 U.S. 200m champion; 1995 World Indoor 60m bronze medalist; 1996 Olympic Trials 200m champion; 8-time NCAA champion...2000 USA Indoor 60m champion.

A high school superstar, Guidry as a junior scored 43 points in the Texas state meet and placed second in the team standings. She transferred schools as a senior, lost her eligibility, and competed as an open athlete, making the long jump finals at the USA Champs and the World University Games. The long jump was her best event as a prep, but by 1990 knee problems forced her out of the event. Nicknamed Ms. Turbo, Guidry took the NCAA by storm when she won the 55 and LJ, ran on the winning 4x400 relay and took 2nd in 200 at NCAA Indoors as a Texas freshman. Formerly married to Mon White, Guidry earned her degree in sociology in 1991. She is currently working on getting a license in massage therapy. She plans to eventually open a women's spa and health center. With former teammates Cynthea Rhodes and Tamela Saldana, she has founded the Athletic Achievement and Development Academy, which concentrates on developing the academic, professional, and athletic skills of area athletes from ages 8-18. Workshops and summer camps that help build skills and show positive role models. She trains with Michelle Freeman, Olympic 400mH champ Deon Hemmings, Sandie Richards, Angie Vaughn, Toya Brown, and Rhodes.

2000: 7th in 100m (11.22), 8th in 200m (23.15) at Olympic Trials...selected for 4x100m Olympic relay pool ...won adidas Oregon Track Classic (11.13) ...2nd in 100m at Pontiac Grand Prix Invitational (11.26) ...dominated the women's sprint in the indoor Golden Spike Tour...won the 60m (7.12) and was second in 200m (22.90) at USA Indoors...bests of 11.03 and 23.03.

1999: 6th in 100m at USA Outdoors (11.18w)...ranked #8 in U.S. in 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.24 and 23.67.

1998: 2nd in 60m (7.15) and 200m (23.04) at USA Indoors...tied for 3rd in 200m (23.07), 5th in 100m semi (11.28) at USA Outdoors...7th in 200m at Goodwill Games (23.18)...4th in 100m at Edwardsville GP (11.22)...ranked #5 U.S. at 200m, #6 U.S. at 100m by T&FN...bests of 11.18 and 23.04.

1997: 4th in 200m (23.41) at USA Indoors...did not compete in 200m final at World Indoor (23.48 semi)...4th in 100m (11.29), 5th in 200m (23.14) at USA Outdoors...ranked #6 U.S. at 100m and 200m by T&FN...bests of 11.17 and 23.08.

1996: 8th in 200m (22.61) at Olympic Games; earned gold medal in 4x100m by running second leg for the team in the heats (42.49)... won 200m (22.14), 7th in 100m (11.07) at Olympic Trials...3rd in 200m (22.97), 5th in 60m semi (7.23) at USA Indoors ... ranked #6 in world (#2 U.S.) in 200m by T&FN; #7 U.S. at 100m...bests of 11.06 and 22.14.

1995: Won 200m (22.73 AR), 2nd in 60m (7.04) at USA Indoors...bronze in 60m (7.11) at World Indoors, did not compete in 200m semi (23.38 heat)...2nd in 100m (11.12) and 200m (22.57) at USA Outdoors...4th in 100m (11.07) at World Champs; 6th in 200m semi (22.91); second leg on gold medal 4x100m (42.12)...3rd in GP Final 200m (22.71)...ranked #4 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100m by T&FN; #2 U.S. at 200m...bests of 11.03 and 22.45.

1994: Won 200m (22.71), 2nd in 100m (11.15) at USA Outdoors...2nd in 200m (22.92), 5th in 60m (7.29) at USA Indoors...4th in 100m at GP Final (11.12)...ranked #5 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100m and 200m by T&FN; #6 U.S. at 400m...bests of 11.12 and 22.38, plus 51.51.

1993: 5th in 60m (8.47, injured) at USA Indoors...8th in 200m (23.21), 6th in 100m semis (11.40) at USA Outdoors...ranked #10 U.S. at 200m by T&FN...bests of 11.35 and 22.98.

1992: Ran third leg on gold medal 4x100m (42.11) at Olympic Games and was 5th in the Olympic 200m (22.30) ... 2nd in 200m (22.24), 4th in 100m (11.18) in Olympic Trials... ranked #8 in world (#4 U.S.) in 100m by T&FN; #6 in world (#2 U.S.) in 200m...bests of 11.09 and 22.24.

1991: Won 100m (10.94 PR) at USA Outdoors...led off U.S. 4x100m in heats at World Champs (did not finish, dropped baton) ...won 55m (6.74) and 200m (23.23) at NCAA Indoors; second leg on runner-up 4x400m (53.0 for 3:33.52)... won 100m (10.91w) and 200m (22.44w) at NCAA Outdoors and anchored winning 4x100m (42.88)... won 100m and 200m at SWC... ranked #5 in world (#2 U.S.) in 100m by T&FN; #3 U.S. at 200m...bests of 10.94 and 22.78.

1990: Won 55m and 200m at NCAA Indoor; second leg on winning 4x400m...2nd in 200m, false start in 100m final at NCAA...2nd in 100m at USA Outdoors, did not compete in 200m semi...ranked #3 in world (#1 U.S.) in 100m by T&FN; #6 U.S. at 200m...bests of 11.03 and 22.62.

1989: 5th in 200m, 5th in 100m semi at USA Outdoors...2nd in 55m at USA Indoors...3rd in LJ, 4th in 55m, 8th in 200m at NCAA Indoors...won 100m and 200m at SWC...6th in 100m at NCAA; 19th in LJ qualifying; anchored winning 4x400m (51.1)... ranked #9 U.S. at 200m by T&FN...bests of 11.30 and 22.90, plus 21-1.25 (LJ).

1988: Won 55m and LJ, 2nd in 200m at NCAA Indoors; third leg on winning 4x400m...won 100m, 200m and LJ at SWC...5th in 200m, 7th in 100m at NCAA; 16th in LJ qualifying...5th in 100m semi, 5th in 200m semi at Olympic Trials...bests of 11.11 and 22.99.

1987: 7th in LJ, 5th in 100m heat at USA Outdoors...9th in LJ at World University Games...ranked #8 U.S. at LJ by T&FN...bests of 11.56 and 23.35.

1986: Won gold in 200m and LJ at Pan Am Juniors; anchored winning 4x100m...6th in 200m semi at USA Outdoors...won LJ, 2nd in 200m, 3rd in 100m at USA Juniors... 4th in 200m, 7th in LJ at World Juniors; anchored winning 4x100m...bests of 11.59 and 23.46, plus 42-7.5 (TJ).

1985: Won 100m and LJ at USA Juniors; 2nd in TJ...bests of 11.61 and 23.84.

1984: 5th in 200m, 9th in LJ, 5th in 100m semi at USA Juniors...bests of 12.23 and 24.45.

1983: Best of 11.6w.