Youth (age 18 and younger) joining a Club/Team, should apply through your Team.

Adults and youth, not associated with a Club/Team, contact the Membership Chair, Maria Johnson at (915) 799-3020, E-mail:. Proff of age is required!

You can also join online at

Current Fees
Adults $30.00 and the Youth (18 and under) $20.00.

Benefits of Membership in USA Track & Field

For starters, you become eligible to participate in USATF Association, Regional, and National Cross Country and Track and Field Championships. Beyond that, as a member you receive the USATF's quarterly newsletter, The USA Track & Field Record, and $5,000.00 insurance coverage under USATF's Group Accident Insurance Program. For more information on benefits or insurance go to .

Duration of membership

Memberships are on a calendar year basis, and expire on December 31.

Youth Athletics: is divided into six divisions for boys and girls. The athlete's year of birth shall determine the division in which the athlete shall compete. With each succeeding year each division shall be adjusted as shown in the table below:

Age groups / Old Division:
Year of Birth
8 and under / Sub-Bantam 2005+ 2006+ 2007+
9-10 / Bantam
11-12 / Midget
13-14 / Youth
15-16 / Intermediate
17-18 / Young Men’s/Young Women’s

Youth Athletes must be at least seven (7) years of age on December 31 of the current year to compete at the Youth Athletics or Junior Olympic National Championship.
Athletes who are still eighteen (18) years of age through the final day of the National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships shall be eligible to compete in the 17-18 year old division through that meet. This extended eligibility does not apply to cross country events.

Open Athletics: The Open classification shall have no maximum age limit. In men's and women's long distance running, the Open classification shall be limited to athletes sixteen (16) years and older on the day of the competition. In Open men's race walking and all other Open women's competition, athletes shall be fourteen (14) years or older on the day of the competition.

Masters Athletics: Individual competition (five-year age groups starting at 30) Team and relay competition (ten-year age groups):


Forming a club or organization

Organization membership is open to track clubs, running clubs, civic and fraternal organizations, and event committees, among others.

Organization Memberships are on a yearly basis, and expire on December 31 of the application year.

The annual fee for an organization's membership is $40.00.

Competitive Club renewal applications for track & field, with all required documentation is due no later than May 1. All late applications will be charged a late fee of $100. New Clubs or Club that have not renewed in the last three years are not subject to the late fee!

For more information, contact Maria Johnson at (915) 799-3020, E-mail:

Download Club/organization Application from