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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Minnesota Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Mark BeerVictory Track and Field Club2014-12-222015-12-31
Fred BergSouthern Minnesota Vault Club2014-11-302015-12-31
Kevin BjerkePrairie Striders2015-03-022015-12-31
Matt BrettinEden Prairie Track and Field Association2015-01-202015-12-31
Gary BrownPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-02-112015-12-31
Luonna Burns2015-02-072015-12-31
Coralea ClineEast Ridge Athletic Assoc. Track Club2015-02-272015-12-31
Keita ClineEast Ridge Athletic Assoc. Track Club2015-02-272015-12-31
Roman CressPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Gary DaneliusFlight Deck Athletics2014-11-042015-12-31
Gregory EastlundWoodbury Athletic Association2015-02-032015-12-31
Paul EllisonFalcon Track2015-03-022015-12-31
Marie FieldsPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-03-012015-12-31
Gerald HayesVictory Track and Field Club2014-11-222015-12-31
Laurel HooverPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-02-112015-12-31
Shani JohnsonJohnson Jumps2015-01-252015-12-31
Erin Krech2014-11-302015-12-31
Barbara LeiningerMill City Running2015-02-092015-12-31
David Lindenberg2015-03-022015-12-31
Ricardo MartosPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-02-112015-12-31
Ethan MayPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Jack MayeronTrack Minnesota Elite2015-02-272015-12-31
Stanford McClure JrPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Michelle McKenziePark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-03-012015-12-31
Daniel Miller2015-01-122015-12-31
Julie Miller2015-01-122015-12-31
Christopher MiltonEden Prairie Pole Vault2015-01-282015-12-31
James MoellerFuzion Athletics Minnesota2015-01-032015-12-31
Barb MorrisonPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Ken MorrisonPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Michael ReneauTwin Cities Track Club2015-02-092015-12-31
Mike RothFuzion Athletics Minnesota2015-01-072015-12-31
Ellen SackrisonPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Devin SnydersPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Kelly SnydersPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Edward StuartPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-01-172015-12-31
Raymond SzmandaTwin Cities Track Club2015-02-162015-12-31
Glazell ToledoPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-02-112015-12-31
Derek WalgraveMinnesota Speed2015-02-272015-12-31
Scott WelterEden Prairie Track and Field Association2015-02-182015-12-31
Stephen WhiteFlight Deck Athletics2015-03-012015-12-31
Kathy WindelsREAL Track & Field2015-02-272015-12-31
Hans WucherpfennigPark Flyers Track & Field Club2015-02-112015-12-31
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