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USATF Southeast Region Newsletter
Marlene Atwood, USATF Southeast Region Representative
January 2, 2013

Dear Southeast Region,Atwood 081712


First and foremost, I want to wish you all a successful and productive New Year.  I feel very optimistic that 2013 will produce some great opportunities for the growth of our sport and the growth of our associations.


It's been just a few short weeks since we met in Daytona Beach to conduct the business of the organization.  We came away with good information to bring back to our members.  For those of you who were not able to attend the annual meeting in December, here are some brief highlights:


  • President Stephanie Hightower was elected for another term.
  • Past President Bill Roe was elected LDR Chair.
  • The 2013 Annual Meeting will be held in Indianapolis. In 2014, it will be in Anaheim, CA, followed by Houston, TX in 2015.
  • The 2013 Association Workshop will be held in Indianapolis.
  • The South Carolina Association was successful in their bid for the 2014 National JO Cross Country Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • The North Carolina Association was successful in their bid for the 2015 National Masters Track and Field Indoor Championships in Winston-Salem, NC.

At the Association Level:


Revised Accreditation Standards 

The Associations Accreditation Taskforce has revised accreditation standards, streamlining them from 19 standards to 10. In summary, they are:


  1. Individual Members - 20 per 100,000 population, and a minimum of 400 members.
  2. Clubs/Organizations - 50% of total membership, and a minimum of 12 clubs.
  3. Sanctions - 1 per 100,000 population with a minimum of at least 20.
  4. Championships - the addition of three distances for LDR championships - 5k to 5,000m, 10k to 10,000m, 20K to marathon. Also required are: Track & Field - Youth, Men/Women, Masters, Race Walk, and Cross Country - Youth, Men/Women and Masters.
  5. Officials - 30 under 1 million population, 50 otherwise. Officials must be USATF members.
  6. Solvency - positive net worth. Also need to have a 6 month reserve.
  7. Communication - website and newsletter. Communicate at least 2 times per year - at least 90 days apart. Content must address all sports.
  8. Documents required: 990 form, Bylaws, Association Annual Meeting Minutes, organic documents.
  9. Representation - Attendance at AEC meetings at Associations Workshops every year. Delegates - a minimum of (8) to the annual meeting every year. The accreditations committee will review any hardship cases.
  10. Coaches Education - 1 school each 4-year Olympiad.

Accreditation cycles will be on an annual basis.  These standards were presented to attendees at one of the workshops that the Associations Committee held at the annual meeting.


Associations Manual Update

Revising the Associations Manual has been a concerted effort across many individuals over the last several months. The effort, led by Bill Roe, will result in the Association Manual being posted online in the Associations Resource Center (ARC) at  The manual is a living document and will be posted in numbered sections that can be updated separately.  It will be a good reference guide for all Associations to use.  Stay tuned for a roll out date.


Grant Writing Workshop

This was the second workshop that was conducted by the AEC at the annual meeting in Daytona Beach. There is concern that Associations are not applying for annual Association grants. Association grant money was originally established at $25,000 per year; however it has decreased over the years due to fewer associations applying for the grants.


This session was a primer on how to develop a grant request and it was very informative. A maximum of $2,000 is available for each grant and the monies must be used to improve levels of service or elevate levels of service within an association. May 31st is the deadline for submittals this year.  More to come on this - we are going to push for associations to take advantage of these grants.


Online Updates 

Club Registrations are now online - just a few wrinkles.  Online Sanctions will go online after UAT items are addressed. The Sanctions Taskforce will also be working with Jill Greer to review the online sanction reimbursement reports to ensure that the information Associations need is clearly represented in the reports.


AEC Dispute Coordinator

The AEC Committee has established this position to ensure that grievances are handled in a timely manner.  Scott Erwin has been appointed in this role and will be a valuable advisor to the Associations. Please ensure that you are familiar with the grievance process as detailed in your bylaws.  Please ensure that your regional representative is also engaged.


AEC Committee Elections

Karen Krsak has retained her position as AEC Chair. Jim McKee and Marlene Atwood were elected as Vice Chairs. This is a four year term. Jim will handle the Association workshops each year and I (Marlene Atwood) will oversee the regional rep program.  What does this new position mean?  It means that I will be assuming new responsibilities and that I will be appointing a new Southeast Region Rep.  More information to follow.


Finally, I would like to congratulate our 2012 Southeast Region Volunteers of the Year. Please read on for all volunteers recognized at the annual meeting in Daytona Beach. 



Best regards,


Marlene Atwood

USATF Southeast Region Representative
770-497-4208 h
770-883-4208 c


Southeast Region Volunteer Recognition Awards




Alabama - Jeff Jackson, Youth Chair - nominated by President Joseph Henderson.  "Jeff serves as track & field coach for one of our track clubs (Alabama Heat).  His club has qualified several athletes to the USATF National T&F Outdoor Championships and the Zone Indoor USATF championships.  His teams are visible and competitive at all of our association meets and other club meets.  While taking care of his team responsibilities, Jeff serves as Youth Chair for our association and is very attentive at all of our association meetings and any called meeting relative to improving the quality of our organization."


Florida - Angela Harris, Vice President North, Region 4 Coordinator, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor.  Nominated by President Robin Brown-Beamon. 


Georgia - Kevin Young, Olympian, Georgia AAC Chair - nominated by President Ian Dube.  "Kevin never misses an opportunity to speak to children and conduct autograph sessions.  He serves as AAC Chair for Georgia   and does play by play coverage during live streaming sessions at track meets.  He serves as an athlete at large on the AAC National Committee and supports his fellow Olympians".


North Carolina - Roger Burbage - nominated by President Dr. Al Davis.  "Roger Burbage has been a tireless advocate for track & field in the North Carolina Association.  As Officials Certification Chair, Roger has provided assistance to high school, college, youth, masters, and any other group involved in track and field.  He has implemented training classes across the association and frequently assists other associations in their efforts to develop officials. Roger's schedule is packed with meets that he lends his expertise to. He can be found at any given time at various locations around the country including this year's Olympic Trials. In addition to his duties as Officials Certification Chair, Roger has assisted just about every member of our Association Board in some manner.  The North Carolina Association would not approach the level of success enjoyed without the efforts of Roger.  Roger is a great example of what is right in our sport." 


South Carolina - Tami Dennis - nominated by President Perry Funnie. "Tami Dennis has been a vital asset to our Association. She has spent countless hours in organizing and setting up this year's SC Association XC Championship meet.  The numerous volunteer workers that she supplies for all of the South Carolina association Championships is enormous.  She and her club have dedicated their time and energy to volunteer in any capacity at the drop of a hat.  If there is a need and she can help, she does.  We would like to thank her for all she does."


Tennessee - Carolyn Tucker - nominated by President Radir Annoor Sr.  "Mrs. Tucker has been with the Tennessee Association for over 17 years helping wherever and whenever she could.  She had to stop because of illness otherwise she would still be here."


Virginia - Chris McCann - nominated by President Jim Holdren.Chris serves as co-chair of our Officials Committee and works tirelessly recruiting and certifying new officials, but beyond that he spends countless hours officiating meets and encouraging others to do the same, including most of the local high school meets.  he has a rarely say-no attitude and can always be counted on to serve in any capacity needed."


2012 SE Region Award Winners    


From top left, Pam Betz (FL) accepting for Angela Harris; Kevin Young (GA), President Joe Henderson (AL) accepting for Jeff Jackson, Chris McCann (VA), President Perry Funnie (SC) accepting for Tami Dennis, Roger Burbage (NC).



Contact Information


Marlene Atwood

770-497-4208 h, 770-883-4208 c, 770-209-8020 w

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