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Buzz Burrell
Events:  10K to 520 miles
Height:  59
Weight:  149 lbs
Born: 10/31/51
Current Residence: Boulder, CO
Sponsor: La Sportiva GoLite Running Team

Career Highlights

  • Masters Trail Champion
  • Former record holder on the Colorado Trail
  • It's possible I have run more trails than anyone, ever. I still have records on numerous routes and trails, and have run routes that have never been repeated. I can't remember them all, don't really want to, as the next one is more interesting than the previous. I don't run a single step unless I want to. I'll quit the second I don't enjoy it, and since I haven't, that's saying something. 
  • Running specialty: Running what no one has run before. Literally.

In their own words...

Running achievement I am most proud of: I have been doing this for 37 years, and I remain healthy, happy, very curious, and increasingly am inspiring others to explore and enjoy their own boundaries.

Why I run: Running is a more full expression of being alive.

Future Goals: April 2005: setting the record on Zoroaster Temple, Grand Canyon May 2005: first person to do Heaps and Imlay Canyons in a single day June 2005: first person to climb Mts Rainier, Adams, and Hood in a single day July 2005: first person to do "Front Range Traverse" (Milner to Berthoud Pass) August 2005: setting the record on Gannet Peak, Wyoming September 2005: setting the record on Cathedral Peak, Yosemite

"Fun" rhymes with "run"; help put the word "run" back into "trail running", by supporting our La Sportiva/GoLite Mountain Running Team, by suggesting young people to learn to run before they learn to slog thru ultras, and by encouraging real trail racing.

Always use running as a mirror to inner growth, happiness, and wholeness.

Favorite quote: "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

Additional comments/thoughts: I'm surprised I'm still doing all these things. I had no intention of still running at this stage of my life. Its questionable to me if this is a good thing or not. If I focus on my continued learning and growing, I conclude it remains a reasonable activity, although if I could figure out a way to end world hunger or bring about world peace, I would certainly expend my calories doing that instead of running. My real goal is to spend my days doing yoga and gardening, but those days somehow haven't arrived yet.



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