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Mountain/Ultra/Trail 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 5, 2003
Saturday December 6, 2003
Greensboro, North Carolina
Sheraton Four Seasons, Joseph S. Koury Convention Center

Attendance Report-34

The following individuals attended one or more of the MUT sessions

Name Affiliation Discipline
Ruth Anderson Pacific Masters LDR
Roy Pirrung WI Ultra/Masters LDR
Mark Driscoll Niagara
Michael Ortiz Colorado Mountain/Trail Rep.
Anita Ortiz AATRA/Colorado Mountain
Dan Verrington New England Mountain/Ultra
Richard Bolt New England/MUT Mountain
Theresa Daus-Weber Colorado/MUT Masters Ultra Rep. Ultra/Masters LDR
Chris Crowder North Carolina
Kevin Setnes AUA Ultra/Mens LDR
Mike Polansky Long Island
Mike Hajek-Jones Nebraska
Pete Miller Minnesota
Dr. Mary Trotto Long Island
Ian Seecof Indiana
Mark Doctor Indiana
Joyce Hodges-Hite Georgia
Charles Des Jardins Pacific
Linda Honikman USATF RRIC
Dave Gwyn Gulf Association
Scott McCoubrey Pacific Northwest
Brenda Stafford Southwestern
Jim Kaiser Kentucky
Tom Winkelmann Ozark
Joe Kulak Colorado/MUT Ultra
Julie Bryan Wyoming/MUT
Nancy Hobbs Colorado/MUT Mountain Team Manager - Women
Don R. Shepan New Mexico
Janice Anderson Georgia MUT/Ultra
Dan Brannen New Jersey AUA
Bill Roe USATF President
Jerry Crocket USATF LDR Division Chair
Danny Grimes USATF LDR Mens Chair
Ben Nephew New England



The annual meeting was scheduled between 4-7 p.m. Attendees registered for a raffle as they arrived and were given an outline of items for discussion. Chair Nancy Hobbs called the meeting to order and made a motion to accept and approve the minutes of the 2002 Annual meeting. The 2002 minutes were approved. A personal introduction was given of all attendees.

MUT ( Mountain Ultra Trail) Structure

Nancy Hobbs summarized the growth of MUT, (Mountain Ultra Trail), Council Members who total 15 at the present time. Nancy gave special thanks to Theresa Daus-Weber for her contribution in the Colorado association, to Lorraine Gersitz for her work with the website and awards, Kevin Setnes, Lorraine, and Rich Bolt for compiling athlete performances and awards votes, Julie Bryan for her support at the World Mountain Running Trophy and for agreeing to take minutes at the MUT meetings, Ed Parrot for his instrumental support regarding rules and L &L, and thanks to all attendees for their interest and support of MUT. Additionally, Dave Dunham was acknowledged for all of his past work with MUT.

New Members to MUT Council

Stan Ferguson, an ultrarunner from Arkansas and Treasurer for USU, (Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners), was appointed to the MUT council. Eric Clifton, an ultrarunner from Albuquerque, NM is also a newly appointed council member.

MUT 2003 Finacial Report

Nancy Hobbs provided the financial report and the components within its structure such as future expectations. In 2003 MUT received from USATF $4,000 to cover team support, annual awards, championship medals, and various administrative tasks to include phone calls, postage, and printing. At the end of 2003 there will be a zero balance in the account.

MUT Sponsorship Financials

TEVA granted $10,500 plus product to include uniforms for the 2003 TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team. Teva has one more year in their original three year contract. Special Ops Nutrition granted $2,500 in cash and a similar amount of product to the TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team. Product of Special Ops Nutrition included a USATF approved endurance drink.

MUT 2004 Budget

Nancy Hobbs will request $25,000 from USATF. $4,000 was granted. $1,000 has been requested for the sole purpose of supporting the new NACAC Championship, (North American, Canadian and Caribbean Championship), to be held in Vail Colorado. (See included NACAC report for information regarding this race). TEVA will be a sponsor in the same capacity as last year for the TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team. Julie Bryan and Nancy Hobbs will continue the effort to gain future sponsors and additional funding.

USU Fund Report

Roy Pirrung gave the USU, (Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners) Report. USU announced they are happy to report that the distribution of funding collected for the 2003 United States 100 km Team is complete. The total of donations received during the period between the last World Cup 100 km race (June 2002 in Belgium) and the November 2003 event in Taiwan was $4,067. Over half of this total was submitted from the races directed by the North Texas Trail Runners. Some unused funds of administration dollars held over from previous years were included to allow for a total disbursement of $4,200 to the team. With eleven official runners, two team leaders, and a team medical doctor, this equated to $300 being sent to each person to help offset some of the traveling costs.

A history of USU Funding was prepared from 1996 to present and noted a total distribution of U.S. 100 km Teams to be $41,463.20. The years of 2000 and 2001 held the largest amount of collected funds. Roy stated that USU is promoting funding through literature given at racing events and that USU is working toward gathering funding through donations on their website. The website e-mail address to support funding is and the website is

Current officers of USU are Chrissy Duryea Ferguson, President, Stan Ferguson, Treasurer, and Renee Despres, Secretary.

IAAF Funding Mountain Running Team

Nancy Hobbs explained the disbursement of funding through IAAF. Nancy stated that for 2004, $40,000 was granted to the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) by IAAF. This money is disbursed by the WMRA to teams participating in the World Mountain Running Trophy. How much each team (nation) receives is based upon several factors including economic need, distance to travel to competition, and results from the past year of competition. For instance, additional funding is provided to countries whose runners finish in the top 30 in the prior year competition. Since the U.S. had several runners finishing in the top, U.S. will receive enhanced funds for 2004.

IAAF Funding 100 km Team

Disbursement of funding for the 100 km team through IAAF was $2,500. The race provided 2 airfares, (as per race organization not to exceed $850.00 each), which was a total of $1,700. The race also provided five nights lodging for seven people at $80.00 per night, which resulted in $2,800. At the event, the 100 km team received $4,200. (IAAF grant of $2,500 + airfare of $1,700). The team was responsible to pay for additional lodging/meals for the remaining seven members. ($2,500 for seven team members with 5 nights lodging at $80.00 per night.) A balance of $1,400 was distributed between 14 team members, (athletes and staff), which amounted to $100.00 per person.

American Ultra Association Report

Kevin Setnes introduced himself as President of the American Ultrarunners Association, (AUA) and stated that what he had to brief MUT on was quite dramatic. Kevin explained AUAs history and identified its officers as Scott Eppelman (VP), Lin Gentling (Treasurer), and Board Members Anne Riddle, Jen Devine-Pfiefer, Ed Parrot, and staff Dan Brannen and Jason Hodde. Kevin discussed funding and support of ultra events with a possible reorganization of goals, questioning what USATF does for us. Kevin stated that AUA was shifting their membership away from USATF members. Kevin identified AUA goals as: 1). Developing a higher level of competition. 2). Promoting ultrarunning. 3). Developing peer to peer relationships/partnerships with organizations, and 4). Focusing on product branding by securing sponsors.

Bill Roe, President of USATF, and Jerry Crockett, USATF LDR Chair, were present for Kevins discussion. Kevin stated that MUT is a critical and positive factor for ultra runners. Kevin has been seeking future financial support for ultra running and he expressed to members/attendees that USATF membership has presented some conflict with funding. Kevin stated that he has a funding package separate from USATF.

Bill Roe, acknowledged that Kevin was correct that most USATF funding goes toward Track & Field as that is where the majority of the income is established. Bill Roe stated he was trying to get a LDR representative into the USATF office for support. There was discussion regarding the pros and cons of AUAs proposal of "splintering" away from USATF involvement (per Jerry Crockett). Bill Roe stated that USATF had re-drafted policy in order to allow for an easier acceptance of sponsorship for the ultra and mountain teams.

Kevin announced American ultra championships that AUA will host: 100 km (4/4/04) in Eagle WI, 100-mile (9/11/04) in Sylvania, OH, and the 24-hour championships (11/6/04), in San Diego, CA.

Many attendees noted concern regarding the potential damage caused by AUAs splintering away from USATF making it difficult and confusing for athletes to have too many separate sources of information, and the effect on USATF championship races.

Kevin identified MUTs championship program as a problem. Danny Grimes pointed out that Kevins issues were then with MUT and not with USATF. Kevin agreed in part, but believed it also was in the hands of USATF to provide support.

Nancy Hobbs ended this important conversation by suggesting that all parties find a way to work together. It was implied that all parties involved would meet for a discussion at a later time that day/week to attempt to resolve issues.

Kevin Setnes discussed that during the 24-hour race in 2004, there would be hourly live coverage over the internet. Kevin also discussed partnering with an undisclosed magazine for coverage.

National Teams Report (Mountain) ~2003~

World Mountain Trophy Summary

Report provided by Richard Bolt, team leader of the 2003 Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team. The Alaska Mountain Runners hosted the 19th World Mountain Running Trophy, the first time the event has ever been held in the United States. USATF President, Bill Roe, and LDR Chair, Jerry Crockett attended the race. Team USA finished 8th in both the Senior Mens and Senior Womens divisions. Junior Men finished eleventh and Junior Women finished tenth. The race was held in abnormal snowy conditions. Anita Ortiz cracked the top ten with an 8th place overall finish. This is the highest placement ever for a U.S. Woman at the World Trophy (since the U.S. has sent a womens team - since 1995). Paul Low was the top U.S. Male finisher placing 15th overall. On "even" years, the World Mountain Running Trophy is held on an uphill only course. On "odd" years, the event is held on a course with both uphill and downhill. Criteria must be met on all years for the course including length, terrain and elevation gain and loss.

Junior women competed at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 20. The 4.2 km course climbed and descended 285 meters. Snow fell through the entire race.

The Junior men competed at 1:00 p.m. Saturday the 20th with a 7.7 km course climbing and descending 600 meters. Snow fall accumulated to approximately 3 to 4 inches.

It was noted by Richard Bolt that this is only the second year that the U.S. has fielded a Junior Team. Richard stated that most of our Juniors were young compared to the other Junior runners. The age criteria states that the Junior must be at least 16 to race but not older than 19. Many of our 16 and 17 year olds were competing against juniors of age 19.

Senior Women competed on a 7.7 km course at 2:30 p.m. on September 20. The course climbed and descended 600 meters under heavy snowfall. By race time almost 6 inches of snow had fallen on the top of the course. Senior Men raced 11.5 km with 900 meters up and down under extremely muddy conditions as the snow stopped falling.

Complete results of the Junior and Senior races including course descriptions are reported at .

WMA and IAU 100 km Teams Report (Ultra) ~2003~

World 100 km Summary

Charles Des Jardins, manager of the World Masters Athletics (WMA) team, discussed the 100 km event.

The 100 km team competed in International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU), World Challenge in Tainan, Taiwan on November 16. The First U.S. Masters 100 km Team in the history of world 100 km competition was also present. The challenging 25 km out and back course, combined with temperatures in the upper 70s and humidity topping 80%, caused many of the 294 starters in the combined WMA and IAU events to withdraw from the race. Two U.S. Women placed in the top 10 finishers. Nikki Kimball, as both a member of the TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team and 100 km team performed to top standards placing 9th overall. Anne Riddle was just behind Nikki at 10th place overall. The Womens team was 4th place overall. Howard Nippert was 12 overall leading the Mens U.S. Team to a 13th place overall.

Charles mentioned that the event in Taiwan may not have been an actual 100 km but perhaps longer. The U.S. requested that the course be certified and that happened approximately 48 hours prior to the actual event. Charles and U.S. members spent a significant amount of time aiding in the organization of the event in areas that clearly were not prepared.

Ruth Anderson received a very special thanks and acknowledgment for purchasing, from her personal funds, the uniforms for the WMA 100 km team.

Roy Pirrung of the WMA 100 km team won his age group (55-59). Masters teams comprised of women from the USATF and WMA teams won silver medals in two different age group divisions.

View complete results of the IAU 100 km World Challenge at: .

Selection Process 2004 (National Mountain Running Team)

It was discussed by Nancy Hobbs that keeping the selection races for the Mountain Running in June and July is important to allow athletes to have time to plan for travel if they make they team. The WMRT event is always in September.

Nancy Hobbs reported that in 2003 there were two selection races on the same day and this would not be a good idea for the future. During the selections races, automatic berths on the U.S. Mt. Running Team are given to top finishers and it was discussed how the remainder of the team might be selected.

Anita Ortiz mentioned that although individuals, "need to earn their spot", that there needs to be room for athletes to be considered who perhaps could not make a selection race but who are running well that year. Dan Verrington confirmed his agreement with what Anita had to say.

Proposed selection races were discussed such as the Vail Hill Climb and Mt. Washington races. Voting will take place on Saturday, December 6.

2004 WMRT Event

Richard Bolt discussed the 2004 WMRT event which will be held in Saux dOulx, Italy. 2004 will be an uphill only race.

Selection Process 2004 (100 km Team)

Kevin Setnes, National 100 km Team Director, oversees the development, management, and performance of the U.S. 100 km team with as per direction by MUT council. MUT sets the selection criteria for the U.S. 100 km team and the mountain running team. The National 100 km team is also based upon finishes at national events.

Scott McCoubrey, White River 50-mile race director, discussed the ongoing success and sponsorship of the White River 50-mile race. It was a Montrail Series Race in 2003 and will be again in 2004. The race has been USATF championship race for 3 years. Scotts bid for White River to be the 50-mile trail championship race in 2005 will be voted upon on Saturday, December 6, 2003

Masters Mountain Running Events

In 2004 the U.S. Mountain Running team will compete in Saux d Oulx, Italy. One week prior will be the Masters event held on August 28, 2004. The U.S. intends to field a team and Scott Creel is taking the lead on this project.

In 2003, the U.S. had just one competitor in Suzy West, a four- time member of the National Mountain running team. Suzy competed in Germany on September 27 and finished a solid 8th place in the 40-45 year age group.

NACAC Mountain Championships 2004

Michael Ortiz discussed that in 2004, the Vail Hill Climb will also be the first NACAC Mountain Championship. At the present time Michael has organized Canada and Mexico being present for the race. He is trying to put together $9,000 for teams to travel to the race. He stated that this is a way to have other countries race in the U.S. and hopes we will be able to host another WMRT in the U.S. Michael would like to have a "race within a race" which would include the 2004 Vail Hill Climb as a selection race.



Mountain Awards

Criteria for this years selection included top results in the U.S. Mountain/trail competitions and international competitions during 2003, current USATF membership, and serving as an ambassador for the sport.

Paul Low, Amherst, MA * USATF Mens Mountain Runner of the Year

Member of the 2003 TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team. Paul earned his spot on the team with a win at the Northfield Mountain selection race. Low was the top finisher at the World Mountain Running Trophy in Girdwood, AK. Low led the U.S. team to victory in Susa, Italy at the WMRA Grand Prix race. The first time ever a U.S. team has been on the gold medal podium in an international mountain running competition.

Anita Ortiz, Eagle, CO * USATF Womens Mountain Runner of the Year

Member of the 2002 and 2003 TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team. Ortiz earned her spot on the team with a win at the Alyeska Mountain selection race. Her incredible 8th place finish at the World Mountain Running Trophy was the first time a woman had been in the top 10. Ortiz also was victorious at the inaugural USA National Mountain Running Championships in Vail, Colorado. She also defended her title at the Pikes Peak Ascent. Anita Ortiz was also named 2002 Mountain Runner of the Year after winning all three of last years selection races.

Bernie Boettcher, Silt, CO* USATF Mens Masters Mountain Runner of the Year

Bernie is one of the most recognizable runners in Colorado, competing nearly every weekend and consistently finishing as a top master and often winning events outright. In 2003 Bernie won the masters division at Pikes Peak Ascent and the Pikes Peak Marathon.

Kari DiStefano, Telluride, CO* USATF Womens Masters Mountain Runner of Year

Kari was the USATF Mountain Runner of the Year in 2001 and last years masters mountain runner of the year. Kari won a spot on the TEVA U.S. Mountain Running Team in 2003 by winning the Teva Spring RunOff selection race. Kari was the second master finisher at the USA National Mountain Running Championships and fourth overall.

Ultra Awards

Criteria for this years selection included top results in the U.S. ultra competitions and other significant competitions during November 1, 2002 through October 31, 2003, and current USATF membership.

Joe Kulak, Colorado *Mens Ultrarunner of the Year/Ted Corbitt Award

Kulak completed six 100 mile trail races throughout the country from June through September, shattering ultra legend Marshall Ulrichs 14-year old record for the "Last Great Race Series" by 14 hours. Finishing no less than 6th place in each of these races, Kulak won the Old Dominion 100 in VA in June and the Vermont 100 in July. Four of these races comprise the "Grand Slam of Ultrarunning" in which Kulak shattered Ian Torrences aggressive 2001 record by over 3 hours.

Connie Gardner, Ohio *Womens Ultrarunner of the Year/Ruth Anderson Award

Gardner ran a national record at the 100 mile road championships in her home state of Ohio in September. She had 4 first place finishes at highly competitive 50 mile and 50 km trail and road races. Connies outstanding performance at the 2002 USA 100 km Championships earned her a berth on the 2003 USATF 100 km team.

Pam Reed, Arizona *Womens Masters Ultrarunner of the Year

Pam was the overall, (male and female) winner in 2002 and 2003 of the Badwater Ultramarathon. The 135-mile race goes through Death Valley with extreme temperatures. Pam ran 134.86 miles at the World 24-Hour Championship in the Netherlands this October to place as the first American woman in the race.

John Geesler, New York * Mens Masters Ultrarunner of the Year

The 231 miles and 789 yards that Geesler ran at the Ultracentric 48 Hour in Texas last November, ranked him 5th on the American all-time list of 48-hour performances. Geesler ran an impressive 16 hour and 37 minutes to finish fifth overall and second masters at the Vermont 100-Mile trail race. Geesler then went on to place eleventh at the 2003 World 24 hour Championships by running 148.7 miles and was the first American in the race.

MUT Contributor of the Year

Morrison Auto Group & Volkswagen of America

Voted on by the entire MUT Council, this award honors contributions made to our sport by individuals, organizations, or corporations.



Richard Bolt showed a video of the 2003 WMRT event.

Janice Anderson, MUT championship coordinator, and Nancy Hobbs both provided bids to be discussed for the National Championship races.

Kevin Setnes made a motion to select the top finishers from the 2003 World Cup 100 km to be automatic members of the 2004 100 km team.. Janice made a motion to table Kevins motion as she felt the automatic berths for the 2004 team should have been presented prior to the 2003 race so that team members would have known their performance would possibly present them a spot on the 2004 team prior to the race.

Bids for National Events

There were eleven bids to discuss. Some representatives were available to personally discuss their bids:

Michael Ortiz presented his bid for a 10 km trail championships in Vail, Colorado (the Teva Spring RunOff (June 5, 2004) for 2004, 2005, and 2006. He also presented the race to be considered for a selection race in 2005. There was some discussion about the elevation in the race and how that might affect performance. Michael presented the Vail HillClimb (July 4, 2004) to be a 2004 selection race and NACAC race. Trail Championships for 2004 and 2005 were granted for the Teva Spring RunOff. The Vail Hill Climb was granted to be a 2004 selection race. The Teva Spring RunOff race will offer $5,000 in prize money plus additional product prizes.

Scott McCoubrey discussed the White River 50 Mile (July 31, 2004) and requested that White River be a 50-Mile trail championship for 2005, and 2006 (White River had been named as the 2004 50-Mile Trail Championships July 31, 2004 at last years Annual Meeting). Scott discussed a prize package of approximately $7,500. Additional aid would be provided such as travel from the airport, athlete invites, and much more to be finalized.

There was a council/attendee discussion regarding the bids for a 50 km trail race. Both the Huff (December 18, 2004) in Huntington, IN and the Golden Gate Headlands in Sausalito, CA (August 21, 2004) offered good packages. The Huff race was selected based upon the information provided with the bid that provided more support to athletes than Headlands bid.

Richard Bolt presented the Merrimack Trail Race (March 27, 2004), Andover, MA on behalf of race director Dave Dunham. The race was denied primarily due to a lack of an incentive package for athletes who may attend and overall support at the race.

The Mt. Washington Race (June 19, 2004) will be held in Gorham, NH was approved as the second USA Mountain Championships. The bid was approved pending resolving national ruling regarding limited entries. After discussions with Bill Roe following the MUT meeting, it was resolved that criteria be established for entry into the race after limit is reached. Race director Bob Teschek has always been very positive about improving his elite field and allowing entry to athletes achieving a proven level of competition.

The Peachtree City 50 km (November 14, 2004) will be held in Peachtree City, GA and was approved as the 50 km Road Championships pending certification of course distance.

The Olander Park 100 Mile (September 11, 2004) Race and the San Diego One Day 24 Hour Race (changed to November 6, 2004 due to permits) were accepted as the 100-mile road championships and 24-hour championships (road) respectively pending submission of bid forms. The Olander Park 100-mile race will be held in Sylvania, Ohio.

The American 100 km Championship (April 4, 2004) in Eagle, WI was accepted as the 100 km road championships pending submission of a bid form. Kevin Setnes stated that each qualifying athlete who accepts a spot on the USATF 100 km team will receive $500.00. The funds are being used as a "grant" and will not be distributed until the athlete accepts a placement on the team.

Dupont Trail Marathon (October 17, 2004) in Hendersonville, NC). This is the first ever trail marathon championship bid presented. It was represented via a bid packet. Chris Crowder, a race director from NC, spoke on behalf of the organization involved and presented his opinions of the race. Although not representing the bid he is affiliated with the group who organizes the event. Chris suggested not accepting the bid as organization of the event was not up to par last year. Primarily, his concern was based upon the break down of the time clock and that they did not have back-up. He suggested letting the organizers get a few years of experience before designating it a national championship. The bid was tabled until further investigation could be done by council members.

Ultra and Mountain 2004 Selection Races

MUT council named presented the following races to be selection races for the World Cup 100 km team and World Trophy Mountain Championships:

  1. American 100 km: Top 3 men (sub 8 hours), top 3 women (sub 9 hours)
  2. Mt. Washington Mountain race: Top 3 men, top 2 women
  3. Vail Hill Climb: Top 2 men, first place woman

2004 - 2006 USATF Championships

Date Event Distance Location Category Contact
April 4, 2004 American 100 km Championship 100 km Eagle, WI Road Championships Kevin Setnes
June 5, 2004 and June 4, 2005 Teva Spring Run Off 10 km (10.64 km) Vail, CO Trail Championships Mike Ortiz
June 19, 2004, June 17, 2006 Mt. Washington Hill Climb 7.6 Miles Gorham, NH Mountain Championships Bob Teschek
July 4, 2004 Vail HillClimb 7.5 Miles Vail, CO NACAC Mountain Championships Mike Ortiz
July 31, 2004, July 30, 2005, July 29, 2006 White River 50-Mile 50 Miles Crystal Mountain, WA Trail Championships Scott McCoubrey
September 11, 2004 Olander Park 100 Mile 100 Miles Sylvania, OH Road Championships Tom Falvey
November 6, 2004 24 Hour Road Championship 24 Hours San Diego, CA Road Championships John Metz
November 14, 2004 Peachtree City 50 km Peachtree City, GA Road Championships
December 18, 2004 HUFF 50 km 50 km Huntington, IN Trail Championships

Meeting Adjourned

The December 6 meeting was scheduled from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. The meeting ran nearly two hours longer than scheduled due to the large number of quality bids and conversation. The meeting was

Meeting adjourned by Nancy Meeting adjourned by Nancy Hobbs at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes compiled by Julie Bryan with input from the MUT council.

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