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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Adirondack Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Tiffany AinsworthAverill Park Road Runners2016-03-032016-12-31
Abigail AtkinsAverill Park Road Runners2015-12-102016-12-31
Heidi Barcomb2016-03-112016-12-31
Jeffrey Barnes2016-03-032016-12-31
George Berg Jr2016-03-092016-12-31
Michelle BinsfeldWillow Street AC2016-01-072016-12-31
Lori CoccaAverill Park Road Runners2016-02-182016-12-31
Scott CoccaAverill Park Road Runners2016-02-182016-12-31
Stephen CookSpa City Running Club2016-05-222016-12-31
Douglas Czachor2016-01-162016-12-31
Bill DavisARE Racing Team2016-03-232016-12-31
Remsen DavisDelmar Track & Field Club2016-02-202016-12-31
Jason DeRocco2015-11-302016-12-31
Xiomara DiazSpa City Running Club2016-02-232016-12-31
Darnell DouglasDelmar Track & Field Club2016-04-042016-12-31
Chris GarrisonAverill Park Road Runners2016-03-162016-12-31
Shannon GawronskiAdirondack Athletic Club2016-04-052016-12-31
Beth GlaceShawangunk Runners2016-01-272016-12-31
Daniel Godin2016-02-082016-12-31
Kristopher GoodrichChatham Gold2016-04-252016-12-31
Molly GoodrichChatham Gold2016-05-222016-12-31
Timothy Greenberg2016-04-102016-12-31
Jason GrossmanDelmar Track & Field Club2016-03-072016-12-31
Howard Hammonds Jr2015-12-052016-12-31
Neil Howard JrIn a New York Minute2015-12-072016-12-31
Robert Jones2016-04-242016-12-31
Stas KondrackiAverill Park Road Runners2016-04-062016-12-31
Juha-Matti LevasalmiDelmar Track & Field Club2016-03-272016-12-31
Jennifer LimogesAverill Park Road Runners2016-03-062016-12-31
Paul LoomisSaratoga Stryders2016-02-212016-12-31
Amanda MarksThe Bolts2016-04-152016-12-31
Ellen NelsonGlencadia Bullets Youth R.C.2016-01-222016-12-31
John PusateriCastleton Cruisers2016-01-072016-12-31
Jonathan Quinby2016-01-292016-12-31
Thomas ReillyRacing City Running Club2016-02-282016-12-31
Patricia RobisonAdirondack Athletic Club2015-12-282016-12-31
Kathy Rogers-Carroll2016-01-202016-12-31
Daniel RoundsAverill Park Road Runners2015-12-102016-12-31
Laura RyderAverill Park Road Runners2016-03-032016-12-31
Kimberly SkylstadSpa City Running Club2016-01-022016-12-31
John Slaven2016-02-222016-12-31
Clare SweeneyQuicksilvers2016-04-062016-12-31
William VennerThe Adirondack Runners2016-01-152016-12-31
Samantha ViningChatham Gold2016-01-182016-12-31
Adrienne Wald2016-01-132016-12-31
Jeremy WestUtica Roadrunners2015-11-202016-12-31
James WillardSpa City Running Club2015-12-272016-12-31
Shane Zanetti2016-02-282016-12-31
Kevin ZimmermanAverill Park Road Runners2015-12-112016-12-31
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