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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Ozark Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Amy AmsdenMotley Crew Vault Club2014-11-302015-12-31
Andrew AmsdenMotley Crew Vault Club2014-11-182015-12-31
Steven AmsdenMotley Crew Vault Club2014-12-222015-12-31
Craig AndersonUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-062015-12-31
Kevin Anderson JrTrackmyspeed - Southern2015-06-162015-12-31
Vashell AndersonSt. Louis Storm2015-01-092015-12-31
Earsene Andrews2015-03-242015-12-31
Christopher BaileyUltimate Speed Academy2015-04-132015-12-31
Phillip Barr SrDashers Track Club2015-07-202015-12-31
Jacqueline BesterDashers Track Club2015-01-132015-12-31
Vincent BinghamJets Track Club2015-06-022015-12-31
Breanne Borman2015-03-212015-12-31
Laura BormanJets Track Club2015-03-212015-12-31
Richard BormanJets Track Club2015-03-212015-12-31
Sukari BrooksSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-032015-12-31
Wandaleen Brown2015-02-272015-12-31
Sean Burris2015-02-142015-12-31
Imari Campbell2015-01-102015-12-31
Monica CampbellUltimate Speed Academy2015-04-132015-12-31
Asaki CarrRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-262015-12-31
Melodie CarrRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-112015-12-31
Paul Chaney SrSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-052015-12-31
Demetrius Chism IIDashers Track Club2015-02-132015-12-31
Cecilia ColemanSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-06-152015-12-31
Avalon CollinsMustangs Track Club2015-01-302015-12-31
Brian CooperThrow For The Road Hammer Club LLC2015-06-152015-12-31
Gary Cooper2015-05-272015-12-31
Freda CovingtonRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-162015-12-31
Christine CrowderSt. Louis Blues Track Club2014-12-272015-12-31
Shayla CurtisR.C. Striders Track Club2015-01-152015-12-31
Lora DavisSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-05-112015-12-31
Pierre Davis2015-03-242015-12-31
Lamarian Dixon SrDashers Track Club2015-03-162015-12-31
Oscar DixonMissouri Elite Sports Club2015-04-162015-12-31
Samuel Douglas2015-04-302015-12-31
Kevin EllisCleats of Fire2015-01-202015-12-31
Andre EwingSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Nino FennoyEast St. Louis Community A/C Railers2015-06-012015-12-31
Michael FranksSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-222015-12-31
Sevmek FultonSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-062015-12-31
Michael GibsonSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-222015-12-31
DWayne GilliamMissouri Elite Sports Club2015-01-282015-12-31
Joseph GreshamSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-06-112015-12-31
Elroy GretzmacherJets Track Club2015-04-032015-12-31
Gary Hammock2015-05-112015-12-31
Patricia HannaRacewalkers Club of St. Louis2015-01-092015-12-31
Robin Hanson2015-05-012015-12-31
Chutney Harper2015-04-122015-12-31
Michelle Hassemer2015-01-192015-12-31
Melissa Hill2015-03-132015-12-31
Delgratia HudsonDashers Track Club2015-03-212015-12-31
James Hutchins2015-02-172015-12-31
Christina JacksonMustangs Track Club2015-02-052015-12-31
Richard JamesWebster RockHill Rockets2015-06-112015-12-31
Charles JohnsonU. City Xplosion Track & Field Club2015-06-152015-12-31
Ja'Rodrick JohnsonUltimate Speed Academy2015-04-172015-12-31
Willie JohnsonSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-05-312015-12-31
Charles -Chico JonesSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-05-142015-12-31
Shelly Kannel2015-06-152015-12-31
Winston KellySt. Louis Storm2015-01-122015-12-31
Kenneth KingSt. Charles County Cyclones2015-02-222015-12-31
Regina KingDashers Track Club2015-01-272015-12-31
Dishon KnoxRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-142015-12-31
Gwendolyn Lasenby-WilliamsonDashers Track Club2015-05-292015-12-31
Crystal LeeSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-04-182015-12-31
Julie Mahmoud2015-09-022015-12-31
Anice MahoneSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-032015-12-31
Lisa McCaskillDashers Track Club2015-01-022015-12-31
Douglas McFarlinSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-122015-12-31
Denise McFieldSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Wanda McNeilU. City Xplosion Track & Field Club2015-06-152015-12-31
Jena Mendoza2015-05-272015-12-31
Myrle MenseyThrowing and Growing2015-02-212015-12-31
Angela MillerUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-152015-12-31
Larry Minner SrSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-192015-12-31
Heidi MorrisSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-04-062015-12-31
Alonzo Nelson2015-08-032015-12-31
Felicia NelsonMissouri Elite Sports Club2015-03-022015-12-31
Hofton NelsonSt. Louis Heat2015-02-272015-12-31
Robert NicholsRacewalkers Club of St. Louis2014-12-082015-12-31
Glenn NorwoodUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-052015-12-31
LaTreece NorwoodUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-122015-12-31
Rickie PattinSt. Louis Storm2015-01-052015-12-31
Debra PowellUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-122015-12-31
Jocelyn RobinsonMustangs Track Club2015-02-032015-12-31
Kyle RobinsonSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-04-222015-12-31
Carlos RossSt. Louis PAL Jaguars2015-04-062015-12-31
Nina RossSt. Louis PAL Jaguars2015-04-062015-12-31
Kamilah RussellRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-312015-12-31
Erin Scott2015-06-012015-12-31
David SearcyDashers Track Club2015-01-072015-12-31
Kelvin SearcyDashers Track Club2015-04-192015-12-31
Charles SimmonsSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-052015-12-31
Anniece SpencerSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-222015-12-31
Carolyn SpencerSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-022015-12-31
Darrell SpencerSt. Louis Express Track Club2015-01-222015-12-31
Mark SpewakLadue Running Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Sheronda TateSt. Louis PAL Jaguars2015-05-082015-12-31
Bobby Torbert JrUltimate Speed Academy2015-06-022015-12-31
Darrell TriceSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-162015-12-31
Stacey TylerUltimate Speed Academy2015-01-232015-12-31
Michelle WashingtonSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-252015-12-31
James Williams SrSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Tianna WilliamsSt. Louis Blues Track Club2015-03-242015-12-31
Marcus WinstonRoyal Knights Athletic Association2015-03-112015-12-31
Phillip Wollbrinck2015-05-192015-12-31
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