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Race Walking Committee Annual Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 4-7, 2002

Race Walking General Committee Meeting
Wednesday, December 4th

The meeting was called to order by the chair at 7:40 p.m. Roll call was taken and it was determined that there was a quorum.

The minutes from the 2001 Annual Convention were approved as written.

Officers Reports

Chair Ė Dan Pierce stated that the Vice Chair resigned his position as of Tuesday, December 3, 2002. Chair thanked everyone on the committee for all they do and continue to do to support race walking in the US. Laurie Robertson resigned as the Officials Committee representative. Ron Daniel has replaced Laurie in this position. Ginger Mulanax is the representative from the Officials Committee to the Race Walk Committee. Ginger has resigned her position as our representative to the Associations Committee. The race walking officiating subcommittee is going to become active again working on projects such as scheduling judges at national championships and updating the officiating handbook. Steve Pecinovsky is now the senior Team Coordinator.

Dan presented a recap on the World Cup as part of his report. He stated that there were 15 athletes, a massage therapist, Tom Eastler as the coach and Dan Pierce as team manager and chief of mission. Tracy Sundlun was to have been the team manager but a family medical emergency required him to withdraw. Two weeks prior to this event we were invited to bring a youth athlete but this invitation was declined because of such short notice and the problems involved.

Treasurer Ė Curt Clausen advised that the race walk committee will have a $10,000 budget again this year to be used for travel for the committee, general mailings, conference calls, the Zinn awards, the youth honor roll and other sundry things. Development is now through the high performance group.

Secretary Ė Shirley Clemons had no report to present.

New Business

  • Shirley was instructed to request, on behalf of the Race Walking Committee, that the L & L Committee pass tabled item R27B, which amends regulation 7-C-3-c.
  • Rule items 44, 65, 70 and 71 were accepted. Items 63, 64 and 72 rejected. Items 67, 68 and 69 were withdrawn. Steve Vaitones will come back to the committee with new wording on Item 66.
Meeting was recessed at 9:35 p.m.

Race Walking General Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 5,

Meeting was called to order by the chair at 1:13 p.m. A quorum was present based on the sign-in sheets.

New Business

Steve Vaitones presented the standards report.
  • The indoor standards are set at 22:00 for the menís 5k can also qualify for a 3k at 12:45 and for the women the 3k is 14:30. The qualifying dates are November 22, 2002 through February 23, 2003.
  • The motion passed to have a single standard for the 2003 outdoor championship of 1:36 for the menís 20k, and 1:50 for the womenís 20k.
  • 2003 Junior outdoor standards are set at menís 10k 55:15, alternative qualifier 5k at 25:30. Womenís 10k 59:45, alternative qualifier 5k at 28:30.
  • 2004 Olympic Trials menís 50k is set at 4:45. The qualifying dates begin January 1, 2002 and end two weeks before the trials.
  • The motion passed to have a single standard for the 2004 Olympic Trials of 1:34 for the menís 20k, and 1:48 for the womenís 20k. The qualifying dates will be January 1, 2003 through July 1, 2004.
  • Item 66, Rule 39.3 (a), (b), (c) were rewritten and the motion for the new wording passed. Rule 39.3 (g) was amended to remove the words hand-held. The rest of the wording remains the same.
  • It was moved that this rule change be proposed to the IAAF at the next available opportunity.
  • The committee passed the Pan Am Cup team selection as detailed in the executive committee meeting minutes with the exception of the first bulleted item that was changed to read: except the 50k qualifying period is January 1, 2002 to November 30, 2002.
  • Because the Pan Am Cup is in March we will not have a 50k qualifying so it was proposed to adopt a selection procedure detailed in the executive committee minutes. This would cover the National Team, the World Championship and the Pan Am Games teams. Adding the race hosted by Dave Gwyn as an approved comptition modified the proposal. The proposal passed unanimously.
  • Bob Bowman presented an addendum to the IAAF report printed in the 2002 year-end reports, pages 77-79. The 50k standards have been set at 3:57 for the A standard and 4:03 for the B standard. The Level III panel is now 28 judges and Ron Daniel is the American judge and he has been selected to judge the 2003 World Youth Championships, 2004 Olympic Games, and the 2006 World Race Walk Cup. The IAAF Grand Prix circuit has been set for 7 locations with dates to be confirmed. The 2004 IAAF World Race Walking Cup in Naumburg, Germany will be May 1-2, 2004.

Meeting recessed at 4:05 p.m.

Race Walking General Committee Meeting
Friday, December 6th

The chair called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m. A quorum was present based on the sign-in sheets.

New Business
  • Mike Roth reported that in 2003 we will have a better quarterly schedule for the newsletter and that the national office will be distributing the newsletter to all people who indicate on their membership they are race walkers. Want to see the newsletter being used as a reference tool, something to be retained.
  • Dave McGovern presented the proposed 2003 National Race Walking championships. The site selections report was approved as presented.
  • Justin Kuo presented the American records report. The menís track 5k and 10k records were approved; the menís road 30k record was approved; and the womenís 20k track record was approved. All others are pending.
  • Bev LaVeck reported all masters records were approved with the exception of Ocean Township, NJ and Long Island, NY competitions. Bev was instructed to approach the records committee and propose that race walk not be an automatic record except in the case of national meets for open athletes.
  • Dan Pierce gave further information on the World Cup. Philip Dunn placed 13th in the 50k and had a personal record.
  • Rich Torrellas made a report on behalf of the Pan American Athletic Commission. He is now the chair of the walking committee. He gave an update on the Pan Am Cup in Tijuana. The 50k will be held in conjunction with the Mexican Walk Week and the two 20ks will be the following weekend at Chula Vista. The dates are still not confirmed.
  • Ron Daniel gave his report on the IAAP Level III test he took in Paris following the World Cup in Italy.

Meeting was recessed at 11:00 a.m.

Race Walking General Committee meeting Ė 2nd session
Friday, December 6th

Meeting was called to order by the chair at 1:10 p.m. A quorum was present based on the sign-in sheet.

New Business
  • The committee moved that the race walk delegate to the IAAF committee that received the most votes in the committee election would be the candidate this committee would recommend.
  • Voting was conducted and Bob Bowman is the delegate of choice, with a vote of 28 to 11. The ballots were destroyed upon approval of the committee.
  • Ginger Mulanax reported on behalf of the Officials Committee. This committee has its own website, and on it are the rules, the uniforms and the applications for officiating opportunities. On this site are additional, approved uniform items. All officials will now receive the newsletter free.
  • Ron Daniel was appointed as the chair of the race walk judges subcommittee. He will appoint others to be on this committee along with Ginger Mulanax. One of their undertakings will be updating the officiating handbook, and adding to the handbook criteria on maintaining national or master level certification.

Meeting recessed at 3:55 p.m.

Race Walking General Committee meeting
Saturday, December 7th

Meeting was called to order by the chair at 9:40 a.m. A quorum was present based on the sign-in sheets.

  • Winners of the Captain Ron Zinn Memorial Award were: Menís 20k Tim Seaman; womenís 20k Joanne Dow; menís 50k Philip Dunn; outstanding association Long Island. The winner of the Mike Riban Award for the outstanding contributor is Steve Vaitones. The winners of the Henry Laskau Junior Elite Race Walk Award were Robyn Stevens for the women and Ben Shorey for the men.
  • Shirley was instructed that for next year that she publish the winners in the preconvention newsletter to try to insure the winners be in attendance at the convention.
  • There will be a 5k qualifying race for national indoors at 5:30 p.m. at Johnson County Community College.
  • Ginger Mulanax received the Charles M. Ruter Award from the Officials Committee.
New Business
  • Vince Peters presented the 2003 regional race walk calendar, showing dates, locations and contacts.
  • The following members were appointed to fill positions on some of the national committees: Jan Price for Substance Abuse Ed/Test Committee; Dave McGovern for Scientific Services Subcommittee; and Bev LaVeck for Psychological Services Subcommittee.
  • Ginger Mulanax presented the member services report. Only 4 associations were given full accreditation and 37 were given provisional accreditation, 15 associations are being given level 3. All associations with problems will be sent a letter prior to December 31st outlining the problems. There will be varying time lines on making corrections based on the seriousness of the problems. One association is being decertified; Wyoming will now be part of Colorado.
  • Maryanne Torrellas presented the womenís development report. It was approved to keep the center of excellence training center going with Enrique Pennaís salary partially covered in the sum of $5,000. Were also given money for a senior, intermediate and junior camp in the sum of $2,933 as well as some money for collegiate championships, which amounts to $1,486. The coordinator of the junior camp is allowing us to add race walkers to the endurance camp. We can have three apply and one will be funded and these athletes will be chosen from the Penn Relays and they must be high school age, not juniors.
  • Philip Dunn reported on the menís development. The amounts awarded were $13,000 for the center of excellence program, the race walking champs $5,800 and the collegiate championships $2,900. Junior camp was not funded but should have some money coming out of the general junior national camp fund. Another program that went by the wayside was the senior elite direct support program.
  • Rich Torrellas confirmed that the dates for the Pan Am Cup are March 9th for the 50k in Tijuana, Mexico and the menís and womenís 20k will be on March 15th in Chula Vista, California.
  • Discussion on programs that the race walk committee could be involved with to improve race walking.
    1) Do a grand prix for all national competitions again next year.
    2) Put a corporate person on a national team staff to get them involved and then possibly get them to donate money.
    3) Have race directors get together to find a commonality, and work together to get additional sponsorships.
    4) Approach a sponsor for national championships as a series.
    5) Produce a brochure on race walking.
    6) A race walking youth training video for association clubs.
    7) At youth meets offer to put on a race walk clinic.
    8) Include a portion on race walking at a Level I coaches clinic.
    9) In all races include youth.
    10) Build up to race walk by starting clinics as fitness walkers and the gradually build up to a race walking clinic.
    11) At the senior games convince adults to bring grandchildren to get them exposed to the sport.
Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m
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