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Criminal Background Check Program - Search Results

Below is a list of volunteers in the Maine Association who have successfully passed a background check within the current membership year. The individuals listed as having successfully passed a background screening have passed such screening as of the “last check” date noted on this page. All information related to each such individual and his or her background screening is current as of said “last check” date. USATF and its third-party background screening services provider make no warranties about the post-“last check” date status of any individual’s background.

NameClubLast checkExpires
Jason AllenPittsfield Track Club2014-12-062015-12-31
Joseph AlmandSkowhegan Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-022015-12-31
Deborah Barlow"Gardiner" aka Boys & Girls Club of Greater Gardiner2015-06-302015-12-31
Tim BaudeBangor Parks and Recreation2015-07-242015-12-31
Amanda BehnkeWoolwich Junior Athletic2015-06-232015-12-31
Donald Berry2015-06-252015-12-31
Todd BickfordGorham Track2015-01-022015-12-31
David Blackwell JrBangor Parks and Recreation2015-06-232015-12-31
Jennifer Boudreau2015-06-192015-12-31
Mary Cady2015-06-162015-12-31
David CaldwellPortland Recreation2015-04-272015-12-31
Glen ChaseWinslow Parks & Recreation2015-07-242015-12-31
Jennifer ChristensenWaterville Parks & Recreation2015-07-072015-12-31
Robin CoggerYork Parks & Recreation2015-04-282015-12-31
Mark CooperWinslow Parks & Recreation2015-06-182015-12-31
Nicole Court-Menendez2014-12-312015-12-31
Kelley CullenbergSandy River Track Club2015-04-302015-12-31
Mark DennettLakers Track Club2015-07-032015-12-31
Kevin deWildtCool Runnings Track Club2015-01-132015-12-31
Andrew DickinsonSkowhegan Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-092015-12-31
Edette FlakerScarborough Recreation Track Club2015-07-202015-12-31
Heather GreenBrunswick Parks & Recreation Dept2015-07-222015-12-31
Mary Green2015-04-152015-12-31
Taylor HarmonAugusta Rec2015-03-032015-12-31
Benjamin HoisingtonBrunswick Parks & Recreation Dept2015-07-222015-12-31
Heather HollenbachTopsham Parks and Recreation2015-06-042015-12-31
Lee Jackson2015-07-162015-12-31
Philip JacksonWindham Recreation2015-04-292015-12-31
Clara JeffreyBrewer Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-222015-12-31
Daniel JuilliBrewer Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-232015-12-31
Ronald KellyScarborough Recreation Track Club2015-06-162015-12-31
Valaree Langley Foss2014-12-192015-12-31
Christopher LibbyOrono Track Club2015-06-222015-12-31
Jennifer Martin2015-07-222015-12-31
Michael MartinBrewer Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-222015-12-31
Carly McDonald2015-07-242015-12-31
George MendrosSaco Bay Striders2015-07-212015-12-31
Tom MenendezAuburn Parks & Recreation Track & Field2014-11-282015-12-31
Dawn Murray2014-12-262015-12-31
Brenda Oldfield2015-07-212015-12-31
Jenniffer PerronTown of Lisbon2015-06-192015-12-31
Anne Piazza2015-06-232015-12-31
William ReillyMaine Track Club2014-12-202015-12-31
Steve RossScarborough Recreation Track Club2015-01-192015-12-31
Daniel RoyPanther Track Club2015-07-222015-12-31
Kevin Russell2015-05-012015-12-31
Stefan Sandreuter2015-07-082015-12-31
Wendy SerbentWaterville Parks & Recreation2015-04-142015-12-31
Amanda SevignyYork Parks & Recreation2015-05-212015-12-31
Andrew SibleyOld Town Track Club2015-05-152015-12-31
Timothy SmithFoxcroft outh Track2015-06-082015-12-31
Todd Souza2015-05-132015-12-31
Gregory St DenisFalmouth Community Programs Flyers2015-05-062015-12-31
David Stearns2015-06-152015-12-31
Carrie TessierSkowhegan Parks & Recreation Dept.2015-07-092015-12-31
Edward Van TasselWinthrop Recreation Ramblers2015-06-292015-12-31
Michael VianiCentral Track Club2015-07-172015-12-31
Steve VirgilioFalmouth Community Programs Flyers2015-07-112015-12-31
William WettlauferLewiston Recreation Department2015-07-222015-12-31
Rod WhiteOld Town Track Club2015-05-152015-12-31
Josiah WinchenbachWiscasset Parks & Recreation2015-05-132015-12-31
Elijah YeboahPortland Recreation2015-07-272015-12-31
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