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2014 Intermediate Masters Long Distance Runners of the Year

July 2014

Again it is Marian and my pleasure to present these Rankings.  We do these as volunteers for your reading pleasure.   We have reviewed thousands of races thus far in 2014, and have selected results that meet or exceed 85% Age Graded.   We know we do not have all results but we gather as many as possible from national and regional databases.
The criteria we use are what has been proven to be most efficacious over the ten years we have been doing this; to wit: Age Grading, simply because it levels the playing fields; Head-to-Head competition; Qualityof event/competition; Number of races and diversity of distances are the ones normally used.
This year we tried something different and added Age Grading to our listings.   While it helps to differentiate in some cases, in others it illustrates some anomalies, where the athlete with the better Age Grade is ranked lower.   This generally is caused when competitors are extremely close.   We average Age Grade all races and there are instances where a competitor with a lower Age Grade is ranked higher because the average Age Grade for all events is higher than a second competitor with only a single Age Grade higher than his/her competitor. You will see this in several Age Groups.   You also will note several ties where the average Age Grade was virtually identical.
Although a lot of quality control hours have gone into these Rankings, they are not perfect and we welcome feedback.   Normally the major problem is that we are missing results.    Please send feedback and/or missing results to or
1.                   Deena Kastor (41, CA)
               MORE Hlaf Marathon                            1:11:38        95.56%
2.                   Nuta Olaru (43, CO)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           2:37:29        93.64%     
3.                   Melody Fairchild (40, CA)
               5km  BAA 5K                                         16:46        91.25%
Honorable Mention: Magdalena Boulet, Liubov Denisova, Dorota Gruta, Brenda Hodge, Kathleen Jobes, Kris Passo,Sheri Piers, Joanna Ziegler.
1.                   Tania Fischer (48, CA)
               5km Carlsbad 5000                                   17:38        92.82%
2.                   Kirsten Leetch (48, CA)
               5km  Magic Shoe                                     17:52        91.60%
3.                   Mary Zengo (48, CT)
               10km Hope in Motion                               37:32        89.39%
Honorable Mention: Cindy Abrami, Emily Bryans, Sherri Ellerby, Molly Friel, Kristi Rossi, Sandy Scannel, Midori Sperandeo, Delores Valencia, Lisa Veneziano, Paula Wiltse.
1.                   Nina Caron (54,MA)
               HM Run to Remember                            1:23:33        93.90%
2.(TIE)    Cindy Conant (53, MD)
               10mi Cherry Blossom                             1:02:45        91.95%
2(TIE)     Maria Sutera Strange (51, NY)
               5km  Freihofers                                        18.16        91.97%
3. (TIE)   Doreen McCoubrie (52, PA)
               10mi Broad Street Run                           1:02:40        92.07%
3. (TIE)   Laurel Park (51, MI)
               5km Brian Diemer                                    17:55        94.70%
Honorable Mention: Carmen Ayala-Troncoso, Gordon Bakoulis, Laura Bruess, Mary-Lynn Currier, Sue Davis,Sarah Harney, Jenny Hitchings,  Susan Loken, Jane Lundy, Yumi Ogita, Jeanne Pare, Maria Servin
1.                   Christine Kennedy (59, CA)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           2:57:44      102.42%
2.                   Joan Samuelson (57, ME)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           2:52:10      101.28%
3.                   Sharon Vos (59, CT)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           3:13:58        93.85%
Honorable Mention: Carmen Ayala-Troncoso, Nora Cary, Merry Dearmon, Honor Fetherston, Carrie Jones, Debbie Lee, Teri Longacre, Kathleen Madden, Emma Riconda, Elizabeth Sponagle
1.            Kathryn Martin (62, NY)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     40:10      100.41%
2.              Edie Stevenson (64, CO)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     43:08        96.29%
3.                   Victoria Crisp (61, TN)
               25km Fifth Third River Bank                   1:51:47        93.31%
Honorable Mention: Carolyn Bujak, Barbara Byrne, Debbie Clark, Karen Durante, Sharlet Gilbert, Linda Jennings, Jane Parks, Suzanne Ray, Sandy Robbins Sydner, Julie Virkus
1.                   Sabra Harvey (65, TX)
               5km Heights                                            19:57      103.17%
2.                   Jan Holmquist (69, MA)
               5km An Ras Mor                                      22:21        97.99%     
3.                   Nancy Rollins (67, IL)
               5km Ricky Byrdsong                                22:02        96.29%
Honorable Mention: Doris Barber, Patty Foltz, Alice Franks, Sylvie Kimche, Gillian Miles, Joann Rowland, Blondie Vucich
1.                   Jan Holmquist (70, MA)
               5km Evan’s Run                                      22:07      100.68%
2.                   Norma Thomas (71, CA)
               8km Masters LDR 8km Championship         40:19        91.36%
3. (TIE)   Judy Fisher (70, WA)
               5km Valentine’s Day                                 24:23        91.32%
3. (TIE)   Sandra Folzer (74, PA)
               5mi Frostbite                                           42:51        90.90%
Honorable Mention: Constance Ahrnsbaak, Carol Bender, Liz Borrett, Frances Breslauer, Hingyun Jin, Kathleen Peterson, Marilyn Schnubrich, Melody Ann Schultz, Margie Stoll
1.                   Libby James (77, CO)
               5km Freihofer’s                                        24:16      103.64%
2.                   Heidi Moebius (75, PA)
               10mi Cherry Blossom                             1:31:35        88.88%     
3.                   Carrie Parsi (75 MA)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     55:18        89.87%
Honorable Mention: Shirley Blush, Teresa Burbano, Imme Dyson, Ane Gade, Emily Holcomb, Ingrid Lauricks, Yoshiko Takahashi, Martha Walker
1.                   Lois Gilmore (83, WI)
               5km Run for the Roses                              31:02        92.86%
2.                   Ginette Bedard (80, NY)
               4mi Japan Day                                         39:30        87.72%
3.                   Anne Garrett (80, CA)
               5km Carlsbad 5000                                   30:02        88.73%
Honorable Mention: Katherine Beiers, Dorothy Bradley, Jacki Corey, Edna Hyer, Mary McGuire, Lenore Montgomery, Carol Power, Barbara Robbens, Anny Stockman
1.                   Margretta Lutz (85, PA)
               5km Band on the Run                               41:26        74.46%
2.                   Bertha McGruder (85, NY)
               4mi Japan Day                                         57:00        70.35%
3.                   Isobel Parke (87, NH)
               5km Soup Kitchen                                    46:17        72.49%
Honorable Mention:  Janet Grenda, Shirley Griffin
1.                   Harriette Thompson (91, NC)
               MAR Rock N Roll San Diego                  7:07:42      114.88%
2.     Betty Hutchinson (93, N)
         5km Chilly Chili                                   1:04:52        76.95%
1.            Kevin Castille (42, LA)
               HM Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon           1:05:35        95.58%
2.            Sammy Kipligat Cheptoo (40, KEN)
               5km Brian Diemer                                    14:31        94.03%                                             
3.            Richard Kessio (40, OH)
               MAR Grandma’s Marathon                      2:18:09        92.65%
Honorable Mention:  Ian Forsyth, John Gardiner, Bryan Glass, Tim Gore, Jaime Heilpern, Fred Kieser, Gregory Mitchell, Chad Newton, Philippe Rolly, Jason Ryf, Ulrich Steidl, Michael Wardian
1.                   Tracy Lokken (48, MI)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           2:24:39        94.71%
2.                   Carl Combs (48, WA)
               5mi St Paddy’s Day                                  26:13        91.54%
3.                   Paul Thompson (48, NY)
               10km Scotland Run                                  33:05        91.34%
Honorable Mention: Robert Arsenault, Eric Ashton, Kristian Blaich, Francis Burdett, Brian Crowley, Christian Cushing-Murray, Andrew Duncan, Peter Hammer, Mark Hixson, Kent Lemme, Gregory Picklesimer, Eric Stabb, Jerome Vermeulen, Bob Weiner
1.                   Iain Mickle (53, CA)
               10mi John Frank Memorial                        55:39        92.90%
2.                   Kevin Broady(52, CA)
               5km Carlsbad 5000                                   16:18        91.92%
3.                   Robert Cipriano (54, MA)
               5km An Ras Mor                                      16:32        91.95%
Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Adkins, Andy Ames, Spyros Barres, Patrick Billig, Doug Fernandez, Peter Fleming, Eugene Hogue,
Bill Mariski, Brian Olsen, Mark Reeder, Michael Smith, John Van Deneker, Adam Weiner, Fred Zalokar
1.                   Joe Sheeran (56 WA)
               10km Fall City Days                                 34:25        93.70%
2.                   Ken Youngers (57, GA)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     35:03        92.82%
3.                   John Loftus (56, CA)
               5km Carlsbad 5000                                   16:34        93.56%
Honorable Mention:  Chuck Crabb, Jeffrey Dundas, Mark Embler, Craig Fram, Wolfgang Ketterle, Norm Larson, Brian Pilcher, Martin Tighe
1.                   Tim Freeman (64, WA)
               MAR Grandma’s Marathon                      2:45:57        96.07%
2.                   Tom McCormack (60, TN)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     36:02        92.65%
3.              Peter Mullin (63, TN)
               HM Houston Half Marathon                     1:21:05        92.89%
Honorable Mention:  Tom Bernhard, Dale Campbell, Jerry Hammervold, Ignacio Jiminez, Richard Larsen, Kirk Larson, Patrick Rupel
1.                   William Dixon (66, VT)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     38:23        91.79%
2.                   Lloyd Hansen (66, UT)
               5km Hollis Fast                                       18:08        93.38%
3.                   Paul Carlin (68, IN)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     39:53        90.01%
Honorable Mention:  Benjamin Caro, Dave Dooley, Gene Dykes, Len Goldman, Gordon MacFarland, Terry McCluskey, Frank Meza, Donald Porteous, Al Wieringa
1.                   Doug Goodhue (72, MI)
               8km Masters LDR 8km Championship         32:14        92.19%
2.                   Bill Borla (74, CT)
               10km Masters LDR 10km Championship     43:32        89.09%
3.                   Hans Schmid (74, CA)
               10km Marin Memorial                               44:09        87.84%     
Honorable Mention: AndrewArcher, Paul Benton, Larry Brooks, Don Coffman, Richard Kutzner, John Ouweleen
1.                   Bill Iffrig (79, WA)
               10km Smelt Run                                      47:06        90.69%     
2.                   William Riley (77, MA)
               15km Gasparilla                                     1:11:10        87.78%
3.                   Witold Bialokur (79, NY)
               10km Scotland Run                                  50:32        84.53%
Honorable Mention: John Brennand, Tony Cerminaro, Dennis Christian, Bill Dodson, Skip Grant, Joe Liechty, Joe Razo, Michiharu Shimojo
1.                   George Yannakakis (82, MD)
               10km Pikes Peek                                      54:15        84.98%
2.                   Harold Wilson (81, TX)
               MAR Boston Marathon                           3:58:55        85.92%
3.                   Ruger Winchester (84, ND)
               5km Fifth Third                                       29:17        80.25%
Honorable Mention: Jack Bray, Leroy Carter, William Crook, Jack MacMahon, James Schliesman, Blair Stauffer, Herbert Thal, Allen Warren
1.                   Jerry Johncock (86, MI)
               5km Brian Diemer                                    28:21        88.83%
2.                   Keith Wood (85, WA)
               10km Fall City Days                                 59:24        85.13%
3.                   Gunnar Linds (85, CA)
               5km Carlsbad 5000                                   29:00        83.79%
Honorable Mention: Gene Johnson
1.                   Bill Tribou (93, CT)
               5km Chilly Chili                                      45:57        76.86%
2.                   Lou Lodovico (90, PA)
               5km Ellport Boro Community 5k                44:04        67.74%
3.                   Andrew Price (91, WA)
               5km Shore Run                                        47:43        65.87%
Honorable Mention: Arthur Gassen

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