Arizona USATF Sanctions;

Arizona USATF Sanctions and Insurance

Sanctioning Races & Meets
A USA Track & Field sanction is a certificate issued by USA Track and Field which approves and, in effect, licenses the holding of an Athletics competition in the United States. A sanction is issued only to events which meet the requirements of the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 and USA Track & Field.

USA Track & Field sanctions in Arizona are obtained by filing a completed USA Track & Field sanction application with the Arizona USATF Association at least 30 days prior to the event and paying the requisite Association and National fees. Any event with prize money in excess of $250 or has international athletes, should be sure to fill out the special Elite Sanction Addendum, in addition to the normal sanction form.

All sanctioned events will need to file a required Post Event Report within fifteen days of the event.

The forms and complete information may be obtained by visiting the Event Sanction Informtion Page on the USATF web site.

Benefits of Sanctioning
$1,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
$5000 insurance for registered athletes under USATF's Group Accident Insurance Program
Recognition of any records set at your event.

USATF Arizona Association Sanction Fee Schedule for 2006
The Association fee is $40.00 for member clubs, and $65.00 for non-members. The national fee is based on the number of entrants:
Number of Entrants
National Fee

Events with total prize and apperance money in excess of $20,000 will pay the greater of $1,100 or the fee determined by the chart above. Events with paid attendance of 5,000 or more, will pay the greater of $1,100 or the fee determined by the chart above.
Sanctions for events not requiring USATF's liability insurance, can purchase a "no insurance" sanction for 10% of the national fee, plus the local association fee. We will require an insurance certificate naming USA Track & Field, Inc. as an additional insured on the policy of the race director or sponsor or other body (RRCA, YMCA, etc.).

Trademark Sublicense Agreement
Events wishing to use the USA Track & Field name or logo, must first complete a sublicense agreement with the state association.

Club Practice Insurance
Clubs that hold reqularly scheduled and supervised practices are encouraged to carry USATF club practice insurance. There is no fee for the insurance, but a $15 fee is assessed if the club needs a certificate of insurance. A schedule of practices and resume(s) of coaching experience is required. Form and information are available upon request from the state office.

Bob Flint, Association State Office

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