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                Our West Region Meet was held on July 10th and 11th.  Traditionally this meet is  two weeks before the National Championships.  This year the Paci= fic Association put on a meet on the same weekend as our meet and it hurt our attendance.  We were down about 35= to 40 athletes over last year.  The meet= did a little better than break even, but it could have been a greater success wit= hout the direct date conflict. The meet was held at O= range Coast College in Costa Mesa, California.  The two coaches from the college were instrumental in the successful operations of the two day meet.  I= would also like to thank the members of So Cal Track Club that provided the man p= ower on meet day.  The West Region meet continues to be one of the premier masters meets in the country both from a competition and attendance aspect. The West Region Indoor Championship was = held at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Az. , for the second straight year.  The attendance was up a lit= tle over 2009 for the masters.  The ma= sters events piggy back on the youth meet.  My thanks to James Smith, the master’s chair for the = Arizona Association for helping to get= this meet off the ground. Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Pacific and San Diego Imperial= all conducted Association Championships for Masters.  Central California and New Mexico were the only Associations = in the West Region that did not. 

As Masters Vice President a= nd Masters Track & Field Chair for the Southern California Association, I = am happy to announce that we received a Grant from USATF for $ 950.00 for our Master’s program.  This Grant was requested so that we could buy one flight of 27-inch hurdles to conduct long and short hurdle races in the 70 plus division.  Sonya Harrell, our full time Association Office Staff person, deserv= es our thanks for writing the Grant proposal. Goals for the West Region for the coming year include:  USATF sponso= red clinics to be held in the various Associations.

Next year’s proposed date= for the USATF Masters West Region T & F Championships: 

 June 11th and 12th, 2011, Or= ange Coast College, Costa Mesa, Ca

Respectfully submitted,       Mark Cleary       Mast= ers West Region Coordinator 

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