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About the USA Distance Project

USA Track & Field is committed to continue to build on the recent success of U.S. marathoners.

USA Distance Center programs such as the Team Running USA, Team USA Minnesota and ZAP Fitness have made significant progress towards returning U.S. long distance running to the threshold of being competitive internationally.

A partnership between major U.S. distance running events, major corporations and USATF that would further supplement and support these USA Distance Centers has been established in order to supplement these programs with new projects and activities.

Making a Difference

The USA Distance Project is a financial, marketing and promotional partnership for the long-term development of elite USA distance athletes so that they can compete successfully in both domestic and international competitions, including major championship events. This partnership will build on the recent successes of U.S. distance running while maintaining a collective commitment towards developing athletes through the next Olympiad and beyond.

The USA Distance Project is dedicated to:

The purpose of the USA Distance Project is to increase the opportunities for, and the number of, U.S. long distance running athletes by creating a network of training environments and activities that will produce more world-class American marathoners and distance stars. Existing and emerging training centers will become part of the USA Distance Project and will get support from USATF in the form of grants which will supplement funding for general operations as well as grants for coaching assistance, identification and support of additional athletes, promotion of athletes, training summits, high-altitude training camps and/or sponsor recruitment assistance.

The recent successes of U.S. long distance athletes, has shown that the USA Distance Center model is a viable system from which internationally competitive athletes can emerge. While the window of opportunity to further develop U.S. long distance running athletes exists, we must take steps to drive more developing athletes into the programs that have shown the most potential for developing distance stars. Get Involved!

There are seven levels of giving opportunities, beginning at the Donor level of $100. Benefits are awarded depending upon the amount of the donation and range from window stickers to assistance with ticket purchase for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.

Donations may be directed toward a specific program

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Contributions to the USA Distance Project are tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

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