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Of the seven State Associations in the SE Region only SC does not have a Maste= rs Chair . The Masters Chairs of the other six Associations are as follows :

Alabama =           Bill Murray           &nb= sp; 

Florida =              Joe Monks           &nbs= p;  

Geor= gia =            Mary Richards        

N. Carolina     &n= bsp; Eric Braschwitz      

Tennessee =       John Carter Jr.        

Virginia =         {  Joe Mack            = ;    

           &= nbsp;          { Keith Witherspoon 


      FL , Ga. and NC elected new Chairs this year


    The SE Region Masters T&F Championships were held in Raleigh NC on June 11th. and 12th. this year with over 250 individual athletes competi= ng . Next year's Championships will also be held in Raleigh , probably on April 29th. and 3= 0th.  2011 .

Like many Meets next year the final date is dependent on the University (or High School) track not being used and the availability of officials .

    Therefore the current tentative schedule is as follows :

April 9th.  Charlotte NC

April 29/30  SE Masters T&F Championships in Raleigh NC   {probably)

Mid May  SC Senior Games in F= lorence SC

May 21st.    Charlotte Meet

June 4th AL Masters T&F Championships in Birmingham

 June 4th.    Furman Classic in SC {possibly}

June 4th.   2011 Music City Distance Carnival in Nashville Tn.

June 11th.  Ga. Masters T&F Championships (probably) 

June 17/24 National Senior Games in Houston TX

June 25th.  Va. Master and Open T&F Championships in Richmond Va. 

July 7/17  World Masters T&F in Sacramento CA

July 22 to 28  Tn. Senior Olympics in Franklin

July 28/31  USATF National T&F in Berea OH


   Additionally there are many other Meet e.g. State Senior Games , State Game= s , All-Comers Meets etc. which are available to Masters Athletes and of w= hich I have not yet been informed  . 


   One of the biggest problems for SE Region Masters Athletes is finding = an Indoor Arena to hold a Championship . This is a problem that Bill Murray of= Al. has been working on . Birmingham Al. is building an Indoor facili= ty scheduled for completion in June 2011 and Bill is hoping that there will be sufficient interest from USA athletes (and SE Region athletes in particular= ) to hold a SE Region Masters T&F Championships in 2012 .


   Please do not forget that USATF are holding the National Convention in Va. Beach next week and please ensure that you , or a rep. from your State , attends the SE Region Masters Meeting to be held in Suite 5A at the Convent= ion Center beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday  December 4th.


      Maxwell C. Hamlyn

      USATF SE Region Masters T&F Chair



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