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Respectfully submitted, Bob Weiner, Chair

The Media Committee has developed an effective process to build press releases and coverage for the indoor and outdoor national championships, and now for US participation in world championships.  The Subcommitt= ee has received enormous help from Pete Taylor, Ken Stone, Phil Raschker, the other media committee members, the Games Committee under Chair Jim Flanik and help from Rex Harvey, the Active Athletes under Chair Mary Trotto, MTF Treasurer= and strong media supporter Carroll DeWeese whose World and American record-keep= ing at the finish line are an important part of the press story each day, the LOC’s and USATF’s national office (thanks especially Jill Geer = and Tom Surber and enthusiastic support from USATF President Stephanie Hightowe= r), Regions and Invitationals Chair Mark Cleary, and wonderful support from MTF Chair G= ary Snyder and Vice Chair Robert Thomas.  I also want to thank Gavriel Swerling, Rebecca Vander Linde, and Noah Merksamer of my office who spent many hours helping to generate, gather, and collate our coverage.

In our media committee releases and coverage, we have been able to include features over 40 current U.S. outdoor and indoor world champions, dozens of U.S. Olympians now masters, other sta= rs, people with interesting life stories, and local athletes.  In addition, we have a system and = form for athletes who participate in the national meets to call their home town = press and build coverage there as well, which we guide and encourage. 

Thanks to all who helped develop the ba= sis of the terrific coverage for another year, coverage which hopefully inspires many others to join masters track and field as athletes, organizers, and sponsors.  The media committee= works hard to get the word out on the mission of the MTF program for lifetime fit= ness and health through regular exercise, training, and competition, with the incentive of MTF age-groups at sanctioned track and field meets.=

We are happy that MTF Secretary and Webmaster Jeff Brower has placed a link on the USATF Masters site to all the coverage we submit, making it even easier for athletes, organizers, and sponsors to make use of the coverage.

One area the = media committee would like to see more of is organizers making use of the good coverage as a way to entice additional major and minor sponsors of our meet= s, from national championships to regional and local events. The potential is enormous.  We will be working = with John Oleski, MTF Marketing Subcommittee Chair as well as a media subcommittee member, in this effort.

Masters Media Committee Members: Bob Weiner, Chair; Philippa Raschker, Peter Taylor, Ken Stone, Dave Clingan, Ha= rry Brooks, Liz Johnson, Eric Braschwitz, John Oleski, Jay Wind, Jeff Lee, Ivan Black, Andrew Hecker.

  (Note daily TV with at = each national indoor and outdoor national and world championship with onsite live or taped camera shots, live radio, and daily newspaper coverage)

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