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Award Criteria

The Masters Race Walkers of the Year (Overall and Age Group) for 2013 will be based on the following criteria:

To be considered for the award:

1.  Athlete must compete in at least 2 National Masters Championships (with the Outdoor T&F Champs 5,000m and 10k counting as one whether the athletes competes in one or both events).

2.  Athlete must have one performance with a minimum age grading of 65%.


Some of the items taken into consideration in the final selection:

1. Performances set in National Championships or international events (Masters and/or Open).

2. Other performances may be used if an Age Group record was set in the race.


Other information relating to the process:

The selection dates will run from October 16, 2012 to October 15, 2013.  That means that the 2012 30k Championships will be included in the process for 2013. This means the World Masters Championships will not be included when deciding these awards.

If an athlete changes age groups during the year and they meet the criteria above, they will be considered for both age groups – however they would only be eligible for one age group award.  i.e.  if an athlete turns 40 during the year their performances in the 35-39 age group as well as the 40-44 age group would be looked at.  If their performances warrant it they would be selected for EITHER the 35-39 OR the 40-44 award.

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