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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Southern Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Jessica AndrewsMetropolitan Track Club2015-03-122015-12-31
Carlton AustinGulf Coast Hurricane Track Club2015-01-272015-12-31
Ray Brock SrProgressive Youth Track Team2015-01-132015-12-31
Earlett BuckleyPlay60 Baton Rouge2014-11-262015-12-31
Rhonda Butler2014-12-122015-12-31
Roger BynumPeak Performance Track Club2015-01-062015-12-31
Chaz Caiado2014-12-062015-12-31
Jackie CallenderLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2014-11-052015-12-31
George Campbell2015-02-192015-12-31
Pamela Carey2015-01-302015-12-31
Alexandra Carmenia2015-02-222015-12-31
Roderick CarmeniaRiver Parish Cheetahs2015-02-222015-12-31
Dedrick ClarkU.S. Express Masters Track Club2015-03-112015-12-31
Jared Cook2014-12-202015-12-31
Margaret Cotton2015-02-192015-12-31
Kevin DartezVermillion Track Club2014-11-132015-12-31
Chad Dore2014-12-292015-12-31
Africa Dowles2015-02-192015-12-31
Kathey EarlyRoad Runners Track Club2015-01-092015-12-31
Marvin EarlyRoad Runners Track Club2015-01-092015-12-31
Kamilla FairUnited Southern Express Track Club2014-12-262015-12-31
Nwora FairleyUnited Southern Express Track Club2014-12-062015-12-31
Manuel Fontenot JrLake Area Express TC2015-01-232015-12-31
Micah GradneyLake Area Express TC2015-02-262015-12-31
Henry Grant JrMetropolitan Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Charles GreenHattiesburg Flyers Track Club2014-12-152015-12-31
Mary GreenUnited Southern Express Track Club2014-12-042015-12-31
Dennis GrollPeak Performance Track Club2014-12-092015-12-31
Christopher Hair2015-01-232015-12-31
Jonathan HarrisMississippi Trackstars2015-02-142015-12-31
Martha Harris2015-02-142015-12-31
Tamika HarrisMississippi Trackstars2015-02-142015-12-31
Chris HiltonGreater King David Track Club2014-12-302015-12-31
Antoinette HoardPeak Performance Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Kenneth KableGreenville Track Club2014-12-202015-12-31
Scott Kendricks2015-02-032015-12-31
Burnett King SrFaith Track Club, Inc2015-03-052015-12-31
Reginald King SrFaith Track Club, Inc2015-01-072015-12-31
Shelia KingFaith Track Club, Inc2015-01-072015-12-31
Nile Legania2015-01-162015-12-31
Bridget LeleuxNew Heights Gym Track Club2015-01-262015-12-31
Shane LeLeuxNew Heights Gym Track Club2015-01-262015-12-31
Evelyn LenoirCity of Bastrop Parks & Recreation2015-02-192015-12-31
Willis LouisLafayette Track Club2015-01-082015-12-31
Keturah MauriceYouth X-press2015-01-062015-12-31
Clarence Maxey JrMississippi Heat Track Club2015-03-022015-12-31
Amos McCormick2015-03-062015-12-31
Carrie Lynn McCormick2015-03-062015-12-31
Michael McdanielUltimate Performance2015-02-282015-12-31
John McKinney2015-02-012015-12-31
Victor MontgomerySouthwest Mississippi Roadrunners2014-12-222015-12-31
Clarence Morgan JrRabbits2014-12-302015-12-31
Roderic NewtonGreater King David Track Club2014-12-292015-12-31
Kareem OctaveLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2014-11-102015-12-31
Tia OctaveLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2014-11-102015-12-31
Marvin Price SrWestside Striders2015-03-082015-12-31
Kesha RayfieldMetropolitan Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Edward RichmondLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2015-02-032015-12-31
Paul SellersFaith Track Club, Inc2015-03-242015-12-31
Adebola ShoyebiPeak Performance Track Club2015-03-032015-12-31
Debra StampleyFeliciana Heat, Inc.2015-02-222015-12-31
Byron TurnerUnited Southern Express Track Club2014-11-022015-12-31
Thomas Walker Jr2015-02-152015-12-31
Alwin Watson2014-11-082015-12-31
Tammie WhiteFeliciana Heat, Inc.2015-02-242015-12-31
Vincent WhiteFeliciana Heat, Inc.2015-01-162015-12-31
Eric Williams SrLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2014-11-112015-12-31
Latasha WilliamsLouisiana Xpress (LAX) Track Club2014-11-112015-12-31
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