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Athlete Support Programs based on Tier criteria/system

  • Athlete, Medical, and Coaching Stipend Program

To assist our top athletes to remain in the sport after graduation and to assist them with their everyday living expenses, USATF created a three-tier program of direct athlete support that includes:

  • Athlete Stipend

The objective is to invest resources in the athletes based on two criteria:

  1. Olympic medal potential

  2. Financial need


  • USATF Medical Stipend/Medical Savings Account – formerly the USOC Medical Stipend

USATF Medical stipend Amounts:
Tier 1 - $2,000
Tier 2 - $1,500
Tier 3 - $1,000
Tier 4 – $500
In 2017, the USATF Medical Stipend will be allocated as a USATF medical savings account.  Athletes or agents can submit receipts electronically via the procedure below for reimbursement.  Qualifying expenses include:  medical insurance premiums or co-pays, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, recovery center use, pharmacy, and others.  USATF will also accept invoices for pre-payment of services, such as pre-paying massage visits in bulk.
To submit receipts for reimbursement, use the following procedure:

  • --Take a photo of the receipt / invoice / bill.  Make sure that the medical procedure and cost is clearly visible.


  • --Email the photo as an attachment with the following information: 

Your name, whether the payment goes to you or to the company listed on the receipt / invoice / bill.   Email to
Payments will be processed at the end of each month.
NormaTec recovery system option:
All Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 and TPP athletes who were not offered a NormaTec in 2016 will have the option to opt-in and receive a complete NormaTec recovery system (pump, compressions boots, hip attachment, carrying case, and shipping) for $1000 of your 2017 USATF Medical Stipend.  This is a savings of 58% off of the retail price of $2405 for these items.
If you opt-in, your USATF medical savings account will be debited $1000, and a unit will be shipped to you in approximately two weeks.  If you opt-out, you will still have your full USATF medical savings account and can submit receipts for reimbursement per the instructions above. The NormaTec Opt-in/Opt-out on-line form will be emailed to athletes who qualify. Tyler Noble ( is your main contact for this program.

  • USATF Coaching Stipend (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3-New)

The objective of this program is to support those coaches who are producing medal-contending athletes. The criteria for this program coincide with our direct athlete support program criteria-in that a coach must have an athlete that falls under Tier 1 and Tier 2 to qualify for stipend. 
The stipend amount will be $2,000 for Tier 1 athletes and $1,500 for Tier 2 athletes. The athlete must complete and submit 2017 form to designate their coach of record in order for USATF to process the payment. Note: The coach must be registered (current) under USATF Registered Coaches Program and have a W-9 on file with USATF.


Athlete Stipend

Medical Stipend

Coaching Stipend

Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3

PCSF Stipend- ($5,000) in 2016


$1,000 (new)

Tier 4




USATF processes stipend for the following after the required forms are completed by the athlete:

  • Coaching stipend

    • Forms

      • Coaching Stipend Form (every calendar year)

      • USATF Athlete Agreement (every calendar year)

  • Medical Stipend and/or NormaTec

    • Forms

      • USATF Athlete Agreement (every calendar year)

      • W9 form (one time, unless athlete needs to make changes to what’s on file with USATF Finance

      • USATF Payment Directive (optional)

USOC processes stipend for the following after the required USOC forms are completed:

  • Athlete Stipend

    • Forms (via email link from USOC Team USA Portal)

  • USOC Direct Athlete Support Agreement (every calendar year)

    • USOC Athlete Direct Deposit Authorization (one time, unless you need to make changes to what you submitted)

    • W9 form (one time, unless you need to make changes to what you already submitted)

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