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Race Walking Committee Annual Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 2-4, 2004

Race Walking General Committee Meeting
December 2nd

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m. Roll call was taken and it was determined that there was a quorum.

The minutes from the 2003 Annual Convention were approved as written.

Officers Reports

Chair – Vince has been very active as the chair during 2004. He represented race walking at a number of events and served at a number of events. Thanked several subcommittees for their assistance, particularly the RW Judges subcommittee and the work done on the RW Judging Handbook. He also thanked the sub committee that managed the race walk grand prix and turned it into an official USATF grand prix circuit. He reported on the recent activities of the USATF Board of Directors, one of them being that Craig Masback will return as the CEO for the next four years. There was discussion regarding supporting officials and the board is working on some accommodations. The Board is also putting together a task force for membership fee restructuring for 2006. Copies of his Annual Report were made available.

Secretary – Shirley had no report.

Treasurer – Curt reported that we had a budget of $15,000 that was split between the administration of the committee and the race walk championships. Have spent $3,392 administratively going into the beginning of November. We have been granted a provisional budget for next year of $15,000 for the committee, $5,000 for administration, and $10,000 for national championships.
   In 2005 all funding for development, international teams, etc. are now grouped into the high performance division and they are not at our discretion, as they require a proposal and all funding for 2005 will be coming from the USOC for high performance programs. Our proposal for the next four years has been submitted and it looks like our proposals will be funded but we do not know at what level. Programs that have been approved are the college development program, junior race walk versus Canada competition, the Pan Am Cup, Sports Sciences, and the maintenance of Coach Pena for another year. We do not know what level of funding we will receive for these programs.

Vice Chair – Steve Vaitones reported that he was the team leader for the Canada versus US meet. He is also working with Tom Eastler regarding putting on a camp. He was also the director of the 15k national championship in Rhode Island. He went to the World Cup as a spectator but assisted at an aid station during the race.

Committee Reports

Associations - Mike Roth reported on topics from the Associations committee. 1) The number of athletes who reside in an association who compete for a club in a national championship. They are trying to arrive at a number that will affect club scoring. 2) Still working on background checks on coaches of youth clubs.

Athletes for the Disabled - Gary Westerfield reported that USATF revised their bylaws that in effect require meet management to accommodate a disabled athlete if they so requested. Their request must be made well in advance of a competition and a committee would decide whether to allow their request or to deny it.

Officials - Ron Daniel thanked his subcommittee for the completion of the race walk judging handbook. The new handbook includes the criteria for advancement to different levels for judging. One major criterion to advance to national level is that those wishing to do so are that they judge at some national championships. The handbook still requires a table of contents and the addition of the association level test. Important new requirement and that is for recertification all three levels of officials require a separate race walk test.

Law & Legislation - Ray Funkhouser reported that they have not held their first meeting as yet but if there were any issues with any of the tabled items to please let him know. He will report further after their meeting.

Rules -Steve Vaitones - Item 108, amend rule 333.1 to change masters distance from 1 mile to 1500 meters or longer. Committee moved to support this amendment. Motion passed unanimously.

Item 28, amend rule 25.3 to change wording from, in a race held on a road course, the course must meet … to read, the courses for all national, regional and association road championships must meet. It was moved to support this amendment. Motion passed unanimously.

Item 26, amend rule 25.1(a) from the open men 2 hours to read, open men 1 hour. It was moved to approve this amendment. Motion passed unanimously.

Items 9 and 27 amending rule 11.2(a) and 25.1(b) from, 5000 meters for men for indoor championships to 3000 meters. For item 27 amend to read add a 1 mile for both men and women and a 3000 meter for men and a 5000 meter for women as eligible national indoor championships. Motion passed unanimously. Item 9, it was moved that the amendment be withdrawn. Motion passed unanimously.

Nominations and Election - Gary Westerfield reported one nomination for chair, Vince Peters, one nomination for Vice Chair, Steve Vaitones.

It was moved that Vince Peters be accepted as Chair by acclimation. For Vice Chair there was a nomination from the floor for Mike Rohl. After a ballot vote, the Vice Chair was Steve Vaitones. Ginger Mulanax was nominated as secretary and was appointed by acclimation. Treasurer, nomination was Sean Albert and he was appointed by acclimation. At Large – candidates, Allen James, Shirley Clemons, Tom Eastler, Maryanne Daniel , Ron Daniel, Mike Roth, Susan Armenta, Mike Rohl, John Nunn, Bill Pollinger, Dave McGovern, Ray Kuhles. After first round balloting two members received a majority, Maryanne Daniel Mike Rohl. For the second round the candidates were Mike Roth, Susan Armenta, Allen James and Dave McGovern. At the close of the ballots, the members chosen were Mike Roth, Susan Armenta and Dave McGovern. Vince Peters also appointed Allen James as a member at large. It was moved that the ballots be destroyed; motion passed.

Equipment/Facilities - Chris English indicated that their meeting will be conducted at 5:30 p.m. and will report back but does not think there is anything affecting race walking.

Coaching Education - Wayne Armbrust reported that he wants to see more sharing of coaches, coaching techniques clinics and facilities for training, etc.

Records - Justin Kuo will report at a later meeting. Bev Laveck presented her written masters report that is appended as a part of these minutes.

Member Services - Ginger Mulanax reported that there were only two suspended associations

Medical Services - Maryanne Daniel reported that they meet on Saturday. With regards to race walk they want a race walk psychologist to be integrated with the team. Will report again on Saturday.

Psychological Services - will attend following day’s meeting and will report back.

Competition Reports - John Nunn reported on behalf of the athletes on the Olympic Games in Athens. He indicated that most of the athletes trained in Crete. He stated that the staff members for distance events did an awesome job for the athletes.

Steve Vaitones reported on the NACAC competition, which is a meet for those under 23. It was held in Sherebrooke, Quebec. The selection was done by performance lists. Ann Favolise won the women’s race and Matt Boyles placed second in the men’s. The event will be held again in two years, location unknown.

Junior versus Canada – The event was held in Edmonton and Steve Vaitones and Stella Cashman were the team staff for this event. Eleven athletes attended and only one will leave the junior ranks at the end of the year, so the remaining team will be returning. He indicated that it was a good competition. For 2005 they are looking at Long Island for the competition and in 2006 it will return to Canada, either Quebec or Alberta.

Meeting was recessed at 4:40 p.m.

Friday, December 3

Meeting was reconvened at 8:45 a.m. A quorum was present.

Operating Procedures - Mike Roth presented the rewritten operating procedures for approval. Section 2 passed as rewritten. Section 3, no changes. Section 4 approved with two minor corrections. Section 5, approved adoption upon ruling of Law & Legislation regarding numbers 5 and 6. Section 6, approved as rewritten. Section 7, approved as rewritten. Section 8, approved as rewritten with a minor spelling correction. Section 8, approved as rewritten. Section 10, was approved with the exception of items F & H. These items were tabled for rewording. Section 11, approved as amended with the exception of D, which was tabled for rewording. Sections 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 were approved as rewritten.

B>IAAF Report - Bob Bowman’s written report is appended as part of these meeting minutes. Additional items; next year is a rules change year. He requested the committee’s input on some rule changes. The IAAF is proposing removing “cautions” entirely from the rules. The committee had voted on retaining cautions at the 2003 convention and that decision stands. It was moved that we submit the two rules previously adopted by the IAAF, the use of an assistant chief judge and the authority of the chief judge to disqualify a walker in the last 100 meters of a race, to the rules committee. Motion passed. Next year they will have a level 2 seminar probably at the international competition in Mexico. We need to send a couple of candidates to develop future judges.

B>Law & Legislation Report - Ray Funkhouser reported that of the 32 tabled items, 14 were withdrawn, 3 tabled items have been approved, and 9 have been approved with amendments and there are still 6 outstanding. One of those withdrawn was the background check on youth coaches. There may be a rewritten change for presentation for next year. Another that was withdrawn was the compensation package for officials. One still pending is the selection process for officials for national championships.

Meeting was recessed at 11:40 a.m.

Friday, December 3rd, 2004

Meeting was reconvened at 1:15 p.m. A quorum was present.

Awards Presentations

Diane Graham Henry gave background information on the Al Heppner Scholarship Fund award on behalf of Elaine Ward. By January the fund should be $20,000. The first award will be $1,000 and, hopefully, next year it will amount to $2,500. Donations can be made to the National Racewalk Institute and funds will be tax deductible. Diane then presented the award to the first recipient, Ann Favolise.

The Chair reported that the following awards were presented at the Awards Breakfast:
• Ron Zinn award winners as the outstanding athlete in 20K/50K events:
Men: Curt Clausen (50K), Tim Seaman (20K)
Women: Teresa Vaill (20K)
• Mike Riban Award - Contributor - Jim Wolfe, director, Sallie Mae 10K
• Outstanding Association - San Diego / Imperial

Mary Helen from the Maine Association presented the Henry Laskau Junior Elite Award on behalf of Tom Eastler. The men’s award went to Zac Pollinger and the women’s award went to Maria Michta.

Mike Roth presented the Grand Prix Awards. The recipients were:
1. Curt Clausen701. Michelle Rohl56
2. Tim Seaman632. Bobbbie Chapman36
3. John Nunn413. Deb Huberty32
4. Kevin Eastler344. Joanne Dow29
5. Theron Kissinger29 4. Teresa Vaill29
5. Bill Vayo295. Sam Cohen27
 5. Jolene Moore27
Team awards:
1. Pegasus Athletic Club361. Walk USA24
2. Shore Athletic Club222. Pegasus Athletic Club10
3. New York Athletic Club202. Parkside Athletic Club10

World Cup Report - Rich Torrellas reported as team leader on this event that occurred in Naumburg, Germany. His full report is appended as part of these meeting minutes. He stated that our team had the best performances ever in the men’s 20k. He also mentioned that Carl Schueler, acting as head coach and Randy Ballard the trainer did outstanding jobs.

Site Selection Report -Mike Rohl presented the 2005 through 2007 race walk championship schedule.
1/23	National 30k, open & masters	San Diego, CA
1/29	Indoor National women’s 1 mile & mens 3000k	Bucknell University, PA
2/4	Indoor National men’s 1 mile Milrose games	New York, NY
2/13	National 50k open & masters	Clermont, FL
2/26-27	Indoor National championships	Boston, MA 
4/3	Pan Am Cup Trials	Hauppauge, NY
5/15	Masters National 15k	Riverside, CA	
6/4	National 10k open, 3k junior	Niagara Falls, NY
6/23-26	Outdoor National championships	Mt. Sac, Carson, CA
7/9	Junior National 5,000	Bar Harbor, ME
8/7	National 15k open & junior 	Watertown, MA
9/11	National 40k open & masters	Ocean Township, NJ
10/8	National 5k open & masters	Kingsport, TN
11/13	Masters National 20k	Clermont, FL
12/3	One hour open & masters	Jacksonville, FL

2/3	Indoor National men’s mile, Milrose Games	New York, NY
2/12	National 50k open & masters	Clermont, FL
4/9	World Cup Trials	Hauppauge, NY
TBD	Masters National 15k	Riverside, CA
6/3	National 10k, junior 3k	Niagara Falls, NY
8/6	National 15k open & junior	Watertown, MA
9/10	National 40k open & masters	Ocean Township, NJ
10/6	National 5k open & masters	Kingsport, TN
11/12	Masters National 20k 	Clermont, FL

2/2	Indoor National men’s mile, Milrose Games	New York, NY
2/11	National 50k open & masters	Clermont, FL
4/3	Pan Am Cup Trials, open & juniors	Hauppaauge, NY
5/5-6	Pan Am Cup 	TBA
TBD	Masters National 15k	Riverside, CA
6/2	National open 10k, junior 3k	Niagara Falls, NY
TBD	National 15kk open & junior	Watertown, MA
9/9	National 40k open & masters	Ocean Township, NJ
10/6	National 5k open & masters	Kingsport, TN
11/11	Masters National 20k	Clermont, FL

If better bids were to be presented they would be considered for the years 2006 and 2007. It was moved that this schedule be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Records - Justin Kuo presented the race walk records and they are:
--American road open men 10k 39:22.7 Tim Seaman Storetveitmarsjen, Norway, 4/20/04
--American road open men 15k 1:01:30 Tim Seaman Phonixmarsjen, Denmark 5/23/04
--American road open men 20k 1:22:02 Tim Seaman Phonixmarsjen, Denmark 5/23/04

Development - Philip Dunn reported that race walking is no longer a broad event; it falls under the distance development broad event chair. All monies for race walk development must be gotten via high performance program proposals. Race walking is not guaranteed of any money unless those proposals are approved. In 2004 we were funded for the ARCO OTC center of excellence, the collegiate coaching development program, and the talent ID camp. The OTC program was a success, the collegiate program was provided plenty of coaching education material and the talent ID came was not held because of logistical delays within the subcommittee.

Maryanne Daniel reported on the PET program, a program whose purpose is to work together with coaching and management to develop the most effective, integrated plan for optimal success. It should bring together training, competition and recovery plans with appropriate scientific, medical and technical activities. Maryanne highlighted several points:

--Lyle Knudson will no longer be able to give his services as our biomechanist. Our new person is Michael Bohne. He has expertise in gait analysis and has some familiarity with race walking.

--Over the past couple years several athletes have been plagued by injuries. Maryanne recommended the development of an injury assessment questionnaire for the national team to see if there are common reoccurring injuries. She felt it would benefit the athletes to study if there appears to be a trend in any type(s) of injury and the viable ways to deal with the injury, i.e., whether by prevention or intervention.

--Maryanne reported that Ian Whately, based upon suggestions recommending the adaptation of the Jack Daniels running tables to race walking, contacted Jack Daniels and received permission to convert those tables for race walking tables. Ron Daniel has volunteered to look at these tables to see what kind of formulation would be useful.

--Maryanne reported that having a sports psychologist on our international teams has been beneficial in the past. Currently there is one at the OTC for all athletes and she would like to see if there is one available for the whole national team. We hope to have one in place by next year.

--Dartfish program – In 2003 the junior and senior athletes were filmed at the nationals in Palo Alto and were later given a CD on their race. This year, the juniors were filmed in Texas and given a very informative Dartfish session by Lynn Cannot. Olympic Trials were also filmed and athletes could review their race at the High Performance Center and request a CD be sent.

Standards - Steve Vaitones – Proposed indoor men 5k at 22 and 3k option of 12:45 and women 3k at 14:40 and a 1 mile standard for women of 7:20. It was moved that these standards be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Outdoor national championships open men 20k 1:36 and open women 1:50; It was moved that these standards be accepted. The motion passed in the majority.

Proposed standards for outdoor junior men 5k, 25:30; 3k, 15:00; 10k, 55:15. It was moved that these standards be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Proposed standards for the junior women, 5k, 28:30; 3k, 16:30; 10k, 59.45. It was moved that these standards be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Operating Procedures - Mike Roth brought back the tabled items. Section 5, items 5 and 6 were withdrawn for now. Section 10, item F, was approved as rewritten. Section 10, item H, was approved with a minor typing correction. Section 11, item 5 (a) and (b) were approved as amended. Section 13, item A was approved with the addition of the second sentence.

The committee broke into regional groups to set the regional championships for 2005.

There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.
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