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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Oregon Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Bob BeyerTigard Youth Track2014-12-032015-12-31
David BlairTigard Youth Track2014-12-092015-12-31
Ryen BoydTigard Youth Track2014-11-252015-12-31
Sierra BruceTigard Youth Track2015-01-042015-12-31
Chris CookBowerman Track Club2014-11-252015-12-31
Jay CroxtonTigard Youth Track2014-12-022015-12-31
Jennifer Dickman2015-01-102015-12-31
David FittingBeaverton Youth Track Club2015-01-202015-12-31
Andrew FlemingCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-172015-12-31
Brian GettmannCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-102015-12-31
Ralph Greene JrTigard Youth Track2014-11-252015-12-31
Chandra Hanson2015-01-032015-12-31
Scott Jones2014-12-022015-12-31
Daniel JoyntSalem Track Club2015-01-152015-12-31
Dion KeetonBeaverton Youth Track Club2014-12-042015-12-31
Shane KesslerTigard Youth Track2014-12-012015-12-31
Douglas KuffelTigard Youth Track2014-12-092015-12-31
Kennan KuffelTigard Youth Track2014-12-022015-12-31
Gabriel LeMayRaising The Bar Vault Club2014-12-162015-12-31
Cornelius McCormick JrCentral Oregon Track Club2014-11-142015-12-31
Jeff McGaugheyTigard Youth Track2015-01-052015-12-31
Carol McLatchieCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-162015-12-31
James McLatchieCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-162015-12-31
Heike MendezBeaverton Youth Track Club2014-12-182015-12-31
Tiffany MorrisonCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-222015-12-31
Curt PooleBowerman Track Club2014-11-252015-12-31
Lydia PooleBowerman Track Club2014-11-252015-12-31
Richard PunchesBowerman Track Club2014-11-262015-12-31
Jarred Rome2015-01-072015-12-31
William ScottTigard Youth Track2014-12-092015-12-31
Chris ShunkCentral Oregon Track Club2015-01-052015-12-31
Brenda Skipper2015-01-102015-12-31
Erika StrauserCentral Oregon Track Club2015-01-052015-12-31
David TurnbullCentral Oregon Track Club2014-12-272015-12-31
Daniel UmenhoferRaising The Bar Vault Club2014-12-182015-12-31
Mark VandervilleRaising The Bar Vault Club2015-01-092015-12-31
Dorian WattsTigard Youth Track2015-01-022015-12-31
James WilliamsRogue Valley Runners2014-11-012015-12-31
Paul WilsonVertical Vault Club2015-01-052015-12-31
Rachelle WilsonCentral Oregon Track Club2015-01-072015-12-31
Timothy WilsonMcMinnville Track Club2015-01-202015-12-31
Jeff WoodhouseTigard Youth Track2014-12-012015-12-31
Robert WorkmanTigard Youth Track2014-12-082015-12-31
Margie YemotoTigard Youth Track2014-11-252015-12-31
Lisa ZimmermanCentral Oregon Track Club2014-11-122015-12-31
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