What is a "sanction"?

        A USATF Sanction is an official designation issued by USATF, through a local Association, which approves and licenses the holding of a competitive track & field, long distance running or race walking event in the United States. The sanction is also a contract, which evidences the event's commitment to follow national and international rules and regulations of the sport and to provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators. Once the event has satisfied the sanction requirements, the event's application for sanction is approved.

Obtaining a sanction

       Apply on-line or contact the sanctions Chair of the Border Association five weeks prior to your event.

Allison Jones
12941 Tierra Salas
El Paso, TX 79938



Benefits of USATF Sanctioning

A sanctioned event receives:
-- $1,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
-- $5,000 insurance coverage under USATF's Group Accident Insurance Program for registered athletes
-- Recognition of any records set at your event.

Sanction Document Resource page at USATF

Sanctioning fees

1. The Association sanction fee: $50
2. The National sanction fee (see below)

USATF National Sanctioning Fee Structure for 2013

$50 for 1-100 participants
$75 for 101-250
$150 for 251-500
$300 for 501-1,000
$500 for 1,001-2,000
$700 for 2,001 - 4,000
$1,300 for 4,001-6,000
$3,000 for 6,001-15,000
$5,000 for 15,001-30,000

USATF Junior Olympic Developmental and Championship Meets


$70.00 fee per meet, regardless of the number of entrants. To obtain awards (ribbons) for your Junior Olympic meet, you MUST submit the Award Request with your Sanction application to the Border Association Secretary four weeks before your meet. The National Office will charge an additional $75.00 fee for applications postmarked ( by the Sanctioning chair) less than 21 days prior to the competition!