Meeting Notice

Arizona Clubs, Officers, and Atheletes, Officials, Coach's:

The annual meeting of USA Track & Field Arizona  will be held Sunday September 22, 2013 at Holiday Inn , 1600 S Country Club Dr,
Mesa, AZ 85210  The meeting is open to all interested club members or individuals.

Lunch will NOT be at the hotel, arragements will be made elsewere.


Roll Call
Additions to Adgenda
Minutes from Previous Annual Meeting
Treasures Report
Report of Officiers
Unfinished Business
Action on Proposed Amendments
New Business

Voting Delegates:

Each member organization (clubs etc) named its voting delegate on its annual renewal application.  If an organization needs to replace that deligate, it may do so by submitting this change in writing, duly signed by an officer of that organization, to the Secretary at the time of roll call.  No individual may vote in more than one capacity. There is NO voting by proxy.

Thereare 5 constituencies entitled to vote, and the percentages are,.
Voting Delegates:

  • Active Athletes (over 18) (20%)
  • Officials (10%)
  • Elected Officers (10%)
  • Coach's (10%)
  • Organizational members (50%)

All USA Track & Field, Arizona and its sports Committee meeting are open meetings.   Interested club members, or individuals
are cordially invited to attend.  Although only registered delegates are entitled to vote, everyone attending may participate in the discussions.

Questions: Contact USATF Office  (480) 949-1991 or at