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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Three Rivers Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Gary Aldrich2015-01-202015-12-31
Anthony Allen2015-02-162015-12-31
Brenda AnsellWestmoreland Track & Cross Country2015-04-132015-12-31
Johnnie BarnesGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-032015-12-31
Bruce BarronSouth Park Track Club2015-03-142015-12-31
Adam BeckerPacer Track Club2015-02-082015-12-31
George BellNehemiah Track Club2015-03-142015-12-31
Louis BerryFuture Stars Athletics2015-03-042015-12-31
Nicole BerryFuture Stars Athletics2015-02-242015-12-31
John Bey2015-03-312015-12-31
Bridgette BoydenNext Level Athletics2014-12-302015-12-31
G Michael BrewerValley Speedsters2015-01-192015-12-31
Judy BrewerValley Speedsters2015-01-192015-12-31
Brian BrownGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-02-102015-12-31
Pamela Bryant2015-02-172015-12-31
Brittany BurkhardGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-152015-12-31
Becci CarterPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-01-312015-12-31
Charles CarterPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-01-312015-12-31
Charles CarterPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-092015-12-31
Lauren CarterPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-01-312015-12-31
Corey CassidyGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-03-222015-12-31
Tony Chan2015-01-292015-12-31
Carlson ChristianSteel City Express2015-02-102015-12-31
James CohenWings of Moon2015-03-062015-12-31
Jacqueline CrawfordNext Level Athletics2015-03-042015-12-31
Candice DamianiSouth Park Track Club2015-03-122015-12-31
Thomas DamianiSouth Park Track Club2015-04-062015-12-31
Charles DavisRiver City Elite Track Club2015-02-032015-12-31
Maya Dean2015-03-312015-12-31
Brian DillonMountain Top Track & Field2015-02-182015-12-31
Martha DormanPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-02-042015-12-31
Yvette Earle-Barlow2015-02-222015-12-31
Robert EdnerSouth Park Track Club2015-04-052015-12-31
Mona EllisFuture Stars Athletics2014-12-222015-12-31
Melisa FabyonicSouth Fayette Track Club2015-01-282015-12-31
Megan FARACiValley Speedsters2015-04-042015-12-31
Tammie FerraroGet Fit Families2014-11-012015-12-31
Kathryn FitzgeraldPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-312015-12-31
Gail GongasGet Fit Families2015-01-192015-12-31
Araina Graham-IsmaeliPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-302015-12-31
Denise Graham-ShealeySteel City Express2015-02-082015-12-31
Nancy HinesSteel City Express2015-02-082015-12-31
Steve Howard2015-03-092015-12-31
Erin HuwaltSouth Park Track Club2015-02-252015-12-31
Mubarik Ismaeli2015-04-122015-12-31
Michael JewelEast Allegheny2015-04-062015-12-31
Soyina JohnsonPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-202015-12-31
Conrad JoostePacer Track Club2015-03-282015-12-31
Kristina KarabinosMountain Top Track & Field2015-02-182015-12-31
Tim LeeMountain Top Track & Field2014-11-182015-12-31
Nicole LoganNext Level Athletics2015-03-032015-12-31
Bruce Long2015-02-262015-12-31
Cindy LongPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-02-272015-12-31
Maurice LucasMidas Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Elizabeth MayPacer Track Club2015-03-142015-12-31
Robert MayPacer Track Club2015-03-222015-12-31
Jeffrey MayoGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-01-182015-12-31
Rhena McCaskillFuture Stars Athletics2015-03-102015-12-31
William MccordFuture Stars Athletics2015-01-042015-12-31
Michael MehalicSouth Park Track Club2015-02-092015-12-31
Suzanne Moore-DavisRiver City Elite Track Club2015-02-032015-12-31
Joseph MuhaWings of Moon2015-02-242015-12-31
Jaime MurrayPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-262015-12-31
James Neese JrWings of Moon2015-04-032015-12-31
Tyler Nicholson2015-04-062015-12-31
Jim NorrisGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-032015-12-31
Joyce NorrisGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-032015-12-31
Joseph ObeldobelWings of Moon2015-02-202015-12-31
Jennifer PanianSouth Park Track Club2015-03-262015-12-31
Arron PanigallVirtus Institute2015-04-142015-12-31
Sean PetersGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-082015-12-31
Laurel PetersenGreensburg YMCA Track & Field Club2015-04-082015-12-31
Linda Phelps2015-03-272015-12-31
Wendy PudlakSouth Park Track Club2015-03-032015-12-31
Jose ReyesSouth Park Track Club2015-03-112015-12-31
Damon RhodesPacer Track Club2015-03-292015-12-31
Brandon RitchiePacer Track Club2015-03-172015-12-31
Emily RobertsMountain Top Track & Field2015-02-182015-12-31
Gloria RouseEast Allegheny2015-02-182015-12-31
Richard RouseEast Allegheny2015-02-182015-12-31
Latonya Salley-SharifNadia Track Club2015-02-172015-12-31
Jeffrey SandersStallions Track Club2015-03-082015-12-31
Lee Saylor2015-04-132015-12-31
Mark SchwartzSteel City Track Club2015-01-252015-12-31
Alyssa Scott2015-04-162015-12-31
Damion ScottFuture Stars Athletics2015-04-162015-12-31
Oronde SharifNadia Track Club2015-01-042015-12-31
Robert ShavissPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Devas SimmonsNext Level Athletics2015-04-072015-12-31
Liza SimmonsNext Level Athletics2015-03-102015-12-31
Darryl SmithSouth Hills Heat Track Club2015-01-152015-12-31
Don SmithNext Level Athletics2015-04-102015-12-31
Lois SmithMountain Top Track & Field2015-02-022015-12-31
Gerald SproullWings of Moon2015-03-022015-12-31
Harriet Stagger-lucasMidas Track Club2015-03-102015-12-31
Mary Ellen TeslaWings of Moon2015-02-262015-12-31
John TillerMeadville Track Club2014-12-272015-12-31
Yvonne Twyman-CarterPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-312015-12-31
Carrie VinglishMountain Top Track & Field2015-02-182015-12-31
Jeremy WardWestern PA All Stars2015-01-272015-12-31
Shala WardWestern PA All Stars2015-01-272015-12-31
Grant West2015-02-222015-12-31
Lowell Wetzel2015-03-272015-12-31
Robert WilliamsPenn Hills Eagles Track Club2015-03-062015-12-31
Howard ZelikPacer Track Club2015-03-032015-12-31
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