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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Long Island Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Barry AronowskyGreater LI Running Club2014-03-122014-12-31
Frederick BenleinWe Are Athletes Racing Team2014-01-132014-12-31
James Corbett2014-01-272014-12-31
William Corrigan2014-02-112014-12-31
Steven CuomoRolling Thunder Special Needs Program, Inc.2014-03-282014-12-31
Alex CuozzoBellmore Striders2014-01-102014-12-31
Richard DegnanLong Island Alliance2014-04-152014-12-31
Emmanuel DorescaV-Tesse Track Club of Long Island2014-01-062014-12-31
Tricia Douglas2014-02-202014-12-31
Gerald Farrell Jr3V 495 Track Club2013-12-132014-12-31
Julie FischerNorthport Running Club2014-03-272014-12-31
Vicki FoxNorthport Running Club2014-02-252014-12-31
Erica FraibergNorthport Running Club2014-03-252014-12-31
Malcolm HallBellmore/North Bellmore PAL2014-01-062014-12-31
Sheryl HallBellmore/North Bellmore PAL2013-12-302014-12-31
Trent HamptonWe Are Athletes Racing Team2014-02-282014-12-31
Fred HaslettLong Island Road Runners Club, Inc.2013-11-092014-12-31
James HendersonWarehouse Pole Vault2014-01-242014-12-31
Gene HeskinTeam Sports Center TC2013-11-262014-12-31
RICHARD HILL2013-11-012014-12-31
Cecelia HirschWarehouse Pole Vault2013-12-042014-12-31
Jacqueline Jones-FordHempstead Village PAL2014-04-152014-12-31
Susan KeoghGreater LI Running Club2013-12-102014-12-31
Bridget Kudla2014-03-202014-12-31
Robert Lemke2nd Wind Track Club2013-12-242014-12-31
Mary LenziWe Are Athletes Racing Team2014-01-062014-12-31
Mark MaldonadoNorthport Running Club2014-04-012014-12-31
Chandel Marion-BrownBaldwin Blazers Track Club2014-01-282014-12-31
James McGrathWalk USA2014-02-252014-12-31
Colleen McManusNorthport Running Club2014-03-042014-12-31
Nicole McNamaraNorthport Running Club2014-03-122014-12-31
Susan MichtaWalk USA2013-12-302014-12-31
Jolene Moore2013-11-162014-12-31
Russ ParkerNorthport Running Club2014-03-102014-12-31
Harry PennyFoundation Track Club2013-12-172014-12-31
Sean Phillips2014-02-112014-12-31
Beatrice Robertson2013-12-102014-12-31
Jordan Rouff2013-11-032014-12-31
Michael RouxNorthport Running Club2014-03-112014-12-31
Robert Ryba2013-11-302014-12-31
Jennifer Savickis3V 495 Track Club2014-01-012014-12-31
Donna Skidmore2014-04-032014-12-31
James Skidmore2014-03-232014-12-31
Elizabeth SolaRolling Thunder Special Needs Program, Inc.2014-03-082014-12-31
Jose SolaRolling Thunder Special Needs Program, Inc.2014-03-082014-12-31
Michael SpiteriThe Running Braves Club2014-02-162014-12-31
Grant Stanis2014-01-062014-12-31
Michael Thorley2014-03-222014-12-31
Rebecca TrianaNorthport Running Club2014-03-112014-12-31
Mary TrottoBohemia Track Club2014-01-132014-12-31
William Vaughn Jr2014-04-152014-12-31
Matthew VersaggiWarehouse Pole Vault2014-01-292014-12-31
Clive Walters2014-02-082014-12-31
Tricia Waring2014-03-222014-12-31
Thomas Weiner2014-02-182014-12-31
Gary WesterfieldWalk USA2014-01-012014-12-31
Glen WoltherWe Are Athletes Racing Team2014-01-072014-12-31
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