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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Border Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Michael AbeytaEl Paso Striders2015-01-062015-12-31
Luis AguileraEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-01-132015-12-31
Richard Alegria2015-04-152015-12-31
Armando BaltazarDesert Devils Running Club2015-04-212015-12-31
Paul BenavidesTeam Elite Athletic Club2015-04-032015-12-31
Lakeisha Brown2015-04-122015-12-31
Sylvia CampuzanoTexaStrong Running Club2015-04-212015-12-31
Stephen Carri2015-04-122015-12-31
Erica CarrilloEl Paso Invaders2015-02-112015-12-31
Davian Clarke2015-01-052015-12-31
Jorge CobosEl Paso Wildcats Running Club2015-03-022015-12-31
Raymond CobosEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-022015-12-31
Andre CollinsTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-202015-12-31
Marsha CowellTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2014-12-062015-12-31
Marshall CowellTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2014-12-062015-12-31
Robert DickersonEl Paso Striders2015-01-062015-12-31
Herman DuncanTeam Bliss Track Club2014-12-042015-12-31
Carlos DungyTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-192015-12-31
Emanuel EstradaEL PASO PANTHERS RUNNING CLUB2015-04-062015-12-31
Sarah FernandezEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-222015-12-31
Dustin FillmoreLegend Bound2015-01-092015-12-31
Isabel GonzalezEL PASO PANTHERS RUNNING CLUB2015-04-042015-12-31
Dahn GreenEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-032015-12-31
William HenryEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-02-182015-12-31
Jesus HernandezEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-01-222015-12-31
Lidia HernandezEl Paso Invaders2015-02-122015-12-31
Kathy HowellEl Paso Invaders2015-04-132015-12-31
Carl JessTexaStrong Running Club2014-12-022015-12-31
Julie JohnsonEl Paso Striders2015-03-062015-12-31
Maria JohnsonQuiet Storm Running Club2015-01-072015-12-31
Darrell KondratowiczEl Paso Wings Track Club2014-12-052015-12-31
Anthony LaspadaTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-212015-12-31
Dale LavertyEl Paso Flames2014-11-302015-12-31
Jeniese LongEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Manuel LopezTexaStrong Running Club2015-04-212015-12-31
Fatima MartinezTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-142015-12-31
Lyndon MayfieldEl Paso Wings Track Club2014-12-102015-12-31
Myrna MendozaEl Paso Speed Track Club2015-04-072015-12-31
Sharla MinterEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-232015-12-31
Jennifer OrrEl Paso Wildcats Running Club2014-12-172015-12-31
Marie OrtegaEl Paso Invaders2015-01-262015-12-31
Ashley OttTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-01-272015-12-31
Elias PageEl Paso Striders2014-12-172015-12-31
Steven PurchaseQuiet Storm Running Club2015-03-092015-12-31
Deanne RankinsEl Paso Wings Track Club2014-12-052015-12-31
Jadon RankinsEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-052015-12-31
Rebecca RasoolTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-142015-12-31
Robert RoqueEl Paso Wings Track Club2014-12-052015-12-31
Maria SarmientoEl Paso Wings Track Club2014-12-072015-12-31
Johnathan SingletonEl Paso Supers2015-04-142015-12-31
Gabriel SoteloEl Paso Invaders2015-02-112015-12-31
Martha SoteloEl Paso Invaders2015-02-112015-12-31
Nicole SpindlerEl Paso Invaders2015-03-262015-12-31
Hosea StredicTeam Bliss Track Club2014-12-102015-12-31
Blaise SuplerTexaStrong Running Club2014-12-022015-12-31
Larry SwearingenEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-01-272015-12-31
Sergio TalaveraEL PASO PANTHERS RUNNING CLUB2015-03-262015-12-31
Elizabeth TeagueTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-232015-12-31
Michael TruaxEl Paso Striders2015-01-302015-12-31
Darrell TurnipseedCedric Benson Sports Academy2015-04-032015-12-31
Oscar VenegasEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-01-152015-12-31
Neomi VillalobosEl Paso Speed Track Club2015-03-272015-12-31
Lawrence WadeTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-02-112015-12-31
Stacy WallsEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-132015-12-31
Hannah WilliamsTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-222015-12-31
Mia WilliamsExpress Athletics2015-02-102015-12-31
Terry WilliamsEl Paso Wings Track Club2015-04-082015-12-31
Boris WoodsonTexas Shooting Stars Track Team2015-04-212015-12-31
Jaime YeEl Paso Speed Track Club2015-03-222015-12-31
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