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The online learning platform available to all coaches, athletes, and educators with an interest in better understanding human performance. Users can access valuable information about the sport of track and field to use towards certifications or continuing education hours for work completed. Use the site as your personal profile for tracking all your extended learning needs.

What does USATF Campus offer?

  • Access to courses for athletes and coaches which are applicable to all sports; plus specialized track and field courses
  • Professional development which is affordable and convenient
  • Evidence based information from leading sport scientists and coaches
  • Training tips, and words of wisdom from Legend Coaches

USATF Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - Any combination of two courses is eligible for 1 CEU!
Current Courses Available:

Technical College:

Basic Principles of Endurance Training (2 hrs.): A course by Legend Coach, Dr. Joe Vigil provides the philosophy and winning strategies of a world class endurance coach who has produced American record holders, and Olympic Medalists, while educating the average weekend runner and scholastic coach all over the world. Included are Dr. Vigil’s sample training programs.

Sport Science College:  
Under the direction of Dr. Christine Brooks, well known USATF Coaching Education sport science director and accomplished exercise physiologist and training theory expert, two courses exploring the science of the human performance in sport are currently available. More courses are coming soon!
Physiological Development Through the Athlete’s Lifespan (3hrs): This course examines the physiological concepts as they apply to an athlete’s development. Topics included are the multidimensional nature of coaching, the motor performance abilities relevant in most sports, the impact of growth and development, the gene versus practice controversy, and brief overview of the body structure throughout the athlete’s sport development. Basic principles that a coach must know to understand the individuality of training.

Energy Systems and Motor Performance Abilities in Athletes (3hrs): This course presents a relevant understanding of the athlete’s development and essential physiology concepts. It explains in coaching  language where energy comes from and how it is used in performance. “What every coach must understand in order to write a training program!”

Training Science (3hrs): In this course you are introduced to the fundamentals of training science. This knowledge underlies your ability to design the type of training that will most effectively improve an athlete’s performance. Essential concepts such as homeostasis, core training principles, magnitude and timing of the training stimulus, periodization theory, tapering, load quantification and designing the annual training plan are all discussed.

Acute Fatigue Due to Training and Competition (3hrs): Fatigue is something we all experience. It is characterized by tiredness and the want for rest. Whether the athlete likes it or not, fatigue serves a protective function. It is both cognitive and physical in nature. In this course, you are introduced to the science of acute fatigue due to training and competition. With rest, acute fatigue dissipates and the body becomes stronger. You will learn about important fatigue theories, and the factors believed to contribute to fatigue such as low fuel supplies, acidity and body temperature.

Sport Specific Strength and Power (3hrs): In this course, we discuss the science of sport specific strength and power development, and training theory concepts as they pertain to the development of strength and power.

Chronic Fatigue Due to Overtraining (3hrs): When an athlete is underperforming, and you don’t know why, suspect chronic fatigue due to overtraining as the prime contributing factor. Unfortunately, because we don’t fully understand chronic fatigue our knowledge about overtraining remains scant. Hans Selye’s General Adaptation framework suggests it is likely due to too much training and insufficient recovery that leads to a prolonged maladaptation of physiological systems and structures. In this course you are provided insight into chronic fatigue and its relationship to overtraining.

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