Cheryl Dickey


Event: 100mH

Height: 5-5

Weight: 135

PRs: 100mH: 12.72 (1998)

Born: December 12, 1966, in Houston, Tx

Current Residence: Houston, Tx

High School: Smiley HS, Houston, Tx '85

Colleges: Prairie View A&M '86, Texas Southern '90

Coach: John Forbin

Agent: John Nubani

Club: Nike

Career Highlights: 1998 U.S. Outdoor national champion; 1996 Olympian; bronze medalist in 60mH at 1997 World Indoor Champs; 1997 U.S. Indoor champion.

Started hurdling in 7th gradethe coach held a team meeting to decide on event for the next meet, and Dickey had not heard the call. Instead, she was playing around with jumping over a hurdle on the other side of the track: " 'Do that again!' he shouted at me. I thought I was in trouble. I was scared. Then he made me do it over two hurdles. Then he shouted, 'You run the hurdles this weekend!' "was on a state championship team in high schoolnever used starting blocks until she went to college"When I was in college, I always trained alone after the team was done. I like to stay focused, and I don't like to joke around or talk when I need to take care of business"earned her degree in accounting and physical educationthinks that she might like to go into coaching or personal training somedaywon three straight SWAC titles in the 100mH missed entire 1999 outdoor season after having surgery to remove a ruptured ovarian cyst says of the setback, "I will be back in competition for the Olympics, and look forward to making the team. I have to thank God for being by my side and getting me through this ordeal."

1999: Placed second in 60mH at USA Indoorsmissed outdoor season due to life saving of 13.25

1998:  7th in 60mH at USA Indoor (8.18)won USA Outdoors (12.82, after 12.72 PR heat)2nd at Bislett GP (12.76)7th at Goodwill Games (13.40)leg injuries troubled her from mid-August onranked #10 in world (#3 U.S.) by T& of 12.72.

1997:  Won USA Indoor 60mH (7.91)tied for bronze in World Indoor (7.84 PR)4th in USA Outdoors (12.88)ranked #5 in world (#2 U.S.) by T& of 12.83.

1996:  3rd in 60mH at USA Indoor (8.08)3rd in Olympic Trials (12.76 PR)5th in quarterfinal at Olympic Games (12.92)ranked #4 in U.S. by T& of 12.76.

1995:  4th in 60mH at USA Indoor (8.06 PR)6th in 60mH at World Indoor (8.19)5th at USA Outdoors (13.10)ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 13.10.

1994:  3rd at USA Outdoors (13.25)ranked #5 in U.S. by T& of 13.13.

1993: 5th at USA Outdoors (13.00)3rd at Olympic Festival (13.45)ranked #8 in U.S. by T& of 13.11.

1992:  Did not finish final at Olympic Trials, after 13.00 semiranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 12.97.

1991:  4th at USA Outdoors (13.13 PR)won Olympic Festival (13.11 PR)ranked #9 in U.S. by T& of 13.11.

1990:  Won SWAC Champsdid not finish semi at NCAA Outdoors7th in semi at USA of 13.44.

1989: Won SWAC Champs5th in NCAA Outdoors5th in semi at USA of 13.26.

1988: Won SWAC of 13.47w.

1987: Ineligible transfer to Texas Southern; did not compete.

1986: Competed at Prairie View A&M but was injured early in the indoor season.

1985:  3rd in 100H at Texas HS state of 13.70 (LH).

1984:  2nd in 100H at Texas HS state of 14.04 (LH).

1983: Best of 14.14 (LH).