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Race Liaison Responsibilities

The Championship Race Liaison should be assigned by the MLDR Executive Committee as soon as the bid application has been accepted and given a copy of the original bid application form. Responsibilities include:

  1. Check that the event has obtained a USATF sanction. Advise LOC as to the need for Elite Athlete Addendum, in addition to normal sanction form if any individual prize is more than $500.
  2. The bid application form should list the valid course certification number. Check to see that it is has not expired.
  3. Review the course paperwork to ascertain its record validation status.
  4. List the championship event on the USATF calendar.
  5. Ensure that the information specific to the event listed on the USATF event webpage is complete and correct. Please follow the same web page format as other Masters LDR Championships. The webpage from the previous year’s race is a good source of necessary information.
  6. Post the Championship prize purse structure and awards information on the USATF event webpage.
  7. Obtain contact info (Name, address, telephone number and email address) for the race’s Master elite athlete coordinator (if any). Send this information to both the Masters LDR Chairperson and Masters LDR Championships Coordinator.
  8. Work with the Event Department staff at the USATF National Office, the LOC and their Event Director to ensure proper race title identification as the USA Masters LDR Championship and proper use of USATF logo.  To obtain the appropriate USATF logos, user guidelines and final approvals, contact Jim Estes and the Events Dept. at the USATF National Office. The Events Dept. can also arrange for USATF banners, flagging and finish tape if requested.
  9. Additional copies of the Masters LDR Championship Guidelines, Timing and Results Requirements and Technical Instructions are available from the Masters LDR Championships Coordinator by request.
  10. The Race Liaison should contact the USATF National Office to obtain a password to access to the USATF Event Management System for the race to review and vet the individual and team entries. This system helps to ensure that each championship is executed in a professional and efficient manner.
  11. Non-US citizens should be identified in the entry data base and informed that they are not eligible to win awards or score for a team. Individual entries should be reviewed to vet individual and team eligibility so as to producing complete and accurate championship results. The event management system is also used to ensure consistent delivery of important information regarding USATF eligibility rules and team scoring. The new bid form requires the use of the USATF on-line entry system for all Championship entries. The LOC should create a prominent link from their own website to the USATF on-line entry system to process all Championship entries.
  12. Inquire as to any possible changes in course layout, start or finish since the original bid application.
  13. Download a copy of the certified course map from the USATF website so that you can verify the start line, finish line and other critical locales when you tour the course.
  14. Note: Masters LDR prefers to NOT use paper entry forms or the LOC website for Championship entries. If LOC website is being used for the local citizen race entries, then ensure that the LOC website clearly directs all USATF Masters Championship entrants to the USATF website for the actual Championship entry process. Ensure that any and all entry information contains the information listed below. Language and wording is important in order to comply with USATF Rules and Regulations.
  15. Masters LDR championships are open to athletes 40 years of age or older as of race day. Athletes must be citizens of the United States and must have current USATF membership. Non-US citizens who are USATF members may compete in Masters LDR Championships but may not score for a team and are not eligible for USATF awards.
  16. Any non-US citizens who are USATF members who enter the Championships will be identified in the USATF on-line entry system download and must be brought to the attention of the Timing Services provider.
  17. Athletes who participate in this LDR Championship may be subject to drug testing in accordance with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing (USADA Protocol). USADA will be responsible for conducting comprehensive drug testing, as well as the adjudication of positive findings. Athletes with positive drug test results will have their cases adjudicated according to the USADA Protocol and will be penalized, if appropriate, according to applicable IAAF or World Anti-Doping Agency rules. Such penalties may include, but not be limited to, a period of ineligibility from competition, as well as disqualification from past competitions and cancellation of awards and prizes previously awarded. Any substance taken by an athlete is at his/her own risk and may results in a positive sample. BEWARE: some nutritional supplements, prescription, cold medicines and over-the-counter medications contain prohibited substances. Information regarding specific drugs and substances may be obtained by calling the USADA Drug Reference Line at 1-800-233-0393, or by visiting or”
  18. All competitors in USATF Championships should be aware of “Guidelines for Fair Competition”.
  19. List a cut-off date after which entries will no longer be accepted. There are no day-of-race registrations.
  20. Description and map showing course configuration, terrain and surface.
  21. If applicable, list Team declaration procedures including a cut-off time for final declarations.


Contact the Event Director to ensure that the Timing/Results Company is qualified to generate complete and accurate results in a timely manner. No pun intended. The Masters LDR Championships Coordinator will provide Championships Scoring and Results Guidelines specific to your event. Share this document with the Event Director and the Timing/Results Company. Make all aware of the requirement for a side-scan camera at the finish line (i.e., a Lynx camera).
Obtain contact information of local USATF Association representatives. Utilize these individuals to see that local USATF certified officials are assigned as needed.
Contact the Elite athlete coordinator (if any) to ascertain availability of travel and housing options for elites. Arrange for Championship athlete hospitality for all entrants. Ask if assistance is needed in obtaining names/addresses for elite athletes. Info can be provided based on specific race distances. For a list of Master Elite runners, contact Don Lein, Masters LDR Chairperson.
Arrange with MLDR Championships Coordinator and the race director to conduct a technical meeting to which all USATF representatives and elite Master athletes are invited. Said people should be advised of the time and site of this meeting by the Event Director. All Masters Championships entrants shall be informed of the time/location of the technical meeting.

 Contact LOC and their Event Director and if not yet completed:
Arrange for course certification.
Arrange for sanction and possible certificates of insurance.
Coordinate with Event Director and Masters LDR Championships Coordinator to order USATF Championship medals, patches, back bibs and team plaques.
Contact Event Director re: travel and lodging, credentials if necessary.
Work with Event Director and Masters LDR Championships Coordinator to finalize appointment of referee and jury of appeals.
Contact the MLDR Championships Coordinator to obtain “Timing, Scoring and Results Requirements for Masters LDR Championships” document. Share this with the race director and timing services provider.
Check with Event Director to determine if contact has been made by USADA regarding drug testing. If the race has been selected for testing:
Review USADA drug-testing protocol. Protocol for drug testing procedure may be obtained from Michael Conley and/or Melissa Beasley at USATF (see Appendix A).
Determine the number of chaperones needed for drug testing and ensure the race director is able to locate responsible volunteers for this position.
Check that a facility for testing has been secured.
Check that ample sealed containers of fluids will be available
Make sure that local USATF certified officials are assigned as needed. Jury and Referee will be appointed by the MLDR Committee and/or the Masters LDR Championships Coordinator.
The Event Director will properly mark and marshall the course.
Work with MLDR Championships Coordinator to verify pre-registered athletes’ USATF Membership/Eligibility as listed on the event management website.
If applicable, check that USATF Championship banners/flagging have been received. If banners have not arrived, contact Jim Estes.  Suggested placement of banners includes: race start, race finish, press conference and the awards ceremony.
Determine if race director or finish line timing service has a copy of “Application for the Recognition of Road Race Performance.” ( This completed and signed document must be sent along with complete results, to Andy Carr and Jim Estes.
Receive USATF Championship medals, team plaques and team declaration forms as needed.
If applicable, be sure that Jim Estes has contacted Race Director regarding press release information. USATF will distribute press releases to key sports media contacts and media people in their part of the country. Contact race director and timing services provider to review timing, scoring and results requirements.
Meet with the Event Director, local Association representatives and officials, and Referee. Review race day responsibilities with Referee, Jury of Appeal, Timing Services Provider and other officials.
Meet Elite Athlete Coordinator. Review information in the athlete packets to make sure it includes requested information. Download a list of all eligible athletes and teams (including name, age, gender, member club, citizenship and USATF numbers) from the event management system or the Timing Services Provide. If applicable post the team entries at the packet pick-up and coordinate final team declarations.
If applicable, meet with USADA drug testing personnel for any updates on USADA drug testing protocol that may be in effect. The Event Director should provide adequate facility for testing and required number of chaperones as determined by USADA. Contact Melissa Beasley, 317-713-4650, with any questions.
Arrange with timing services provider to obtain copies of results, as they are available. The Referee should review and cause to be posted the overall results and the team results (if applicable) as soon as possible after each race. Review process for determining and verifying prize money winners. Referee should review Lynx camera video to determine the accuracy of all “close” finishes, especially those involving prize money winners. Complete the “Application for the Recognition of Road Race Performance” with the Referee, the timing service provider, and the Event Director in case of record-setting performances. Do not leave the race site without a copy of all race results on your computer flash drive.
Preview the race course with the Referee. Locate the start and finish lines. P-K nail marker should be visible at the start/finish and at other certified points on the course. Review Course Certification document to locate these points.
Attend technical meeting. Advise athletes of your availability. Topics that should be covered include: Protest and Appeals process, name or introduction of the Referee, drug testing protocol and location, special start/finish location for the race if appropriate, posting of results, location/time of awards ceremony. Be available at finish chute to assist with identification of top finishers. Assist USADA as appropriate. Determine individual and team champions and all other award/prize money winners.
Check to see that official results have been sent to, and to the Masters LDR Championships Coordinator.
Attend awards ceremony, assist if needed. Referee to determine final status of the results, i.e., determine if any protests have been filed or mistakes made on posted results.
Debrief athletes re: course markings, safety standards, transportation, pre-race information, etc.
Send note of thanks and USATF gift to race director, elite athlete coordinator, and major sponsor. Send notes to local Association reps.
Check to see that official results and “Application for the Recognition of Road Race Performance” have been forwarded as appropriate. Inquire whether there were any protests or problems with the race. File final report with MLDR Chairperson and MLDR Championships Coordinator. Send travel expenses summary sheet and receipts to Chair MLDR for reimbursement. Include extra meals, mileage, parking, etc.

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