2011 Junior Olympic Cross Country Schedule

Entries: E-mail to cwhan200@yahoo.com NLT 6pm Friday before each meet (Excluding Championships).
Need athletes Name, DOB, and Gender

Sep. 10  Border Association @ Veterans Park (Course maps)
Salem @ Rushing
7:30am Results
Sep. 17 Border Association @ Blackie Chesher (Course maps)
1100 Zaragoza & Gateway East
7:30am Results
Sep. 24 Border Association @ Nation Tobin Park (Course maps)
8800 Railroad
7:30am Results
Oct. 1 Border Association @ Chuck Heinrich Park
(Course maps)
Andreew Barcena at Jon Cunnungham Blvd.
7:30am Results
Oct. 8 Border Association @ Del Valle High School (Course maps) 7:30am Results
Oct. 15 Border Association @ Skyline Park (Course maps)
Yvette Ave. (Off Rushing, south of Transmountain)
Oct. 22 Border Association
@ Tornillo, HS
19200 Cobb Ave., Tornillo, TX
8:30am Results
Oct. 29 Border Association @ Northeast Regional Park
McCombs and Hwy 54
(Course maps)
7:45am Results
Nov. 5 Border Association   Veterans Park (Course maps)
Salem @ Rushing
Nov. 12

Border Association Championships
Youth - Open/Masters - Maps

@ Underwood Golf Course
3200 Coe Ave.
7:00am Results
Nov. 19 Region 10 Championships   DeKoevend Park,
Centennial, CO. (Denver)
Dec. 10 National J.O. XC Championships @ Whispering Pines Golf Course
Myrtle Beach, SC