Arizona Track & Field

On-Line Meet Registration System

The Arizona Association of USATF has adopted the CoachO on-line system for all it's meet entries. FAX and mail entries will no longer be accepted.

Each team that competes in an Arizona USATF meet must be registered on-line in the CoachO system.
Once a year a club must:

  • Create a team contact for your club.
  • Use the club name as specified on the USATF web site. See Clubs
  • Manually enter the roster of athletes for your club.

    After the club has been created, and your PIN has been received, entries can be entered into each of our meets by selecting USATF Arizona Main Menu.

    Note: JO entries must use the New link - USATF Arizona JO Menu.

    The current list of All CoachO meets can be found by selecting Calendar, but the USATF AZ meets are found at the bottom of the USATF Arizona Main Menu.