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Timing, Scoring and Results Requirements for Road Races

Timing, Scoring and Results Requirements for Masters Road Races
The Masters Race Liaison will prepare the Timing, Scoring and Results Requirements for each Masters LDR National Road Championship event. The instructions will be tailored to include the specific details regarding each championship. These requirements will  not be posted on the USATF event webpage but will be shared with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), their Event Director and the Timing Services Provider well before the event.
Please note that per USATF Competition Rule 341.10, transponder timing shall be used as the primary timing and recording system and the additional use of a separate side-scan finish line camera or video (e.g., a Lynx-type side-scan finish line camera and not just a head-on Identi-Lynx style camera) is mandatory for all USATF Masters LDR Championships including cross country.

Below is a GENERIC Timing, Scoring and Results Requirements document for Road Race Championships.
Information specific to each Masters LDR National Road Championships must be inserted in the italicized locations by the Masters LDR (or XC) Race Liaison.

1.      Race Information.
Name, Date of Event and Location
Please provide appropriate information.
Race Day Schedule - List start times of all races.
Please provide appropriate information.
Awards Ceremony – list location and start time.
Please provide appropriate information.

Note: Results must be reviewed by the Masters Championship Referee before posting onsite.

As soon as possible after each race – after review by the Masters Championship Referee - the Masters Race Liaison must post a hard copy of the Overall Masters race results (Results printout #1 – see below) and the Masters Team results (Results printout #2 – see below). There is a one hour protest period that begins when results are posted, so it is important to get these posted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so the Awards Ceremony does not have to be delayed, and note the time of posting on the Results sheet that is posted and on a separate device or sheet of paper.
2.      Format of Results
Results may be combined into fewer forms at the discretion of the timing company after consultation with the Masters Race Liaison.
Please include only the USATF Master Championship runners in these printouts.
NON-CITIZENS, who are USATF members, are allowed to enter and compete in all USATF Masters LDR Championships. However, they may not score for a team or win any USATF awards or USATF prize money. They should be included in the results as “guest” athletes but they should be identified in some way as non-scorers. They may be affiliated with a USATF member club but may not be included as a member of any scoring team. Care must be taken to identify these non-citizen athletes in any results that may be used for the awards presentation. The Masters Race Liaison will identify any and all non-citizen entries in the final vetted download of the USATF event registration system database and will inform the timer so that an appropriate identifier can be included in the results.
In order to provide consistent championship results for media and promotions, the timing company should use the following format headings:
Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATF Club/City/Age/Time/Age-grade percent

Age should be single-year age and not date of birth.
If a runner is not affiliated with a USATF Club, then they should be listed as “Unattached”.
3.      Results Printouts Immediately after the Race on site
In addition to copies of results posted onsite and copies requested by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), one hard copy of each of the following results, in ‘portrait’ style, not landscape, shall be made available to Championship Referee and to the USATF Masters Race Liaison:
Result Printout #1 = Overall Order of Finish
Printout #1 should be sorted by overall place in the race and include:
Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATF Club/City/Age/Time/
This result should be posted as soon as possible after review by the Championship Referee.

Result Printout #2 = Team Scoring
Printout #2 should be sorted by Team Place within each division and includes all declared finishers of all complete teams with:
Place in Division/Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATF Club/City/Age/Time/
Masters LDR Road Championship Team Scoring for all team divisions as follows:
M40+, M50+, M60+, M70+, M80+, W40+, W50+, W60+, W70+, W80+
All divisions score three by total time with a maximum of five declared on a team.

Each team division must be scored separately.
Declared teams in each division shall be scored separately by total team time of the top 3 finishers.
A maximum of 5 runners may be declared to represent each team with 3 scoring by time. Times of runners # 4 and 5, if present, shall  be enclosed by parentheses (as on the sample shown, exhibit 1)
A runner may only be listed on a single team roster.
Score only teams with at least 3 finishers.
All runners on incomplete teams, runners on teams in other divisions and all unattached runners shall not be included in the team scoring for a division.
In order to score for a team, a runner must be declared on the official team declaration form.
This result should be posted as soon as possible after review by the Championship Referee.

Special Note on Team Scoring: It is not unusual for a M40+ or W40+ team to have a declared runner who is age 50 or older. These older runners may score on a younger team if they have been declared on that team’s roster. Remember, a runner may only be declared for one team. These older runners on younger age division teams will still be included in their own 5-year age group for individual awards. Additional Note: In Cross Country events, it is typical to have separate races for Men 40-59 and for Men 60 and up. As above, an athlete in their 60’s and up may be declared for a younger team, (e.g. M50+). Any such athletes forfeit the opportunity to be scored in their proper 5 year age division as they are not competing in the same race as the others in their age division. These individuals should appear in the Overall results, the age-grading results and the team results but not in the Age Division results.
Result Printout #3 = 5-Year Age Groups for awarding Championship medals
Printout #3 should be sorted by 5-year age divisions beginning at 40-44 and continuing to the 5-year age division of the oldest runner in the race. Please include all finishers in each age group as follows:
Place in Age Group/Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATFClub/City/Age/Time/
Result Printout #4 = Age-Graded Results
Printout #4 should be sorted by the age-graded percent with separate printouts for each gender and shall include:
Overall Place/Name/Bib#/USATFClub/City/Age/Time/Age-grade percent.

Please age-grade results for all runners using the most current version of the WMA/USATF Age-Graded tables (2015). Contact your software/timing system manufacturer to be sure that your software has the latest version of the age-grading tables. The Masters LDR Race Liaison can assist you in obtaining the most current tables.
Please list all finishers in order by age-graded Performance Level Percentage (P)
Use the Percent. Do not use the adjusted time age grading for any result documents.
To assist the Masters Race Liaison in the awarding of Elite Performance Medals, please provide one extra hard copy of age graded results sorted by last name.

• If a runner is not affiliated with a USATF Club, then they should be listed as “Unattached” in the “USATF Club” column.
• USATF “official” times should always be rounded and reported to the next longer full second.
• Non-US citizens may not score for a Master team nor win Master individual awards. They may compete in the Master race and be listed in the results. All non-US citizens will be identified in the entry download for the Master Championship race.
• Please maintain written documentation of any and all requests for team roster changes using the official team declaration form. Team roster changes must be approved by the USATF Masters LDR Championships Referee.
Results Printouts—Electronic - to be provided to the Masters Race Liaison
Once the hard copies above have been provided and the Championship Referee has approved them, electronic copies of final official results shall be provided to the Masters Race Liaison. It is suggested that these shall be ‘landscape’ not ‘portrait’ so that all fields (‘NAME’ in particular) can be included without truncation. The same 4 sets of results as delineated in item #3 above should be provided:
Result Printout #1 = Overall Order of Finish
Result Printout #2 = Team Scoring
Result Printout #3 = 5-Year Age Groups for awarding Championship medals
Result Printout #4 = Age-Graded Results

A current list of Masters LDR records applicable to road races not cross country is available at:

The “Road Race Performance Recognition Application” (record recognition form) is also available at this web location. If applicable, the form should be filled out before leaving the race site by the appropriate officials. The Masters LDR Race Liaison will assist in completing the forms.

Questions should be directed to the Masters LDR Race Liaison.

Updated: 10-24-2017

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