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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the San Diego-Imperial Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Michael AdkinsN Step Youth Track Club2016-01-232016-12-31
Darcy Ahner2016-05-202016-12-31
Lyle BartonSan Diego Pole Vault Club2016-02-092016-12-31
David Bly2016-06-132016-12-31
Peter Brooks2016-06-032016-12-31
Amber Brown2015-12-292016-12-31
Chad Brown2015-12-292016-12-31
Jasmine Burrell2016-01-292016-12-31
Chris Butler2016-02-102016-12-31
Erl CabanasTeam Edge2016-01-252016-12-31
Robert Claesson2016-06-232016-12-31
Lourent CoonsMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-04-192016-12-31
Andrew CormanPrado Racing Team2016-01-302016-12-31
Olivia DavisUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2016-02-122016-12-31
Jeremy Fischer2016-02-022016-12-31
Edward Ford JrMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-01-212016-12-31
Priscilla FordMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-01-192016-12-31
Sandra Galea-MartinezSan Diego Pole Vault Club2015-11-202016-12-31
Cameron Gary2015-12-262016-12-31
Gregory Garza2016-03-282016-12-31
Daniel GeigerEagles Wings Track Club2016-01-222016-12-31
John GibbsDream Team2016-02-022016-12-31
Paul GreerSan Diego Track Club2015-12-072016-12-31
James GrossCity Track Club2016-02-262016-12-31
Sergio GuerraSan Diego Cheetahs2016-03-252016-12-31
Lorne Hampton SrHavoc Youth Track Club2016-01-042016-12-31
Otis HarperUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2016-02-022016-12-31
Sallie HenryUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2016-01-112016-12-31
Charles Hilger IIICity Track Club2016-02-292016-12-31
Russell Hill2016-05-102016-12-31
Bruce JacksonPomerado Falcons2016-06-182016-12-31
John JensenSan Diego Cheetahs2016-03-232016-12-31
Jay JohnsonM.L.K. Blasters Youth Track & Field Club of San Diego2016-01-242016-12-31
Stephen Johnson2016-03-162016-12-31
Fredrick JonesChange the Game (CTG) Youth Track & Field2016-03-062016-12-31
Vashon JonesMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-04-162016-12-31
Alfrederick JoynerAJI (Al Joyner International)2016-02-262016-12-31
Demian Kloer2016-06-102016-12-31
Tabitha KohmescherTeam San Diego Panthers Track Club2016-01-292016-12-31
Stacy LaneySTEP Track Club2016-03-142016-12-31
Matt Large2016-01-222016-12-31
Eric Leslie2016-06-032016-12-31
David Maher2015-12-312016-12-31
Dewayne McBrideChange the Game (CTG) Youth Track & Field2016-01-072016-12-31
Lashawn McDanielSan Diego Cheetahs2016-01-262016-12-31
Jeanette MenaSan Diego RoadRunners2016-01-132016-12-31
Mike MenaSan Diego RoadRunners2016-01-132016-12-31
Hector MenchacaSan Diego Waves XTC2016-01-182016-12-31
Robin MissailidisJunior Mavericks Running Club2016-01-192016-12-31
Evinn MorelandMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-04-292016-12-31
Sylvia Nelson-Paul2016-03-042016-12-31
Robert O'TooleJamul Toads2016-03-242016-12-31
Jenee Peevy2016-01-252016-12-31
Yvette PennermanUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2016-01-222016-12-31
Danny PerezThe Bay Track Club2016-03-232016-12-31
Thomas PolhillWest Bernardo Track Club2015-11-252016-12-31
Gregg Simmons2016-04-272016-12-31
Marcus SimsSan Diego Cheetahs2016-02-082016-12-31
Sinclair SmithSan Diego Waves XTC2016-03-142016-12-31
Michel SprolesMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-04-282016-12-31
Sheldon SubithSan Diego Track Club2016-02-262016-12-31
Elizabeth TateFlo-Jo International2016-01-132016-12-31
Randy ThompsonTeam San Diego Panthers Track Club2016-01-252016-12-31
Ted Thompson2016-02-102016-12-31
Tracy ThompsonMercury San Diego Track & Field2016-01-262016-12-31
James Tufekci2016-05-252016-12-31
Robert VilvenEagles Wings Track Club2015-12-112016-12-31
Rod Williams2016-06-062016-12-31
Chad WilsonUSA Rockets Youth Track Club2016-01-262016-12-31
Jason WyattFlo-Jo International2016-01-212016-12-31
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