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Mountain/Ultra/Trail 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 6, 2002
Saturday December 7, 2002
Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, December 6, 2002

As attendees arrived a video of the 2002 White River 50-Mile National Championship, in Crystal Mountain, WA was played. Attendees registered for raffle prizes from Teva to be awarded throughout the meeting. Chair Nancy Hobbs called the meeting to order at 4:45 p.m.

Attendance - The following people attended the Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Running Council meeting.

Attendance Roster for MUT Meeting at USATF 2002 Annual Meeting

  Name Affiliation Discipline
1 Lorraine Gersitz MUT Council Member
Southern California
Ultra, Womens LDR
2 Michael Ortiz Colorado Association Mountain
3 Theresa Daus-Weber MUT Council Member
Ultra, Masters LDR
4 Roy Pirrung MUT Council Member
Ultra, Masters LDR
5 Kevin Setnes MUT Council Member
American Ultrarunners Association
Ultra, Mens LDR
6 Dan Brannen New Jersey
American Ultrarunners Association
7 Chad Ricklefs Colorado Ultra
8 Ann Heaslett
Wisconsin Ultra
9 Tim Yanacheck Wisconsin Ultra
10 Tom Winkelman
11 Ruth Anderson Pacific Masters LDR
12 Hollis Lenderking Pacific Masters LDR
13 Mark Driscoll Syracuse Chargers  
14 Chrissy Ferguson Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners Ultra
15 Stan Ferguson Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners Ultra
16 Bruce Guter At Large Ultra
17 Brad Percosky Alaska Mountain
18 Mike Polansky
Long Island  
19 Janice Anderson MUT Council Member
Ultra, Womens LDR
20 Ian Seecof
Indiana LDR
21 Ken Robichaud
New England Masters LDR
22 Charles Des Jardins
23 Dave Dunham MUT Council Member
New England
24 Jim Garcia New England Ultra
25 Mark Lidma Mill Valley  
26 Carol McLatchie Oregon Womens LDR
27 Jerry Crockett Oklahoma LDR
28 Ed Parrot Laws & Legislation and Rules Advisor

MUT Runners Named USATF Runners of the Year in 2002 - Lorraine Gersitz reported that three ultrarunners had been named USATF Athlete of the Week:

  • Jim Garcia for his HUFF 50 K win in December 2001
  • Nate McDowell for his White River 50 Mile win in August
  • Connie Gardner for her win at Edmund Fitzgerald 100K in October

Teva Raffle During the Meeting - Nancy explained the raffle is for gift certificates for Teva TSCGI shoes. Hollis Lenderking won the first certificate.

Nancy Hobbs introduced herself as the Chair of MUT and requested that everyone in attendance identify himself or herself.

2001 MUT Meeting Minutes Approval - Nancy Hobbs asked for a motion to approve minutes from the MUT meeting at the 2001 USATF Annual Meeting. Roy Pirrung motioned to accept the minutes. Lorraine Gersitz seconded. The vote to accept the minutes was unanimous.

2002 Financial Report - Nancy Hobbs presented the following financial report of the 2002 MUT budget:

$2,000 was budgeted for ultra and $200 remains with some final expenses to be submitted.

$2,000 was budgeted for mountain with $1,300 remaining to be distributed to the 12 Mountain Team members at an average of $50 to $80/member.

2003 Budget Request - Lorraine Gersitz distributed the 2003 budget request to Masters and Open LDR for $13,000 that included the request for USATF championship medals, banners, liaison stipends, and gifts to race directors. She explained that MUT asks race directors to reimburse MUT for masters medals. Lorraine reported that MUT received $4,500 in our 2003 budget the same amount as last year. Nancy explained that $500 is expected to be earmarked for shipping team uniforms. Nancy also stated that the Teva sponsorship funds are entirely for the Mountain Team.

MUT Website - Nancy described the MUT website developed by Lorraine in 2002. The website has masters profiles written by Theresa Daus-Weber, championship races, MUT documents, press releases, award winners, etc. Lorraine explained that the MUT website is on the server at the community college that she works for. Keith Lively, the USATF web master from in Indianapolis is using MUT as a beta test for sport committee pages on the USATF website. As a result, MUT is the only Council or Committee with a presence on the USATF website. Keith has also added a link to the MUT web page on the USATF website.

Mike Polansky asked if ultraraces can be listed on the website under races and Lorraine responded that they could. Lorraine stated that Keith Lively is developing an interface that will allow race directors to input their own race information on the USATF website.

Mike Ortize suggested that MUT sell advertising on its website. Nancy said that was a good idea but that we would have to check with USATF to determine if such advertising revenues would have to go to the USATF general fund and not directly to MUT.

Dave Dunham asked if the New England Associations website can be linked to MUTs website and Brad Percosky asked if the World Trophy website could be linked to MUTs website.

Change in Agenda - Nancy suggested that agenda items 6, MUT Vision Overview and 7, Team Leader/Staff Selection Criteria be moved to MUTs Saturday meeting session.

Second Teva Raffle During the Meeting - Stan Ferguson won the second certificate for Teva TSCGI shoes.

Teva Mountain Running Team Report - Dave Dunham reported on the Mountain Trophy race by distributing the Mountain Team Trophy Race press release (attached and part of the minutes) directing readers to the photo of the slight mountain team member modeling the extra large uniform issued to him.

Mountain Bids - Dave distributed the mountain race bid (incorporated as part of the minutes) and Nancy reported that six bids for mountain team selection races were received and that 2002 was the first year that bids were solicited for sub-ultra trail championships.

Nancy explained that 2002 was an "uphill" year in mountain racing and that 2003 is an up and down hill year. Regarding the two mountain race bids on the same day (Northfiield and Vail), Nancy, Dave, Mike, and Brad concurred that is good to have races in different parts of the country to allow runners opportunity to race a selection race without traveling across the country. Regarding the Alaska selection race bid, Dave mentioned that for American runners, traveling to Alaska for both the selection race and the World Trophy race is the same cost as traveling to Europe for the World Trophy race. The Alaska selection race is 6 weeks from the World Trophy. The selection race will promote the trophy race.

Nancy described the selection criteria for the junior teams competing in the World Trophy. Juniors must be under 20 years old in the year of competition. Four junior men are on the team and three score and three junior women are on the team and two score.

USATF President Visits MUT Meeting - Nancy introduced guest Bill Roe, USATF President who visited the meeting briefly. Bill Roe will be attending the World Trophy in Alaska. There is no prize money in the World Trophy race. The World Trophy race is an open race.

Nancy stated that the USATF Mountain Runner of the Year will be announced at the USATF awards breakfast on Saturday at the Annual Meeting.

Championship Bids - Janice Anderson, MUT Championship Chair distributed a summary (incorporated as part of the minutes) of and presented the following sub-ultra trail bids.

Sub-ultra Trail Bids Summary

Race Date Location Contact Email/Website
Mt. Wilson 13.8K/8.6M May 24 Sierra Madre, CA Pete Siberell
Sierra Madre, CA
626 355-5278
Jim Bridger 16.25K/10.1M Jun 14 Bozeman, MT Rick Cooper
Bozeman, MT
406 587-1115
Barr Trail 19.3K/12M Jul 13 Manitou Springs, CO Matt Carpenter
Manitou Springs, CO
719 685-5654
Merrimack 10 Mi Mar 29 Andover, MA Dave Dunham
Bradford, MA
Dupont 10K Oct 19 Hendersonville, NC Greg Walker
Hendersonville, NC
828 692-5774

Dan Brannen asked if these bids require USATF membership to get prize money. The current bid form does not specify this, but it is expected. It should be included on the new forms.

Janice presented the following mountain bids.

Mountain Bids Summary

Race Date Location Contact Email/Website
New England Northfield Mt 13.2K Jun 7 Northfield, MA Dave Dunham
Bradford, MA
Teva Mt Games Spring Runoff 10K Jun 7 Vail, CO Mike Ortiz
Vail Recreation Center
Vail, CO
25th Vail Hill Climb 8 Mile Jul 6 Vail, CO Mike Ortiz
Vail Recreation Center
Vail, CO
Alyeska Mt Run 11.5K Aug 9 Girdwood, AK Brad Precosky
Anchorage, AK
Slacker Marathon Jun 28 Idaho Springs, CO Beth Luther
Georgetown, CO
(303) 679-2312

Ultra Bids Summary

Race Date Location Contact Email/Website
White River 50 Mile Trail Race Aug 2 Crystal Mountain, WA Scott McCoubrey
FootZone Capitol Hill
Seattle Running Co. Seattle, WA
Golden Gate Headlands 50K Trail Run Aug 23 Sausalito, CA Peter Franks
P.O. Box 26052
San Francisco, CA 94126
415-381-4363 (eve)
415-667-4257 (day)
Olander Park 100 Mile Run Sept 13 Sylvania, OH Tom Falvey
5835 Hideaway Lane
Sylvania, OH 43560
San Diego 1 Day - 24 Hour Run Nov 8 San Diego, CA John Metz
1419 S. Pacific Street
Oceanside, CA

Jim Garcia asked if complimentary entry fees would be provided to elite runners. Lorraine responded that complimentary entry is generally given to all former USATF champions in that particular event as well as a certain number of other top runners.

Third Teva Raffle During the Meeting - Bruce Guter won the third certificate for Teva TSCGI shoes.

Break - Nancy called for a short break.

World Mountain Running Association Report - Dave said that there was nothing to report from the WMRA.

Teva Sponsorship Report - Nancy is pleased with Tevas multi-year sponsorship of the US Mountain Running Team. Nancy will ask Brian Metzler, a correspondent editor to Trail Running magazine and MUT Council Member to publish information about the growth of trail running.

100K Team Report - Kevin Setnes reported that he established timelines for team member accountability to address the ups and downs of performance success of the 100K team. He defined success as medals earned by individual team members and the team at World Challenge 100K races. Kevin explained that he assumed the role of 100K Team Coordinator at the 2000 USATF Annual Meeting and that he was going to spend more time on development work with past 100K team members to collect information about pacing, hydration, nutrition, etc to compile an intensive training plan.

Kevin stated that long distance running is in the pits in the eyes of USATF but the 100K team can use the training plan that he wants to develop to eliminate pitfalls of showing up at World Challenge 100K injury free. He said that he wants to throw the best management at the 100K team. He reported that there has been arguments and accusations about his management style that he identified as a very hands on style but he is open to input from the MUT Council. He reported that the 2003 100K Team selection criteria was published on September 23, for a performance window until June 30, 2003 to allow ultrarunners interested in being on the team to run a fast 100K.

Kevin asked for a motion to accept the top three women from the 2002 Edmund Fitzgerald 100K to be named to the 2003 100K Team even though the published selection criteria re:

  1. Connie Gardner, 8:30
  2. Laura Nelson, 8:42
  3. Ann Heaslett, 8:53

Roy Pirrung made this motion and Dave Dunham second it so it could be discussed.

Hollis Lenderking asked if this sets a precedent to disregard published criteria for team selection.

Janice Anderson said that she had received an email querying why the top three women at the USATF National Championship Edmund Fitzgerald 100K had been named to the team when two didnt meet the published criteria of finishing the race under 8:35. She said that we are going to have unhappy runners if we dont abide by our published criteria. Dave asked why the criteria were published. Carole McLatchie said dont change your criteria after it is published as that causes too many problems. Lorraine stated that for the 2002 Edmund Fitzgerald 100K, Kevin lowered the mens criteria as well and when Lorraine asked Kevin about the suggested lowered womens criteria, Lorraine reported that Kevin said "I agree completely." Kevin said that the criteria naming only one woman who ran under 8:35 instead of the top three women finishers team selection precedent at 100K championships. Kevin said that naming the top three finishers to the 100K team instills confidence in the athletes Lorraine pointed out that we did not know when the 2003 World Cup 100K in Taipei was scheduled when we made Ed Fitz the selection race. Had we known how far in advance of the World Cup it was, we might have just granted it the championship.

Nancy asked Ann Heaslett how these criteria affected her race. Ann said that she considered not going to Edmund Fitzgerald 100K because she was scared of the 8:35 criteria and that she was still shaky from the 24-Hour National Championships in Olander.

Roy called for a vote on Kevins motion. Dave seconded it. Six opposed the motion and it was denied.

Kevin reported that he named Lin Gentling as the chair of the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee displacing Lorraine from the position. Lorraine said that Kevins action is moot as MUT is revising its operating procedures and functions, including formalizing the selection criteria for the 100K teams, Lorraine referred to a selection criteria draft (incorporated into the minutes) that she distributed at MUTs Thursday night meeting. Jim Garcia mentioned that the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee uses objective race times to select women for the team while the men use a subjective approach. Kevin said that the mens selection process would not go for an objective selection approach based on race times. He said that, "We need to be subjective."

Kevin referred to the Deb Bollig situation as an example of why the womens selection process doesnt work. Dave responded by stating that the selection process is not incorrect but that the focus is wrong now. He said that the onus should be on the athlete to indicate if she is interested in being on the team.

Bruce Guter asked if Kevin was conferred with the authority to name Lin and other individuals to the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee and displace the existing committee. Lorraine and Janice stated that Kevin verbally agreed at the 2000 USATF Annual Meeting when he presented his proposal to be the Team Coordinator that he would change the text to reflect that the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee would continue to select the womens 100K team and team leader but this text change was never made by Kevin. Lorraine said that we have all the respect in the world for Kevins coaching ability but that the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee believes it is consistent with precedent for the women of the MUT Council to continue to select the womens team and womens team leader.

Kevin offered another example about why the Womens 100K Team Selection Committee doesnt produce good results for the team. Kevin said that the 2001 World Cup race was a bust. He said the team was hung up due to two issues related to Deb Bollig.

Nancy asked that the report on the 100K Team not get off track. She said that as we review MUTs structure, it is important to review the people in the positions. Nancy asked Kevin to distribute his position document for review by MUT. Kevins "National 100K Team Program 2002 Report and 2003 Plan" is incorporated into the minutes.

Fourth Teva Raffle During the Meeting - Brad Percosky won the fourth certificate for Teva TSCGI shoes.

2002 USATF Ultra Champions - Janice Anderson, MUT Championships Coordinator distributed the list of mens, womens and masters men and women champions of the 2002 ultra races that is incorporated into the minutes.

Mountain Team Selection Race Vote - Nancy provided the following summary of the Mountain Team selection races.

Date Event Distance Elevation Gain Average Grade
5/24/03 Mt. Wilson Trail Race, CA 13.8K/8.6M 640 meters/2100'  
6/7/03 Northfield Mtn USATF NE Champs, MA 13.2K/8.2M 587 meters/1925' 10.30%
6/7/03 Teva Spring Runoff, CO 10.1K/6.4M 618 meters/2028' 12% up; 9% down
6/14/03 Jim Bridger Trail Run, MT 16.25K/10.1M 640 meters/2100' 7.90%
7/13/03 Barr Trail Mountain Race, CO 19.3K/12M 1106 meters/3630' 13%
8/9/03 Alyeska Mountain Run - Women 7.7K/4.8M 620 meters/2034' 16%
8/9/03 Alyeska Mountain Run - Men 11.5K/7.15M 900 meters/2953' 16.9% up; 16.3% down

Dave asked about the altitude of the races for a former teammate, Ed. Nancy said that she emailed questions about the race bids to the three races that would not be present to discuss their bids. Nancy said that she did not get a reply from the Mt Wilson race. There was much discussion surrounding the bids including race organization, altitudes, distances, dates, etc. Nancy reported that the Jim Bridger race is new (as a selection candidate), a bit longer than the Trophy event, and had a solid reputation with good organization. Everyone noted the excellent organization of the Barr Trail Race and the elite field it attracts, but also noted that the distance didn't mirror the Trophy course due to length and altitude. Brad explained that if the Alyeska race bid isnt awarded a championship Alyeska Resort personnel, instead of the Alaska Mountain Runners would organize the event. Dave abstained from voting as he presented a bid for an event he organizes.

Lorraine made a motion to award the following races:

  • Vail Hill Climb as the Mountain Championship
  • Barr Trail as the Trail Championship contingent on the Barr Trail Mountain Race Committee allowing elite masters and open runners declaring their USATF membership to compete, and for the prize money to be awarded only to USATF members

Janice seconded the motion. Dave withdrew the Merrimack bid. Nancy abstained from voting because she founded the Barr Trail race. The motion passed unanimously.

Nancy suggested that the MUT Council focus on championship bids that are proven events. The Dupont event being a first year event, would be an excellent candidate in the future. It was stated that Vail Hill Climb could be a good race to name a mens automatic team member (a fourth automatic berth).

Ed Parrot suggested selecting a race even if it is not perfect since it is good to have championships and to start the process. Dan Brannen asked if there is a perception issue if so many races are awarded to Colorado venues.

Lorraine made a motion to award the following races:

  • Vail Hill Climb as the Mountain Championship
  • Barr Trail as the Trail Championship contingent on the Barr Trail Mountain Race Committee allowing elite masters and open runners declaring their USATF membership to compete, and for the prize money to be awarded only to USATF members.

Janice seconded the motion. Dave withdrew the Merrimack bid. Nancy abstained from voting because she founded the Barr Trail race. The motion was unanimously approved.

Nancy moved that 2004 and 2005 mountain and trail bids be tabled. Janice seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Ultra Race Championship Bid Vote - Nancy moves to accept the following ultra race bids:

  • 2003 White River 50-Mile with the 2004 pending $5,000 minimum prize money and similar date as the 2003 race
  • 2003 Golden Headlands 50K

Lorraine seconds the motion. The Council discussed the 2003 White River that is a week later than last year and therefore a week closer to Golden Headlands. Since the race director, as well as many athletes, prefers the August date, the motion was unanimously approved.

Dave motions that the man named the national champion automatically be selected for the Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team. Lorraine seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Ed Parrot reported that Ed Koch from the USATF Laws and Legislation Committee said that there is no problem changing MUT "subcommittee" to MUT "Council" in USATF documents.

The MUT Council meeting recessed at 7:30 pm until December 7th at 11:00 a.m.

Saturday, December 7, 2002

Nancy Hobbs called the meeting to order at 11:05 am.

International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) Report - Kevin presented the report for Lin Gentling, American Ultrarunning Associations (AUAs) representative to IAU. Kevin reported that there has been a constitutional crisis in IAU that was unfair and undemocratic. Kevin said that AUA interests lost out. He explained that the AUA represents ultrarunning to the U.S. and we enjoy an association with AUA.

Lin is the AUA representative to IAU. She established a relationship with Malcolm Campbell, IAU President. During the 2001 struggle in IAU, there were hard feelings between IAU and AUA but Lin has done outreach to Malcolm since. Lin and Kevin are pressing for more from IAU such as a World Challenge 24-hour race. There will be a World Challenge 24 Hour in the Netherlands in 2003. This race sent an invitation to Kevin who is keeping it low keyed. He said it is a nice race on the scope and scale of the World Challenge 100K and includes three-person national teams. The status and date of the race is not certain.

Kevin mentioned the concerns within IAU. He reported on the technical flaws at the 2003 World Challenge 100K in Belgium. He said that he tried to shield the team members from the flaws. Kevin said that there are financial concerns as well for the national teams at the World Challenge 100K. Malcolm is concerned about the financial situation as well. The U.S. offered the suggestion to alternate World Challenge 100K and 24-hour races every other year.

Janice asked how the IAU selects World Challenge races. Dan responded that Malcolm does outreach for events and presents them to IAU. The 2004 World Challenge 100K in Winschoten is on. Dan stated that races bidding in advance for the World Challenge events are taking a step backward. Ruth explained why the World Challenge 100K in Tarhout, Belgium was not right. Kevin said that times at World Challenge 100K races are substantially slower. The finish times peaked in 1999. Comrades Marathon is killing the World Challenge 100K.

Lorraine said that she wanted to discuss how IAU delegates are selected. 2004 is the next IAU meeting and our representative can be reappointed or changed. . Nancy said that the IAU delegate selection process will be addressed in MUTs new operating procedures that will be drafted. Lorraine mentioned that the IAU website states that USATF is a member organization and the AUA is an associate member so it seems that the US can have two representatives in IAU one from MUT and one from AUA. Dan Brannen stated that the information about how the U.S. is represented on the IAU website is incorrect.

American Ultrarunners Association (AUA) Report - Dan Brannen distributed and presented the AUA report incorporated in the minutes. Dan mentioned the AUA officers, website, and domestic activities and programs that include marketing and soliciting sponsorship. Dan reported that AUA included ultra information in a 3,300-piece AUA/MUT mailing in 2002. The information included a certified performance list of ultra race performances. Dan mentioned that AUA wants to make proposals to MUT.

Dave Dunham asked if including a race calendar on the AUA website. Dan said that AUA would publish a race calendar only if they can do it right.

Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners (USU) Fund - Chrissy Ferguson reported on the USU Fund that she established in 1997. She explained that she established USU to collect funding for ultrarunners selected as team members to receive some funding to go to World Challenge 100K. Chrissy explained that USU distributes USU solicitation brochures to ultra race directors to include in runners race packets.

Stan Ferguson presented the USU financial report. $37,000 has been collected and distributed by USU over 7 years. Each years collection is distributed to 100K team members and staff. The most that was distributed in a year was $10,000. Every year the North Texas Trailrunners contribute $1,500 through their Rock Ridge Rumble race. The average amount of contributions collected from a race is $500. Nancy suggested that USU link to other ultra websites.

Roy asked if the USU funds could be for the World Challenge 24-Hour team members. Chrissy said that by their non-profit charter, their funds can only be distributed to the World Challenge 100K team.

Masters Report - Roy Pirrung discussed issues effecting masters ultrarunners. He said that we need procedures for Masters Ultra Runner of the Year. He said that World Masters Association would host a Masters 100K Team event at the 2003 World Challenge 100K in Taipei on November 16 for the first time.

Changing masters age category from 40 to 50 was offered for discussion. Kevin postponed the discussion and distributed a white paper titled "Masters competition at Ultra Championships" on the subject (incorporated in the minutes.) He asked Roy, Theresa Daus-Weber to look into the topic of raising masters age category. Jerry Crockett, USATF Long Distance Running Chair, told Ruth Anderson that there is better age grading information for distance.

Rankings - Dan Brannen mentioned lists of running performance standards to include 100K. Currently the distance that standards are collected for is 50 miles. The rest of the world has standards for 100K. Dan requested that this topic be included as an agenda item for next year.

Teams Competing at National Championships - The MUT Council discussed the topic of A and B teams competing at national ultra championships. Team competition should be promoted in our ultra bid form. Lorraine explained because there is such low participation of teams at ultra championships, she buys team medals after the championship when she knows the number of medals needed.

Ultra Bid Continued - Janice Anderson, MUT Championship Coordinator, reported on the ultra bids awarded at yesterdays meeting were White River 50-Mile Trail and Golden Headlands 50K Trail. She said that we have the following two ultra bids to consider.

Continued Ultra Bids Summary

Race Date Location Contact Email/Website
Olander Park 100 Mile Run Sept 13 Sylvania, OH Tom Falvey
5835 Hideaway Lane
Sylvania, OH 43560
San Diego 1 Day - 24 Hour Run Nov 8 San Diego, CA John Metz
1419 S. Pacific Street
Oceanside, CA

MUT Vision - Nancy Hobbs postponed discussion on the "Vision" agenda item stating that the MUT Council is going to restructure and grow by adding new mountain and trail member. Jim Garcia distributed his proposal for team selection criteria entitled "Proposed Selection Process" that is incorporated into the minutes. Lorraine Gersitz made a plea for representatives to the MUT Council from USATF Associations.

Ultra Bids Finalized - Roy Pirrung asked is there a field limit for the San Diego 1 Day track? Lorraine moved to accept the 2003 Olander 100-Mile and the San Diego 1 Day and table the 2004 and 2005 bids. Janice seconded the motion. Kevin mentioned the time conflict of San Diego 1 Day and World Challenge 24-Hour race on October 11, San Diego 1 Day on November 8, and the World Cup 100K on November 16. The Council agreed the timing of the races would affect some runners but agreed that was not a reason to withhold the championship. The Council discussed requiring USATF membership and will discuss this with the race director. The motion passed with one vote against.

Dan Brannen talked about designating a fast lane on the San Diego 1 Day track.

Kevin Setnes stated that AUA will submit a bid for a 100K Championship in April for 2004 on a 6.9-mile road loop with no intersections.

Lorraine raised the issue of reimbursement for masters medals for ultra championships that have not been received from the Olander 24-Hour race and Edmund Fitzgerald 100Krace director by MUT. Lorraine will send a request for reimbursement. Roy suggested that Lorraine request funding for masters medals from Ken Robichaud, Masters LDR Championship Coordinator. The Council agreed that for future championships MUT should pay for masters medals and patches if at all possible.

Adjournment - Dave Dunham motioned to adjourn. Roy Pirrung seconded. The vote to accept the motion was unanimous. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Documents incorporated into the minutes:

  • Mountain Team Trophy Race Press Release by Nancy Hobbs
  • Mountain Race Bids by Dave Dunham
  • Draft MUT International Teams Selection by Lorraine Gersitz
  • National 100K Team Program 2002 Report and 2003 Plan by Kevin Setnes
  • Mens, Womens And Masters Men And Women Champions Of The 2002 Ultra Races by Janice Anderson
  • AUA (American Ultrarunners Association) Report by Dan Brannen
  • Masters competition at Ultra Championships by Dan Brannen
  • Proposed Selection Process by Jim Garcia

Next meeting - Greensboro, North Carolina, December 3-7, 2003.

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