USA Track & Field, Arizona

2015 Junior Olympic Association Championship

Sponsored by USA Track & Field, Arizona Association

Bob Flint, AZ USATF Office

Cassandra Cline, Youth Chairperson

DateSessionTimeSiteAge Divisions
June 13 & 14 One
Saturday 7:00 A.M. Start
Saturday 6:00 P.M. Start
Sunday 7:00 A.M. Start
Mesa Community College
1833 W Southern
Mesa, AZ 85202
Youth only meet

Eligibility: Competition is open to all Arizona youth athletes who will not reach their 19th birthday on or before August 2, 2015. (The last day of the National JO Track Meet). USA Track & Field membership is required. Membership and entry must be completed prior to the entry deadline. To represent a club or organization, that group must be a a current member in good standing, with USA Track & Field. Athlete and club membership is available through the Arizona USA Track & Field office, (480) 949-1991.
Age Groups: Competition will be conducted in the following age groups: 8 and Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18 Divisions.
Proof of Age: All athletes must submit proof of age with their entries, (unless previously submitted). Acceptable proof of age: copy of birth certificate, passport, drivers license, certifiied baptismal record, U.S. Government identification. No originals ate to be submitted, only copies, which will not be returned.
Entry Fee: $3.00 per individual event, $12.00 per relay team.
Entry Deadline: All entries will be done on-line at the link CoachO Entries
along with pament of entey fees. Please submit the Athletes best 2015 marks. The on-line entry deadline is Midnight (MST) Tuesday June 9th. To enter, select the URL above, select the date of the meet and follow the instructions. For clubs that meet the entry deadline, Coach-O will be re-opened until Noon 10th for corrections.
Entry Limits: 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12 - three events including relays.
All others - four events including relays. Relay team members must wear a top and shorts of the same color.
Facilities: Nine lane all weather track. Runway and ligh jump area are all weather. Shot Put and Discus are are concrete. Spikes 1/4 or less will be allowed. Tents will only be allowed in the upper 10 rows of the stands, and on the grassey area around the track.
Timing: FinishLynx timing with hand timing back up.
Awards: Junior Olympic medals will be awarded to the first 3 place finishers in each event, including relays. Ribbons will be awarded to the 4th thru 6th place finishers.
Rules of Competition: Current USA Track and Field youth athletic rules will govern.
Protest: All protests must be made in writing, to the referee, not later than 30 minutes after the results of an event have been posted or announced. Proper rule reference must be cited. All protests must be accompanied by a $50.00 cash deposit. Deposit will be refunded if protest is upheld, forfeited if protest is denied.
Running Events: All events will be run as scheduled, on the enclosed order of events. Those events where the number of entries do not require preliminary heats, will be run as finals in the preliminary time slot. The meet director reserves the right to reseed heats if excessive scratches are noted by the clerk of the course.
Field Events: All contestants will be given three preliminary aattempts in each field event, except the High Jump and Pole Fault. The athletes attaining the best nine marks will advance to the finals, including ties, for 3 more attemps. Preliminary marks will be counted in determining final placement
Check In: Two calls will be given for each event. Track athletes should report directly to the clerk of the course. Field event athletes should report directly to the official in charge of their field event. Athletes must report ready to compete. Athletes competing in a running event, while their field event is underway, must notify the official in charge of their field event, and ask permission to leave before reporting to the clerk for their running event. Athletes must report back to their field event within 5 minutes of completion of their runing event.
Implements /
Check in will be one hour before the start of the meet. Competitors may bring their own implements or use those provided. Once am implement is certified for competition and used for such, it becomes meet property until the completion of competition, except for javelins and vaulting poles, which remain private property.
Starting Blocks: Must be used for all running events of 400 meters or less, including the lead off leg of the 4x100 and 4x400 relays, for age groups 15-16 and 17-18. Only starting blocks supplied by meet management will be allowed.
Warmup: Once the meet begins, no warm up will be allowed on the track or infield. Non competing athletes and coaches will not be allowed on the field, except in an emergency.
Conduct: Coaches, team leaders, and parents are responsible fot the conduct of all their athletes. Failure to maintain proper control and to display good sportsmanship/could result in disqualification from the meet.
Regional JO
The Region X Junior Olympic Championships will be held at El Paso, Texas, July 11 & 12. The first 4 finishers in each event at the Arizona JO Championships will be eligible to advance to the Regional meet. There will be no move up's.
The Combined Events will be help Thursday and Friday, July 9 & 10. The first Two finishers in each event at the Arizona JO Championships will be eligible to advance to the Regional Multi Meet. Any other finishers who meet the qualifing standard may also advance.
Entries will be done on line at: Entry deadline TBD by Border Association.
National JO
The National Junior Olympic Championships will be held at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, July 27 through August 2. The first 5 finishers in each event at the Regional JO meet will be eligible to advance to the National Championships. Information for the can be found by choosing Information. The combined Events will be held July 27 & 28. The first two finishers at the Regional meeet will automatically be eligible to advance to the National Championships. A third athelete may qualify by meeting the performance standard at the Regional.
Entry procedures for the National meet will be available at the Arizona Championship.

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