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Mountain/Ultra/Trail 2000 Annual Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 1, 2000
Saturday, December 2, 2000
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Friday, December 1 - Called meeting to order at 3:45 PM

Introductions and attendance MUT members in attendance included: Co-chairs Lorraine Gersitz (womens LDR ultra rep) and Kevin Setnes (mens LDR ultra rep taking over for Tom Johnson who will remain on the committee) and members Janice Anderson (womens LDR ultra rep), Theresa Daus-Weber (masters LDR ultra rep), Dave Dunham (mens LDR mountain rep), Jim Garcia (masters LDR ultra rep), Nancy Hobbs (womens LDR mountain rep and MUT treasurer and acting secretary). Excused absence from Tom Johnson (mens LDR ultra rep) and Doug Laufer (masters LDR mountain rep). Ex officio members in attendance included Dan Brannen and Ruth Anderson, ultra reps. A sign-in sheet was passed around the room to secure names, email, phone contact. In total, 28 in attendance including: Barb Arveson representing masters. Arveson maintains a masters athlete database. In her home state of Texas, a MUT subcommittee has been started in her association. Eddie Hellebuyck gained citizenship in 00 and hopes to run Comrades and goals to make national teams perhaps 100 km and mountain. John Boyle representing masters championships. Jerry Crockett, masters LDR chair and LDR division chair. Tom Cotner, representing White River 50 Mile ultra championship bid. Alex Cuozzo representing Bellmore Striders. Mitch Harper representing the HUFF 50 km ultra championship bid. Mike Polansky representing Long Island association. Ken Robichaud representing New England Association. Ed Parrot representing CT association but moving to Sacramento, active athlete. His wife Dana is the 2000 USATF 100K Champion. Mark Winitz, Pacific Association, writer. Bruce Guter, ultrarunner. Sherry Mahieu, master's runner of the year nominee 2000. Will McCarthy, ultrarunner. Dori Robertson, ultrarunner and representative from Spokane, WA. Gary Morgan representing Michigan Association.

Review and approval of minutes from '99 meeting meeting minutes from the meeting in LA in 99 were distributed. Tom Cotner motion to approve minutes from 99; Ruth Anderson second. No discussion or changes, minutes unanimously approved.

Financial report from '00 including expenditures from 00, USATF Budget request 01, LDR budget request 01

Hobbs reported that, of the $1500 LDR allotment to MUT ($500 each from master's, mens and womens LDR), approximately $20 remains after expenditures. Expenditures included postage, phone and fax charges, copies, WMRA dues, travel reimbursements to WMRA Council meeting 01, T-shirt printing for the mountain team, and 3 MUT awards (mens, womens mountain runner of the year and USU ultrarunners supporting ultrarunners).

Gersitz reported that a request for $1500 01 support from LDR chairs was submitted and authorized for 01.

Gersitz reported that a request for $5000 to MUT for team travel was submitted to the executive board. $2500 was put forward to executive committee and Danny Grimes, men's LDR Chair made a request for $3000, which was approved by the executive committee. In 98 MUT received $0, in 99 received $5000, in 00 received $2500.

Budget process for athletes - Setnes reported on a recent meeting with USATF CEO Masback regarding funding sources. MUT will pursue creative options for fundraising and will contact Masback if any potential sponsor in the apparel and footwear category (or other USATF conflicting category) is approached for sponsorship of MUT. Masback offered MUT leeway in seeking alternative funding sources, but requires authorization of final sponsorships. Grant programs were also discussed. Arveson provided Gersitz a name of a grant company and suggested that we approach the group (via a Grant writer) to investigate grant options for MUT. Setnes reported that USU (ultrarunners supporting ultrarunners) was formed with the intent of providing funding support for ultrarunners at the 100 km World Challenge. Chrissy Duryea-Fergusson started this non-profit group a few years ago and this year distributed approximately $630 per team member 00, including managers and doctor. Hobbs secured support from Mountain Athletics by Timberland through the non-profit All American Trail Running Association (AATRA) and worked with Dunham to provide some financial and product support for the 00 mountain selection races and the 00 team. Masback was impressed with our grass roots efforts at sponsorship and fundraising.

Report on World Championships '00 Setnes provided a report on the 100 km World Challenge that was held in September in Winschoten, Netherlands (for the 3rd time in five years) noting a silver finish by the mens team led by Dan Held (6:33+ and 4th overall) and a bronze from the women led by newcomers Deb Bollig and Luann Park. Setnes envisions gold from the US in the near future and hopes to put in place a 100 km team program to realize this goal. Setnes reported that with recent 100 km performances including a CR and win by Dave Dunham in Chancellor Challenge in 6:46, the goal is attainable. The World Trophy race took place in Bergen, Germany this past September. Dunham reported on the 9th place finish from the mens mountain team (Dunham placed 12th overall and first American) out of 35 countries competing. He further discussed the selection process for the US team and reported on the US results in European competition 00 including Susa, Kitzbuhel and Oberstoffen. In the open race held prior to the senior mens race, team alternate Dan Verrington finished 3rd overall. Hobbs reported on the 9th place finish from the womens team. The World Mountain Trophy will be held in September in the town of Arte Terme, in the Dolomite region of Italy in 01 with an up/down course and in Innsbruck, Austria on an uphill course in 02. The 100 km World Challenge will be held in Cleder, France in August 01 and in Torhout, Belgium in June 02.

Athlete selection for world teams - discussed including selection races and bios. Dunham maintains a database of male athletes and sends mass emails to athletes on the lists and to web media. Hobbs organizes the womens side of mountain selection. In 00 the Mount Washington Hill Climb (June, Gorham, NH) and the Vail Hill Climb (July, Vail, CO) served as selection races. In 01 the New Ipswich 10 km (New Ipswich, NH in late May) and the Barr Trail Mountain Race (Manitou Springs, CO in mid-July) will be the selection races. Hobbs will be relocating to CA later this year and is investigating possible selection races in her region for the 02 team (an uphill year). The Vail Hill Climb is a selection race for 02 and 04 as well. The mountain team is comprised of 6 men (top 4 score), 4 women (top 3 score) and one male manager/alternate and a womens team manager. There is not presently a junior team but we are working toward this. The 100 km selection criteria for the women is based solely on time run within the advertised qualifying window. Non-100 km performances are considered if necessary. The men are selected on time and performances outside the selection race provided that they run under the qualifying time. The first three men and first three women are automatic berths from the 100 km national championship or another designated selection race. Selection criteria is posted on websites to include Ultramarthon World (http://Fox.NSTN.Ca:80/~dblaikie/) and the AUA website ( Setnes also maintains a database of men and women ultra runners.

MUT Championships Setnes provided a detailed report from the 00 national ultra championships to include 3 events (we had 7 bids and awarded 3 distances at the 99 convention for 00). The events were the GNC 100 km on 3/25/00, the Ice Age 50 Mile Trail on May 13 and the Olander Park 24 Hour on 9/16-17/00.AUA provided live coverage on the Oleander Park and additional coverage and support for the other events. There was also a report from Setnes on the ARC (American Regional Championships). The AUA in conjunction with USA Ultra program tracks team competition in regional events. The scoring is done by time for the top 3 men and top 2 women per region. In 00 there were no mountain or trail championships just the two aforementioned regional mountain selection races. LDR provides a template for championship bids and MUT tries to make the process as painless and understandable for race directors. Gersitz contacts races with bid information and provides bid instructions on the web and in email or snail mail version to all interested parties. Anderson (eastern rep and chair) works with Gersitz (west rep) and Daus-Weber (central rep) under the oversight of womens LDR (Joy Smith), Mens LDR (George Regan) and masters LDR (John Boyle) to receive bids for the national championships which presently include the ultra distances of 50 km (road/trail); 50 mile (road/trail); 100 km (road/trail); 100 Mile (trail) and 24 hour. Andersons01 report included bids for 50 km Trail from Baldy Peaks (CA, 8/25/01); HUFF (IN, 12/29/01) and Pemberton (AZ, 2/10/01); the 50 mile trail from American River (CA, 4/7/01), Ice Age (WI, 5/12/01) and White River (WA, 7/28/01); Road 100 km from GNC (PA, 3/24/01) and the 24 hour from Olander Park (OH, 9/15/01). For 2002 bids were received from Baldy Peaks 50 km Trail and 100 km Chancellor Challenge. Wonderful presentations to the group followed from those in attendance to include Mitch Harper (HUFF 50 km), Tom Cotner (White River) and Dan Brannen (Oleander, Chancellor, GNC). The major discussion points surrounding the bids were required USATF membership cards for competitors, prize money, lodging and travel, and comp entries. Other discussion points surrounding championships included a request from races interested in hosting a championship. We would like to offer a 50 km road. The Long Island Endurance Run is a 50 km that would be a good site. All of the aforementioned bids will be discussed by the MUT subcommittee members in a bid review meeting following this MUT meeting. All were invited to attend.

MUT ultra and mountain runners of the year selection process was discussed. MUT presently has a mens and womens mountain runner of the year, no master's. All interested parties were welcome to nominate an athlete provided that they did so by November 1. Hobbs compiled all nominations (about 15) and removed all non-USATF members (00 membership). The slate of nominees was presented to the MUT subcommittee for voting by November 15. MUT secured the awards for Cindy ONeill and Dave Dunham. Awards to be presented at the Saturday morning breakfast during the convention. The MUT subcommittee ultra reps (Daus-Weber, Janice Anderson, and Gersitz along with Ruth Anderson) selected the female ultrarunner of the year, the Ruth Anderson award. A list of qualified athletes/performances were presented to the selection committee by Gersitz and the athletes/performances were discussed and voted on by the committee. Janice Anderson was the recipient and recused herself from voting. WLDR secured the award for anderson. The Ted Corbitt Award, male ultrarunner of the year Dan Held was chosen by MUT ultrarunning members (Tom Johnson, Kevin Setnes, and Jim Garcia along with Dan Brannen). The Master's ultrarunners of the year Sue Olsen and Jim Garcia were selected at the master's LDR meeting by the meeting attendees (voting members). The list of qualified master athletes was put together by Daus-Weber and Gersitz with assistance from Ruth Anderson and Janice Anderson. For 01, Ruth Anderson proposed that the master's ultrarunners of the year be chosen by MUT. Unanimous approval. For '01 Gersitz proposed that all slates (men's, women's as well as master's and mountain) be presented to all MUT members for voting. Non-MUT members may be included in the voting to include Dan Brannen and Ruth Anderson. After discussion it was agreed that next year the nominee slates would be put together by Garcia (master's men ultra), Daus-Weber (master's women ultra) Gersitz (open women ultra), Setnes (open men ultra), Hobbs and Dunham (mountain men/women). It was further agreed that MUT members will vote in all categories but may excuse themselves if they are not comfortable voting in a particular category. MUT members who are also nominees must excuse themselves from voting in their category. It was agreed that guidelines for the selection of the award winners be written into policy for the operations procedures of MUT.

IAU/AUA Status Setnes provided a brief report on the IAU/AUA relationship. The current constitutional crisis within IAU does not have a real impact on ultrarunners. AUA is the official US member of IAU. AUA has a designated rep (Lin Gentling) on the IAU board. The US voted in the minority (6 to 16) against the new IAU constitution. There is a tone on the international level for ultra (as it is in mountain) to have the status of the international events (100 km World Challenge and World mountain trophy) elevated to championship designation by the IAAF. More discussion on this topic can be found at or the Ultramarathon World website.

USA National 100 km Team Program Setnes would like to have a year-round effort designated to training and organizing the US 100 km team efforts including coaching, funding, team leaders, etc. Setnes envisions this program as a model program for USATF. Through the national team program and MUT, a blueprint for national teams can be solidified.

New Business

Setnes will discuss at tomorrows meeting efforts to further organize the MUT subcommittee to include: Bimonthly Email Discussions; assign responsibilities for various tasks to include - championships, national teams, master's programs, selection races, etc.

USU Gerstiz would like to present from MUT, a thank you to USU in the form of a plaque or award. All were in agreement.

Sport Council Status Through law and legislation, long distance running is now a division within USA Track and Field and MUT is a sport council within the LDR division (the operational procedures of MUT must be formed and submitted to L & L prior to next years convention as next year is an L & L year. For some background, during the joint LDR meetings yesterday there was discussion about the new divisional structure, which included mens/womens/masters LDR sport committees; XC sport council; road running technical council and several joint subcommittees. MUT fell into subcommittee status. At this mornings womens LDR meeting attended by Gersitz and Hobbs, Nina Kusick of L&L presented the documents for discussion. Hobbs and Gersitz requested that MUT be positioned as a sport council as opposed to a joint subcommittee within the LDR division. Discussion ensued within the womens LDR meeting comparing XC to MUT and what the status would mean to MUT. Kusik agreed to take the request to L & L for review (first to Bill Roe for wording) and Carol McLatchie agreed to discuss the change with Danny Grimes and Jerry Crockett. The LDR chairs were in agreement with the change after much discussion.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:28 PM

December 1: La Cienega Room

Bids were reviewed in a separate session called to order at approximately 6:55PM. Janice Anderson presented bid packets to all MUT subcommittee members for review. The bids for 01 championships were awarded to the HUFF 50 km (Approval based on requirement of prize money and support for elite athletes), the White River 50Mile, GNC 100 km and Olander Park 24 hour. For 2002, the Chancellor Challenge 100 km (bid contingent on selection of one male and one female to the 100 km 2002 World Team) was approved. Additional discussion surrounded the request for bids 2002 and the protocol. We would like to get more interest in bids and also have the bids awarded further than just one year out. All were pleased with the progress of the championships over the past three years. Janice will contact all bidders regarding the decision of the MUT subcommittee and encourage future bidding. She will briefly explain in written form to the bidders that were not selected why the others received the nod over their bid.

It was suggested by Hobbs that MUT work to add trail championships under the ultra distance and consider two bids per year, one representing the British-uphill/dowhill fell-style of mountain/trailrunning and one representing the European uphill style. Criteria will include: competitive race, race supports athletes lodging, meals, travel, comps, proven history (at least one year event or proven race director if new event), organized and professionally run, USATF membership materials to be distributed at the event and relationship with USATF secured, USATF sanction from local association, proof of insurance and additional insured certificate naming USATF. Most association sanctioning fees are $50. Hobbs will compile a list of potential events and contact race directors with the bid process. The bid forms are due to change sometime in 01. Janice agreed to compile all bids for review at next years convention. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:15PM.

Second Session: Saturday, December 2

Called to order at approximately 11:20 AM

Further detail on discussion items from yesterdays meeting:

Sport Council status it was agreed by the group to establish a document describing the function of MUT sport council within LDR division to include selection procedures for world teams (including managers and team members), nominations and selection of athletes of the year, representatives to world councils representing mountains (WMRA) and ultras (IAU). Since our group will be under scrutiny and observation due to our newfound status, we need to present a united front and describe in detail how our group operates. All were in agreement that we would like to see MUT as a model body within USATF. We proposed that wording be changed within the L & L document to reflect that the 20% athlete representation on the committee would be selected by active athletes within our sports of mountain, ultra and trail. We also proposed that all members of MUT would vote for the athletes of the year in ultra and mountain except when a committee member(s) is nominated as athlete of the year. If this occurs, he or she would be recused from voting for their respective category.

Meetings and delegation of duty As part of the fine-tuning and restructuring of our MUT sport council, Setnes proposed bi-monthly meetings with the first slated for February 1, 2001. These will be accomplished via e-mail and Ed Parrot agreed to establish an E-Groups list for discussions. Setnes will organize the agendas for the meetings. Should you wish to have an item included on the first agenda, get the information to Kevin by January 25, 2001. Eds email is

Committee membership We would like to have a 12-member committee comprised of 6 ultra reps, 3 mountain and 3 trail. Presently there are no trail reps to the subcommittee since our initial organization included trail as part of mountain and part of ultra. Nancy was tasked to find some interested USATF members that would like to sit on the committee representing trails.

Setnes proposed organizing the 100 km Team Program Setnes agreed to some language changes to his distributed proposal, and the group unanimously accepted his proposal. This is a volunteer position within MUT. In short, Setnes will manage a 100 km program to identify, groom and support athletes, managers and coaches for the 100 km Team. One coach has indicated his interest in working with the team, Steve Taylor who coaches at VA tech. His wife is asst. coach. The pair is enthusiastic about working with the 100 km team.

Championships George Regan would like to form a task force within championship subcommittee comprised of MUT (Janice, Lorraine, Theresa), mens, womens and masters LDR, and plans to design a booth that will be available to take to championships and other events describing the LDR championships with photos and entry forms; a website on championships for public consumption photos, entry forms, results, contact info, bid forms.

Sponsorships Hobbs and Setnes will work on ideas for MUT sponsorship in ultra and mountain individually and jointly discussing with Masback or LDR chairs where appropriate.

AUA The role of the AUA was discussed. The structure, function and purpose of the organization was explained by Brannen who agreed to give a written summary to MUT, identifying its election procedure for officers and its role and position in the IAU

Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:05PM.

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