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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the San Diego-Imperial Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Michael AdkinsN Step Youth Track Club2014-03-182014-12-31
Dorian AryMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-04-102014-12-31
Lyle BartonSan Diego Pole Vault Club2014-01-142014-12-31
Charles Bell IIIMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-092014-12-31
Mark Blackshear IIM.L.K. Blasters Youth Track & Field Club of San Diego2014-02-252014-12-31
Laiah Blue2014-05-132014-12-31
Trevor BolerEagles Wings Track Club2014-01-062014-12-31
Todd BrooksMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-212014-12-31
Amber BrownMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-042014-12-31
Erl Cabanas2014-01-192014-12-31
Samuel CampbellSan Diego Cheetahs2014-03-132014-12-31
Andy ColeSan Diego Waves XTC2014-03-172014-12-31
Lourent CoonsMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-03-272014-12-31
Randi CooperSan Diego Pole Vault Club2014-01-062014-12-31
Joaquim Cruz2014-05-232014-12-31
Samari DavisSan Diego Waves XTC2014-03-242014-12-31
Sterling DortchMillennium Express Track Club2014-01-302014-12-31
Robert Drake2014-04-222014-12-31
Katelin FastSan Diego Waves XTC2014-07-112014-12-31
Ernesto Fernandez2014-03-102014-12-31
Dominic Field2014-02-102014-12-31
Marina FieldBonita Road Runners Group2014-02-102014-12-31
Mike Fitchett2014-01-182014-12-31
Edward Ford JrMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-01-212014-12-31
Priscilla FordMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-01-212014-12-31
Michael FrazierFlo-Jo International2014-02-032014-12-31
Anthony Garcia2013-11-182014-12-31
Philam GarciaGuamBomb Track Club2014-06-022014-12-31
Cameron Gary2014-03-172014-12-31
Glenn Geelhoed2013-11-252014-12-31
Daniel GeigerEagles Wings Track Club2014-01-142014-12-31
John Gibbs2014-05-302014-12-31
Cindy Gilbert2014-06-262014-12-31
Paul GreerSan Diego Track Club2013-11-132014-12-31
James Gross2014-01-212014-12-31
Daniel Guillory2014-06-062014-12-31
Andrea Guzman2014-02-112014-12-31
Lorne Hampton SrHavoc Youth Track Club2014-01-012014-12-31
Kimberly Harris WilliamsSan Diego Cheetahs2014-03-282014-12-31
Sallie HenryUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2014-02-032014-12-31
Michael HulinOlympian Falcons Youth Track Club2014-03-222014-12-31
John HutselBonita Road Runners Group2014-06-022014-12-31
Bruce Jackson2014-04-072014-12-31
Charles James III2014-03-252014-12-31
Duane JamesMillennium Express Track Club2013-11-062014-12-31
Jay JohnsonM.L.K. Blasters Youth Track & Field Club of San Diego2014-02-182014-12-31
Fredrick JonesChange the Game (CTG) Youth Track & Field2014-02-122014-12-31
Vashon JonesMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-03-182014-12-31
Alfrederick JoynerAJI (Al Joyner International)2014-03-262014-12-31
James KennedySan Diego SoCal RoadRunners2013-12-052014-12-31
Maria La ZelleSan Diego Waves XTC2014-03-242014-12-31
David Lay2014-03-012014-12-31
David MaherMillennium Express Track Club2013-11-272014-12-31
Dewayne McBrideChange the Game (CTG) Youth Track & Field2014-02-102014-12-31
Lashawn McDanielSan Diego Cheetahs2014-03-102014-12-31
Jeanette MenaSan Diego SoCal RoadRunners2014-02-112014-12-31
Mike MenaSan Diego SoCal RoadRunners2014-02-112014-12-31
Raquel MenaSan Diego SoCal RoadRunners2014-06-182014-12-31
Hector MenchacaSan Diego Waves XTC2014-02-062014-12-31
Robin Missailidis2014-01-042014-12-31
LaSalle MitchellM.L.K. Blasters Youth Track & Field Club of San Diego2014-03-192014-12-31
Tracy OlanderSan Diego Cheetahs2014-02-162014-12-31
Cynthia PauleMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-172014-12-31
Shawn PomaMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-072014-12-31
R Craig Poole2013-12-052014-12-31
Daniel PrinceSan Diego Cheetahs2014-02-132014-12-31
Theresa ReimerMillennium Express Track Club2013-11-262014-12-31
Jaime Romero Sr2014-06-242014-12-31
James Rosier JrChange the Game (CTG) Youth Track & Field2014-03-072014-12-31
Edgardo SalazarOlympian Falcons Youth Track Club2014-06-242014-12-31
James Sanders619 C.V.S.D. Flyers2013-12-132014-12-31
Dave Schultz2014-02-252014-12-31
Haneef ShaheedMillennium Express Track Club2013-11-252014-12-31
Marcus SimsSan Diego Cheetahs2014-02-132014-12-31
Laura StuartCohnReznick Racing2014-01-052014-12-31
Paula TannerSan Diego Cheetahs2014-03-032014-12-31
Elizabeth TateFlo-Jo International2014-01-232014-12-31
Randy ThompsonTeam San Diego Panthers Track Club2014-01-152014-12-31
Ted Thompson2014-01-302014-12-31
Tracy ThompsonMercury San Diego Track & Field2014-03-192014-12-31
Tracy Thompson II2014-06-222014-12-31
Stephanie TomlinsonSan Diego Cheetahs2014-03-132014-12-31
Stephanie TuckerEagles Wings Track Club2014-03-092014-12-31
James TufekciSan Diego Aslans Youth Cross Country Club2014-01-012014-12-31
Joseph UribeMillennium Express Track Club2013-12-032014-12-31
Robert VilvenEagles Wings Track Club2013-12-192014-12-31
Michael WallaceEagles Wings Track Club2014-03-122014-12-31
Rod Williams2014-01-132014-12-31
Chad WilsonUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2014-02-222014-12-31
Paul Wright2014-02-252014-12-31
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