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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the South Carolina Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Charles Aldridge IIIFlorence Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Leslie AldridgeFlorence Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Julie AllenFlorence Track Club2016-01-252016-12-31
Shannon Areford2015-11-302016-12-31
Valerie Beesley2016-01-012016-12-31
Mark Bluman2016-01-192016-12-31
Angel BrooksBLASTERS TRACK CLUB2016-01-042016-12-31
Christopher Brown2016-01-302016-12-31
Jennie CirilloGreenville Track Club2016-01-242016-12-31
Paul CirilloGreenville Track Club2016-01-242016-12-31
Ryan ClementsTEAM FLASH TRACK AND FIELD CLUB2016-01-232016-12-31
Tamar ClementsTEAM FLASH TRACK AND FIELD CLUB2016-01-232016-12-31
Tami DennisMt. Pleasant Track Club2016-01-252016-12-31
Stephanie DevaneyThe Storm Track Club2015-12-072016-12-31
Michael DuffyEast Coast Track & Field Academy2015-12-282016-12-31
Linda EllisPee Dee Elite Track Club2016-01-272016-12-31
DAndre Fletcher2016-01-122016-12-31
Michael FlournoyMt. Pleasant Track Club2016-01-242016-12-31
James GardFlorence Track Club2016-01-292016-12-31
Jennifer GardFlorence Track Club2016-01-292016-12-31
John GilmorePalmetto Track & Field2015-12-282016-12-31
David Hale2015-11-032016-12-31
Debra HawkinsCarolina Rockets2016-01-302016-12-31
Matthew HawkinsCarolina Rockets2016-01-302016-12-31
Susan HeiserWarriors Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Clinton HowleFlorence Track Club2016-02-042016-12-31
George Illingworth2015-12-162016-12-31
Brandon Isaac2016-01-312016-12-31
Brian JordanFlorence Track Club2016-01-222016-12-31
Anuradha KalurFlorence Track Club2016-01-312016-12-31
Gokul KalurFlorence Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Richard KernsQuick Striders2016-02-112016-12-31
Richard Kimball2015-12-282016-12-31
Douglas KottiThe Storm Track Club2016-01-022016-12-31
Allison LaBordePalmetto Track & Field2016-01-152016-12-31
Charles McKeelPalmetto Track & Field2016-01-262016-12-31
Albert Morgan2015-12-072016-12-31
Alexis MorrisFlorence Track Club2016-01-312016-12-31
Jennifer NesbittGreer All-Stars Track Club2015-11-032016-12-31
Johnny NesbittGreer All-Stars Track Club2015-11-032016-12-31
Christiene OttMyrtle Beach Track and Field Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Roikita RichardsEmerald City Elite Track & Field2015-12-152016-12-31
Clarence Richardson JrMyrtle Beach Track and Field Club2016-01-222016-12-31
Fran RicksThe Storm Track Club2015-12-132016-12-31
Brian RiggsKMR Athletics Track & Field Club2015-12-092016-12-31
Raylene Ross2015-12-172016-12-31
Mark Rumph2015-12-252016-12-31
Tommy Sammons2016-01-262016-12-31
Brandon Samuels2015-12-022016-12-31
Donald Santi AnnaFlorence Track Club2016-01-142016-12-31
Alicia Sautter-TrumanFlorence Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Oliver Savela2016-01-102016-12-31
Thaddeus SlighQuick Striders2016-01-092016-12-31
Robert Sloan IIFlorence Track Club2016-02-062016-12-31
Sabrea Smith ElliottLow Country Express Track Club2016-01-292016-12-31
Patricia StewartFlorence Track Club2016-01-112016-12-31
Winston Stewart SrFlorence Track Club2016-01-092016-12-31
Tyrone Talbert SrGreenville Pride Track and Field2016-02-012016-12-31
Lawrence Terry2015-12-082016-12-31
Bill TrumanFlorence Track Club2016-01-062016-12-31
Sylvia VandrossQuick Striders2016-02-112016-12-31
Ayinde WaringMercury Rising Track Club2016-01-252016-12-31
Erica WaringMercury Rising Track Club2016-01-252016-12-31
Ian WhatleyWarriors Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Kenneth WrightGreer All-Stars Track Club2016-01-282016-12-31
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