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Course Certification and Validation

The Road Running Technical Council (RRTC) of USA Track & Field (USATF) governs the certification of road courses. All MLDR Championship road course must be USATF-certified.
Course Certification
The purpose of the USATF course certification is to produce road race courses of accurately measured distances. For any road running performance to be accepted as a record or be nationally ranked, it must be run on a USATF-certified course.
All MLDR Road Race Championships are required to be run on USATF-certified courses.
The bid application form should list the valid course certification number.
For a list of certified road course and to check to see that certification has not expired go to: 
Because courses often degrade over time, all course certifications expire automatically 10 years after the year of issue. Once expired, a course must be re-measured in order to be re-certified. Therefore, if the certification is more than 10 years old, the Event Director should immediately arrange for re-measurement of the course. Note that cross country courses should be measured but are not eligible for certification. Refer to USATF Competition Rule 251 for more information on cross country courses.
For a list of USATF Road Course Certifiers go to:
Course Validation
All courses must be checked after a record has been set (Post Validation) or if the race requests it to be done before their race takes place (Pre-Validation). Note: American Masters records cannot be ratified without a course validation. In all cases, the course must already be certified before it can be validated.
The first step in arranging for any validation, Pre or Post, should always be to contact the RRTC Validation Chair or the RRTC Chairperson. These two individuals will appoint a measurer to conduct the validation (the race cannot pick their own validator!). The selected Validator will be a measurer with IAAF ‘A’ or ‘B’ status if possible, or otherwise the most experienced road course measurer available. The process of a Validation is different than Certification and the differences are explained at the link below. Pre-validation expenses will be paid by the race within reason, whereas Post-validation expenses are paid by USATF/RRTC. It is suggested that MLDR Championship courses be pre-vailidated.
Review the course paperwork to ascertain the record validation status.
For more information on course validation go to:
For further assistance or to arrange for a course pre or post-validation, or if any problems arise in connection with a validation, feel free to call Gene Newman (RRTC Chair) or Neville Wood (Validation Chair):
Gene Newman – Phone: 520-904-7805
Neville Wood – Phone: 919-295-0013

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